Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 5

Now that its 2012 I realized I haven't delivered my top flicks list of 2011 yet. So quick post as I'm sure about 33% of my readership is only interested in my semi-professional film reviews.

1. Drive: easily the best all round film of the year, put the kids to bed though, extremely violent.

2. Moneyball: like I've said before you cant make a bad baseball film, but this is more than just replacing Kevin Costner with Brad Pitt. Great flick.

3. X-men First Class: Way more than just another comic book film, Michael Fassbender's role as Magneto/Eric stands out the most among an amazing cast,

4. Rise of the planet of the Apes: Yes I'm a sucker for genesis movies and this one hits it out of the park. Emotion runs deep in this pic,

5. Super 8: You know how when you watching a great film from the 80's and your like "geez they just dont make em like this anymore". Well occasionally Hollywood can still punch out a great flick like Super 8.

boom, thats all you need to see, would I steer you wrong??

Happy New years

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jvk said...

I heard such a bad review of Drive that I thought no way could it be #1. Then I saw a lot of critics made it number #1 so I watched it and I think you might be right. Its an awesome flick. So thanks for the recommendation.

Good movies you didn't mention are 50/50, The Devils Double and Contagion.