Sunday, February 5, 2012

early february goodness

Great weekend of bicycles, got out for a nice long road ride yesterday, very little wind, nice rolling route picture perfect early season base ride.

Today was a highlight of 2012 thus far, the joyride womens weekend is as great as it said to be, forgetting about the womens aspect its just amazing to see so many diverse riders from beginners to amazing (Tammy) coming together and sharing their knowledge of the sport and their eagerness to learn it. Glad I was part of it, Shane and I were stationed at the Sport Skinnies which we quickly renamed trails, and then renamed them raised wooden trails. The ladies did awesome, great to see them pushing themselves so hard.

well, time to check out this football game.

"A mans bicycle is like a cowboys horse.A man should never walk a perfectly good steed."

Tristan Spurr

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Tammy said...

yeah, but i was not so amazing when I slid full force on my arse on the way down the ramp ;)