Monday, February 27, 2012

Legs good, arms not so much ****updated

After saturday my upper body is still a bit on the soft side, Starbuck and I got out for a long snowshoe Sunday in the fresh pow. I probably looked like a sasquatch with my hands hanging down to my shins as I meandered through the forest.

hit the road today for a Tempo workout into Flos, a bit breezy but a mild day made for a nice ride.

Home, pizzas, Daytona start, got to see the first lap crash, I love Nascar, when you can practically hear Jimmie Johnsons ribs breaking when he gets hit, thats awesome coverage.

Then headed out to Midhurst for another Monday nighter back on the bikes. Best non winter, winter ever.

Back owatching the end of the 500, pick for the win Mark Martin.

****like I said awesome, where else can you see a columbian F1 driver, crash into a jet helicopter engine, causing a massive fireball,


Andrew said...

I need something brought up at the next AWI global board meeting aka. monday nighter.

Kyle Frys' blog hasn't been updated in over a year. Not very excellent if you ask me. I think deletion should be considered.

I remember a time when bloggers were put on notice and called-out for slacking on new posts. This standard should be brought back.

AWI is a global juggernaut known for one thing....excellence. As long as this weak link is associated with AWI the slogan should be... "If you're not first, you're Kyle Fry". You know what I'm say'in?

Think about it. This pressing matter of excellence dilution should be top of mind for your organization especially because it is an Olympic year.

Over and out.

Your lowly super fan,

Andrew Parry

Kyle Fry said...

...not any more...

Andy said...

guess Ill weigh in, Well this is my personal Blog, and not subject to the rest of the Boards opinions so kinda a moot point.

Kyles blog is maybe a bit more quality vs quantity, as opposed to mine which is pure quantity and nothing else.

The only thing I would call kyle out for is being hired by Goldcorp, aka the bridesmaid to Barrick Gold.

Kyle Fry said...

like riding for norco and not 3rox

Andrew said...

Ah. i see. It is moot if 'the board' doesn't factor in. hopefully you got that the post was a joke in the form of a consumer complain.

I really just wanted to know what was up with Kyles' riding and now I know. I just read his post and found out he's not racing. So that explains it.

Shame though. I enjoyed his posts leading up to worlds and the northern perspective.