Sunday, January 8, 2012


Joyride was awesome as expected, took a spin on a new Norco Sight #want. Its amazing how a longer travel bike with well designed suspension can feel so efficient. Soon enough I was back on my new old faithful the 29'er, even on the skinny mazes the thing handled them well, putting to bed any notions of 29'ers being slow or sloppy handlers.

here's a short video to wet your appetite till the full version is released. and yes I know the N in production is always in a weird spot, not sure why my program does that when it renders.

even Ben Dawson showed up to do some secret training, sounds like he has some plans for next season.

Other than that, got out for a couple skis, a mtb ride, a snowshoe, its been a pretty good weekend.

Bumped into a guy in the copeland on a fat bike (a mtb with big 4 inch tires) He let me take it for a spin, #want

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Kyle Fry said...

the "N" in production is in a weird spot