Sunday, February 19, 2012

I think i was almost sick

But luckily for me, I know have an immune system, take that cold and flu viruses. But I did take it easy for a few days. Super low energy levels so I didn't push it. Made due with the crazy weather and just tried to stay active.

Some roller rides, some skate skis and some Classic skiing.

Oh I did manage to I got the computer up and running again, proving that all you need to fix a PC is to have a second PC that works and Google. Works every time.

Today was the first solid day since earlier in the week, Headed back across the highway to the SFC for some more exploring. It was nice, cause the Copeland forest was packed to the gills with people.

Tomorrow morning should be prime for a skate ski, I'd be lyin if I said I wasn't nervous about the race coming up.

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