Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Header day, yaaaaa

Just got super inspired by the red carpet at the golden globes and figured Id work on my own artistic endeavors. Your welcome.

apparently there is some controversy surrounding the massive smack down last Monday. To clear things up my team, team andtambran was killing it, until someone kinda sorta almost hit a deer and I had to leave. At which time, obviously, my team lost its mojo.

someone recently told me that real men ride outside, not rollers, and definitely not a trainer. I agreed at the time, until this weekend when I retreated to the safety and warmth of my basement and rollers. I'm comfortable with my decision. Ill let Tristan be manly enough for the both of us....that sounded odd, but ill let it stand.

Roller films for the weekend. Yesterday Hitman, and today was Peter Jacksons King Kong.

Didn't spend all weekend inside, I headed out for a classic ski in the copeland in the relative warmth of the afternoon today. With the sun and clear blue skies it felt warmer than I think it was. To my pleasant surprise Horseshoe actually groomed the trails, and the trackset was pretty good.

You'll notice my upcoming events section is populating, first up, I'm going to man up and do the 40km loppet at Hardwood. Going for the W Hopefully the 15 year old devo kids stick with the 20km. Main question will be if there will be enough snow?

No ETA yet on the JR150 vid, as I'm still awaiting T-dogs footage......

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