Saturday, January 28, 2012


My low key week is almost at an end, had some really nice relaxing skis and snowshoes this week. We have received a bit more snow, winter is still being pretty weak though.

Just finished getting my plan together for the next three week build(yeah yeah I know this is exactly sh%t cyclists/triathletes say) and on that topic I'm hearing rumors of a sh*t xc skiers say coming to youtube soon.

Looks like its official a Gran Fondo is coming to Horseshoe valley, makes for two road events in the area next summer, wonder how the locals will like it. Also going to be interesting as Road Provincials are the same day just south of here in Bradford.

Politics- waiting for Gingrich and Romney to just drop the gloves and start wailing on each other on stage during a debate, while Ron Paul is the only guy who makes any sense, even if he is a bit crazy. And I just want to give Santorum a wedgie or tie his shoelaces together.

reading- Latest issue of Canadian Cycling Magazine, there's a scrumptious soup recipe I'm dying to try in there.

Working on- joyride video......oh wait no I'm not cause Tristan still hasn't gotten me his footage. To busy doing secret training rides I guess.

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