Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lets just say I have a number and I havent quite hit it yet

Have I used that title yet? I think I have but its still valid, speaking of my total ski km goal and Ive been feeling some pressure lately to get to it before summer, since its basically spring now. The skiing was great today and made the longest ski of the year easy peasy

Felt like I was going downhill the whole time. Did have my first bail of the year, caught a rut with one ski and ate it good. Its cool, no one saw it or filmed it.

Reading: Norco is experimenting with 650b wheels a bit, having not ridden them or even being in the same room as one, I'm wondering if it could be the primo size for a 100mm dual suspension xc bike?

Restless nights: Last night while trying to sleep there was a strange yellow glow coming from my closet, being afraid of all things in the dark I hid under the covers till I awoke the next morning.....turns out it was just my new awesome "flash Yellow" Helium from Lazer helmets the helmet has to be seen in person, its looks awful in pictures.

2012 gear is starting to trickle it,

anywho, stay excellent,

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