Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crushing some stuff

Good week so far, Weather has been pretty decent,

Got a solid Tempo ride in on the rollers today, with some core work to follow, short day.

Yesterday was great, headed out into the sunshine for a road ride, roads were mostly clear, couple icy spots in the shady areas(by shady i mean not much light, not Shady like the south end of Barrie)

After a bite headed over to Hardwood for a skate ski under the lights, super quiet, no wind, crisp snow, capped of a really nice day.

Getting blurry going back further, did a long skate and a decent classic ski as well this week, just cant remember which day.

Owned everyone on Monday night playing cranium.

And I can finally announce officially I'll be riding for the Norco Factory team in 2012. Very happy to be aboard A Phaser full squish and a hardtail of a yet to be determined wheel size.

Mission Impossible....6? tonight should be good,

Wishing Pete G a safe trip to California, hopefully he remembered to pack his rain jacket and fenders.


Tammy said...

WE owned everyone in Cranium.

Matt Spak said...

and by we meaning we the other team owned it and won. But everyone gets a trophy