Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tell me I can't

The weather is just getting plain old whacky, super cold on the weekend, to mild yesterday to pouring rain today....to freezing cold tomorrow. Well I'm attempting to add one more weapon to my crazy winter arsenal, with the lack of snow some of the area singletrack is free enough of snow yet super icy, requiring studs. So you guessed I'm going to attempt to make some studded tires.(also cause someone said it was a stupid idea)

I looked at the commercially available tires and besides their price, they look bulky, heavy, they seem to only come in wire bead versions and they aren't Kenda's. Not going to discuss my methods yet as they may fail dramatically. But stay tuned, there could be a Ben Dawson style "how to" set of instructions on here soon.

But the roads are in decent shape headed out yesterday for a nice ride on the cross bike. Big difference from the day before.

Post eats headed to HHSB to ski with Tristan, which turned into a ski lesson. For some reason me saying "come on just do this" wasn't an effective teaching technique. But Tristan did well and im sure with a little more practice could headline an extreme xc skiing vid.

Post ski, we met up with some regulars for a snowshoe across the street in the wilderness trails. Liz crushed us all, can see in the dark and navigate.....pretty sure she is half bat.

Disappointingly my threshold workout today was with power so I was banished to the warm surround sounded basement for my workout. (darn, 2 degrees and rain would have been sweet)

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velogirl said...

Hey, maybe you'll make it down for the ice race in Toronto - Feb 18!
I think there's some old threads on studded-tire making in the CXO forums.

My own experience is that shorter screws work really well on man-made ice, but longer are necessary on natural ice. Also, more screws means more grip but also more power needed to get them rolling. Oh, and use a dremel to pre-drill the holes if you've got one.