Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ski Fail

Set out with high hopes today for some good km at Hardwood. However it became quickly apparent to me that I was just not moving as fast as I would have liked. Warm temps and soft snow made for some tough conditions. On the plus side it was nice and soft on the old joints. After skating down a hill that I'm usually tucking on I called it a day after 40km. Good mid march conditions, saw on the news that the sap is starting to flow, pancake ride in February?

Yesterday was solid though, threshold intervals with power on the rollers. This being healthy thing is apparently working, hitting some half decent numbers, Light years ahead of this time the past two January's with the flu.

Dug through my VHS collection and came out with a gem, Chain smoke to view while on the rollers.
some inspiration as I start to do some editing.

Last night I acquired the raw footage from Mr. Spurr so I'm going to start pluggin away on the joyride vid. Also got out for the best snowshoe of the year last night, with all the dogs and their owners.

Gots some tempo planned for tomorrow, not sure about doing it outside the roads are a bit messy right now and with the rain they aren't going to get much better, could be another roller ride.

random day Music

Reading- starting to read Under the dome, been to long without reading one of the masters books.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


My low key week is almost at an end, had some really nice relaxing skis and snowshoes this week. We have received a bit more snow, winter is still being pretty weak though.

Just finished getting my plan together for the next three week build(yeah yeah I know this is exactly sh%t cyclists/triathletes say) and on that topic I'm hearing rumors of a sh*t xc skiers say coming to youtube soon.

Looks like its official a Gran Fondo is coming to Horseshoe valley, makes for two road events in the area next summer, wonder how the locals will like it. Also going to be interesting as Road Provincials are the same day just south of here in Bradford.

Politics- waiting for Gingrich and Romney to just drop the gloves and start wailing on each other on stage during a debate, while Ron Paul is the only guy who makes any sense, even if he is a bit crazy. And I just want to give Santorum a wedgie or tie his shoelaces together.

reading- Latest issue of Canadian Cycling Magazine, there's a scrumptious soup recipe I'm dying to try in there.

Working on- joyride video......oh wait no I'm not cause Tristan still hasn't gotten me his footage. To busy doing secret training rides I guess.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

right tool for the job

Conditions were perfect today to test out the studs, Midhurst is basically a sheet of ice 2 inches thick on all its double and single track.

20km with only one slideout, ass never hit the ground though, on trails that you could with very little exaggeration put ice skates and skate it.

I did need to adjust my riding, in a straight line however I was able to book it with confidence, Cornering required some finess, but overall I was impressed with the tires I made for 8$ and 60mins of work.

well whatever the weather brings I have one more item to keep me outside riding, and hopefully people keep walking on those trails to keep em packed down.

Friday, January 20, 2012

When in Oro(when its actually wintery out)

Some great skiing the past few days, Took yesterday fully off, to give the old body a break.(insert bodybreak jingle here)

Wednesday hit Hardwood for a nice solid 2.5 hour endurance skate ski. Great conditions, fast(even for me).

Today got back out there with the classic skis as well, 90 minutes on each classic and skate skis. And I finally googled "how to wax classic skis" I never did know what that chunk of cork was for. Did their Seefeld trail which is a "singletrack" classic trail, that was neat. The mighty Jack passed me like I was standing still out there today. I was standing still having a Cliffbar otherwise I'm sure I would have crushed him.

Skate ski was nice, a little softer than Wednesday and not as fast(so normal)

Reading: got caught up on the latest project for AWI hero Andy Green. A project named Bloodhound SSC Andy Green is essentially the Chuck Yeager(a man among men) of our generation, breaking the sound barrier....in a car. 1000mph in a car is the next goal, no big deal, then started reading how they are going to get there. To which I drafted the following letter to the Bloodhound gang.

`Dear Bloodhound SSC Project,

I was reading with interest about your upcoming project, and want to offer the services of my friend Tristan to drive the Bloodhound SSC if Andy Green backs out. I only ask that we strap some GoPro`s onto the car(i have the suction cup thingy) and I can make a video of it.

After all, I`m sure this is 100% safe, what can go wrong with strapping yourself to a Jet Engine, which is also strapped to a Rocket which uses a V8 Supercharged engine as an Oxidiser Fuel Pump for the rocket. No problemo.

look forward to hearing from you`

Enough from me, weekend looks nice Sunday could shape up into a nice road ride,

token embed of the day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tell me I can't

The weather is just getting plain old whacky, super cold on the weekend, to mild yesterday to pouring rain today....to freezing cold tomorrow. Well I'm attempting to add one more weapon to my crazy winter arsenal, with the lack of snow some of the area singletrack is free enough of snow yet super icy, requiring studs. So you guessed I'm going to attempt to make some studded tires.(also cause someone said it was a stupid idea)

I looked at the commercially available tires and besides their price, they look bulky, heavy, they seem to only come in wire bead versions and they aren't Kenda's. Not going to discuss my methods yet as they may fail dramatically. But stay tuned, there could be a Ben Dawson style "how to" set of instructions on here soon.

But the roads are in decent shape headed out yesterday for a nice ride on the cross bike. Big difference from the day before.

Post eats headed to HHSB to ski with Tristan, which turned into a ski lesson. For some reason me saying "come on just do this" wasn't an effective teaching technique. But Tristan did well and im sure with a little more practice could headline an extreme xc skiing vid.

Post ski, we met up with some regulars for a snowshoe across the street in the wilderness trails. Liz crushed us all, can see in the dark and navigate.....pretty sure she is half bat.

