Monday, February 13, 2012

Admit it you missed me.

well I didnt go far, well actually my computer time the past few days has been spent trying to figure out what the f my computer is up to. Shortly after finishing the latest spurrt Production she went all bluey on me. Busted out my old toshiba, it was the perfect front wheel lift for my trainer.

In case you missed it here is the latest

enjoy it cause there wont be any more Spurrt Productions until Tristan springs for a new computer for editing purposes. Or I attempt a fix on my current one.

Saturday with the mega death winter storm in full force my interval workout on the rollers couldn't have come at a better time. Good workout the three fans I have setup came in handy. V for Vendetta and Eight legged freaks made do for the entertainment.

Yesterday I knocked an item of my too do list, skied from one of the lowest points in the Horseshoe valley to what I think is one of the highest points around. Need to bust out a topo map to be sure. Ive ridden a lot of these trails before but ive never skied on this side of the Horseshoe valley highway. Got to the top yelled im the king of the world ate a cliff bar and made my way back. ...tick tock, just waiting for a driver to downloaded to upload my what have you been up too?


ahh there we go

Perfect conditions, nice soft fluffy fresh snow over a hard base.

Way to nice a day to not get out for a ski today. Opted for the groomed sweetness of the ski and bike, short and sweet, found my token ski buddy for the day, whats half wheeling called in skiing? half poleing? "hey stop half poleing me" just doesn't have the same ring to it.


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