Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 years

Thats how long sports equipment lasts, no less, no more, 10 years.

I love using stuff till the bitter end, remember my Zebratas? id still be wearing them if they didn't break.

This winter has seen some equipment failures, first my ski pole straps (10 years old) start breaking and the velcro losses its adhesive quality. Luckily I was able to find some replacements even though the pole manufacturing no longer exists.

Then Monday my right skate boot(purchased same year as the poles) zipper explodes, eh no biggy doesn't seem to affect my skiing (its just as hack as before) still got one good boot, sure enough Tuesday my left zipper detonates, thats when I busted out the old WTF. Have a plan to fix those puppies up, it involves gorilla glue and possibly duct tape.

Then sadly today, my trusty winter steed, with its simple 1x9 setup turned itself into a 1x1, when my (10 year old) Dura Ace 7700 9 speed shifter gave up and said no more. I was able to get the rear d halfway down my stack, and singlespeed it home. Making sure to keep the rpm between 95-100 even when pedaling against nothing. Figuring if Steve Neal drove by he couldn't yell at me for slacking off and coasting downhill. Still a great ride, time was bang on but I was hoping for a few more km out towards Phelpston.

Gots my studs on for a ride in the copeland tomorrow morning before the mega death snow storm comes, supposed to be getting 3cm of snow this weekend. Yeah I plan on huddling by the new remote controlled fireplace and waiting it out.

..... or Ill just go out and ski. either or.


Peter Glassford said...

Thanks for posting some sort of image

and talking about good ole days ... wait you stopped pedaling on downhills ?

glad im not on awi team announcement

and that this post wasn't about retiring


Peter Glassford said...

oh and I have that magazine issue framed