Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ski Fail

Set out with high hopes today for some good km at Hardwood. However it became quickly apparent to me that I was just not moving as fast as I would have liked. Warm temps and soft snow made for some tough conditions. On the plus side it was nice and soft on the old joints. After skating down a hill that I'm usually tucking on I called it a day after 40km. Good mid march conditions, saw on the news that the sap is starting to flow, pancake ride in February?

Yesterday was solid though, threshold intervals with power on the rollers. This being healthy thing is apparently working, hitting some half decent numbers, Light years ahead of this time the past two January's with the flu.

Dug through my VHS collection and came out with a gem, Chain smoke to view while on the rollers.
some inspiration as I start to do some editing.

Last night I acquired the raw footage from Mr. Spurr so I'm going to start pluggin away on the joyride vid. Also got out for the best snowshoe of the year last night, with all the dogs and their owners.

Gots some tempo planned for tomorrow, not sure about doing it outside the roads are a bit messy right now and with the rain they aren't going to get much better, could be another roller ride.

random day Music

Reading- starting to read Under the dome, been to long without reading one of the masters books.

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