Friday, February 3, 2012

Boom Bam

Yeah I'm really in need of some new blog titles. That has nothing to do with anything just something Jim Carrey says in the Cable Guy.

Solid few days, Road ride yesterday a tour de Oro, with 2 x 20 min tempo, Roads are in good shape, dry and clear for the most part just rough from the 100 freeze thaw cycles they've gone through this "winter". I didn't even attempt riding on Ridge(shanty bay) road, didn't feel like breaking my wrists or breaking my steel fork off.

Headed into the city last night to see what all the fuss is about Oscars during Barrielicious, turns out not much. Sat down at 6:30 left at 10, I was starving by the time we left again. Food was ok but nothing to write home about.

After a couple days out on the road I headed to Hardwood, need to keep up my ski km's if I'm going to own the 40km Loppet in a few weeks. Ran into an old racer buddy, who crushed me, also dawned on me it has been a long time since I skied with anyone else.Its probably true as it is with cycling that you should try to ski(ride) with folks who are faster than you. Great conditions today.

On tap for the weekend, bicycle ride tomorrow, Sunday not sure yet, maybe helping out at Joyride at the womens weekend either helping to instruct or chilling at the Norco booth, thats right ladies.

*Edit: will be coaching on Sunday at the Joyride womens weekend,

Learning: A Groundhog and a woodchuck are the same thing, who knew?

Viewed: Harold and Kumars Christmas, really I just wanted to see NPH's appearance which was nothing less than amazing.

Eating: Butternut squash soup from the latest issue of Canadian Cycling magazine. Probably Paleo so I added some definitely not Paleo ingredients to it.

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