Friday, January 20, 2012

When in Oro(when its actually wintery out)

Some great skiing the past few days, Took yesterday fully off, to give the old body a break.(insert bodybreak jingle here)

Wednesday hit Hardwood for a nice solid 2.5 hour endurance skate ski. Great conditions, fast(even for me).

Today got back out there with the classic skis as well, 90 minutes on each classic and skate skis. And I finally googled "how to wax classic skis" I never did know what that chunk of cork was for. Did their Seefeld trail which is a "singletrack" classic trail, that was neat. The mighty Jack passed me like I was standing still out there today. I was standing still having a Cliffbar otherwise I'm sure I would have crushed him.

Skate ski was nice, a little softer than Wednesday and not as fast(so normal)

Reading: got caught up on the latest project for AWI hero Andy Green. A project named Bloodhound SSC Andy Green is essentially the Chuck Yeager(a man among men) of our generation, breaking the sound a car. 1000mph in a car is the next goal, no big deal, then started reading how they are going to get there. To which I drafted the following letter to the Bloodhound gang.

`Dear Bloodhound SSC Project,

I was reading with interest about your upcoming project, and want to offer the services of my friend Tristan to drive the Bloodhound SSC if Andy Green backs out. I only ask that we strap some GoPro`s onto the car(i have the suction cup thingy) and I can make a video of it.

After all, I`m sure this is 100% safe, what can go wrong with strapping yourself to a Jet Engine, which is also strapped to a Rocket which uses a V8 Supercharged engine as an Oxidiser Fuel Pump for the rocket. No problemo.

look forward to hearing from you`

Enough from me, weekend looks nice Sunday could shape up into a nice road ride,

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