Disappointingly my threshold workout today was with power so I was banished to the warm surround sounded basement for my workout. (darn, 2 degrees and rain would have been sweet)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Header day, yaaaaa

Just got super inspired by the red carpet at the golden globes and figured Id work on my own artistic endeavors. Your welcome.

apparently there is some controversy surrounding the massive smack down last Monday. To clear things up my team, team andtambran was killing it, until someone kinda sorta almost hit a deer and I had to leave. At which time, obviously, my team lost its mojo.

someone recently told me that real men ride outside, not rollers, and definitely not a trainer. I agreed at the time, until this weekend when I retreated to the safety and warmth of my basement and rollers. I'm comfortable with my decision. Ill let Tristan be manly enough for the both of us....that sounded odd, but ill let it stand.

Roller films for the weekend. Yesterday Hitman, and today was Peter Jacksons King Kong.

Didn't spend all weekend inside, I headed out for a classic ski in the copeland in the relative warmth of the afternoon today. With the sun and clear blue skies it felt warmer than I think it was. To my pleasant surprise Horseshoe actually groomed the trails, and the trackset was pretty good.

You'll notice my upcoming events section is populating, first up, I'm going to man up and do the 40km loppet at Hardwood. Going for the W Hopefully the 15 year old devo kids stick with the 20km. Main question will be if there will be enough snow?

No ETA yet on the JR150 vid, as I'm still awaiting T-dogs footage......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crushing some stuff

Good week so far, Weather has been pretty decent,

Got a solid Tempo ride in on the rollers today, with some core work to follow, short day.

Yesterday was great, headed out into the sunshine for a road ride, roads were mostly clear, couple icy spots in the shady areas(by shady i mean not much light, not Shady like the south end of Barrie)

After a bite headed over to Hardwood for a skate ski under the lights, super quiet, no wind, crisp snow, capped of a really nice day.

Getting blurry going back further, did a long skate and a decent classic ski as well this week, just cant remember which day.

Owned everyone on Monday night playing cranium.

And I can finally announce officially I'll be riding for the Norco Factory team in 2012. Very happy to be aboard A Phaser full squish and a hardtail of a yet to be determined wheel size.

Mission Impossible....6? tonight should be good,

Wishing Pete G a safe trip to California, hopefully he remembered to pack his rain jacket and fenders.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Joyride was awesome as expected, took a spin on a new Norco Sight #want. Its amazing how a longer travel bike with well designed suspension can feel so efficient. Soon enough I was back on my new old faithful the 29'er, even on the skinny mazes the thing handled them well, putting to bed any notions of 29'ers being slow or sloppy handlers.

here's a short video to wet your appetite till the full version is released. and yes I know the N in production is always in a weird spot, not sure why my program does that when it renders.

even Ben Dawson showed up to do some secret training, sounds like he has some plans for next season.

Other than that, got out for a couple skis, a mtb ride, a snowshoe, its been a pretty good weekend.

Bumped into a guy in the copeland on a fat bike (a mtb with big 4 inch tires) He let me take it for a spin, #want

Friday, January 6, 2012

Good news

Apparently Tristan didn't really break anything so we're heading to Joyride tonight to see if we can fix that, bringing the contour and GoPro. Gonna be an epic Spurrt Productions, something along the lines of Dances with wolves.

Into the winter routine of Rollers, XC skis and snowshoes for training, nothing to exciting there.

Hit Horseshoe up Wednesday night to see if Snowboarding is like riding a bike, turns out it is, you never forget. Took KB out for a lesson, I really enjoyed teaching again even if it was just to one person. Actually wait, Private lessons are awesome. Kris did awesome, and after I snuck away into the singles lines for a few solo runs on the big hills. A few years ago after teaching for a few seasons I hung up the board, I was a little sick of it, but getting out there on it again felt good.

Other than that, took in a couple flicks this year already, We Bought A Zoo, great feel good movie, great cast led by Matt Damon(dreamboat) and a Great story.

And also the Hollywood version of The girl with the dragon tattoo. Also great, similar to the swedish version but more, well more Hollywood and less Euro. Ending was a bit different. Craig was great, Rooney Mara will probably take home a few statues this year. And yet again Trent Reznor and Fincher might be able to bring home some hardware like last year with the Social Network.

k enough jibber jabber JOYRIDE!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd, 2012 (running out of witty titles)

a new year and surprise surprise same old same old. Back at it, but with this winter weather means that outdoor riding has pretty much been cut to zero. Kreitlers are getting a workout along with the new stereo components in my "command Center".

Good new years, where I demolished everybody at Trivial Pursuit,

second spurrt productions film

this may be the last video for a while, with Tristan having a drunken, naked, hot tub accident which left his foot in rough shape.

Other than training, hitting the slopes tomorrow night for some gravity assisted recreation, and planning a joyride trip on Friday. Should be a solid week,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 5

Now that its 2012 I realized I haven't delivered my top flicks list of 2011 yet. So quick post as I'm sure about 33% of my readership is only interested in my semi-professional film reviews.

1. Drive: easily the best all round film of the year, put the kids to bed though, extremely violent.

2. Moneyball: like I've said before you cant make a bad baseball film, but this is more than just replacing Kevin Costner with Brad Pitt. Great flick.

3. X-men First Class: Way more than just another comic book film, Michael Fassbender's role as Magneto/Eric stands out the most among an amazing cast,

4. Rise of the planet of the Apes: Yes I'm a sucker for genesis movies and this one hits it out of the park. Emotion runs deep in this pic,

5. Super 8: You know how when you watching a great film from the 80's and your like "geez they just dont make em like this anymore". Well occasionally Hollywood can still punch out a great flick like Super 8.

boom, thats all you need to see, would I steer you wrong??

Happy New years