Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mount Sugar

Rode up to that peak twice in the past two days with some solid riding partners. Its been a nice change compared to the solo miles I've been putting in.

Yesterday was a little greasy, for a long route hitting a few different trail systems around, got Tristan out for that one. (follow him on twitter @spurtt)

Today was all about the frozen ground after a cold night, infinite traction, Jer and I timed it just right and made it out of sugarbush and the 8th just as it was starting to warm up and that infiinite traction became finite. Even nabbed a KOM, dual credit with Jer for sure.

reading: Towns are loving (road)cycling these days, big bucks to pay organizers to organize events.

also, depending on when MTB provincials are (ive seen three very different Schedules) Sept 15 will be the AWI grand fondo, Tristan Spurr is the route designer, its going to incorporate both Awenda PP and Big chute.

The Hobbit: was a big let down, over the top CGI, dragged out story, it should be two films max not three, #cashgrab acting good, story good, but should have kept it simple and closer to the LOTR mold.

Friday, December 7, 2012

end of line

Well thats it folks, (i think) well for December at least, those UCI races in January have my attention but we'll see if I feel like racing, might be time for a break.

Niagara was great, Jeff did a solid job with the courses, along with his army of helpers it was a great chilly weekend to wrap up the Ontario season. I managed to hold on to my undefeated by "Ontario licensed riders within the province" Streak and also won the Overall series. Which actually i didnt even get a pat on the back for, well at least I know I can keep Mogg from grabbing the unused #1 for next year.

Got some skiing in before heading down to Rhode Island with SRS, really great trip, The courses were great, fields were solid always had someone to chase. Like always Sunday was better than Saturday, minus the pileups i kept riding into, trust me i tried to ride over guys and their bikes but sometimes you end up on the ground with your knees through their carbon wheels. Today was the first day back on the bike with some nice swelling and cuts on both knees.

Ultra chill week, just contemplating the next season. Coaching seems to be on deck again which I'm looking forward to, not sure its any surprise but Ill be proudly aboard Norco Bicycles again, looking forward to a healthy spring, but at least I know what to look for if my immune system decides to kick in again for no reason.

Counted up 30 race days this year, starting with the Hell of the North which was a highlight for sure, and ending in Warwick.

Id throw out a AWI honorary Organizer of the year Award to the Real Deal Crew, Ed and Mike, hosting some awesome "different" events like Hell Of the North and the Georgian 200, their CX race was great too.

Norco Bicycles and the new face of Norco- Live to play sports were behind me every step of the way.

Got my winter bikes all set up, 26 inch hardtail alloy MTB, and mounted some Tubulars on the winter road bike, old school, or pain in the ass we'll see.

Tristan is refreshing like mad to see this update so i should get it posted. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skyfall review.....and maybe some cx nats stuff

As requested from the nation my Skyfall breakdown, in short good but its no Casino Royal. Another "dark" lone wolf type flick, there really trying to hone in on the Dark Knight success in my opinion. Playing up the rich orphan storyline of bonds past, hello bruce wayne, he even has a butler waiting for him when he returns home.

All the acting was great, I just felt like I was watching another Batman movie. Good, had its moments but overplayed at the moment. Not to mention the main Bond girl in the movie was Judi Dench.

onto this past weekend out on the wet coast, travel was smooth as butter, met up with Lesperance at YVR and headed to white rock.

Nats was good, had a good start but didnt have the legs to hold it and turn it into a result ended up with a lucky 7.  Sunday was somewhat the opposite good legs, but after a solid crash and the subsequent 3-4 gears I had to use after I did my best to hang onto 11th.

 Monday we got to visit Norco HQ, where the "real" work happens, place is huge, without a guided tour we'd probably still be there.

up next Niagara falls for for the last CX race in Ontario,(for the year)(or ever if the mayans are correct)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

another day another 30 dollars

This past weekend had Tristan and myself loading up the AWI race vehicle, and heading into the belly of the beast, Ottawa.

I got called out pretty hard on the facebooks by the likes of Rob Orange and Chris Reid, so I really didnt have a choice.

Early departure, beautiful morning here in Craighurst, 8 degrees. Picked up my Soigneur for day and took the "back" way to our nationals capitol. As the temperature dropped the whole way. Arrived right at 11, to a nice rendition of in flanders fields on the radio.

Well the forecasted 14 and sunny didnt come true but the course and venue were great. Got to see some folks i havent seen for a while.

Between 1-2pm leading up to our race the temperature climbed about 10 degrees. Race was good, I f-ed up the start Brad said 30 seconds, I kept waiting for 15 to get my game face on, when he just gave us the horn. #mentalnote

The rest of the race was spent chasing DSJ, never did catch him, but had fun trying on the tight twisty greasy corners. The new mud tires worked awesome as did the new hoops, the dura ace hubs are sawweeettt. And the new reflex's braked really well.

Rolled in for second...but turns out still first ontario rider, so I still have all 25's in the S-cup series. Gonna be a Nathan, Mancini, Watson showdown in Niagara falls for the overall I think.

The drive home was solid, it was awesome having Tristan along for the day, kept me awake for the drive and was a great jacket taker/bike holder.

Up next CX nationals in Vancouver, sorry South Surrey, should be good times.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

while its fresh

The local club had its day in the sun(even though it was cloudy) today with hosting their first Provincial Championship.It was a chilly one, called for +3 with sun but that sun never showed up, so i think it barely hovered above zero. Raced in knee warmers and embro and didnt regret it.

Shane did a wicked job with the course this year, kind of a combo of the first two years. The Joyride 150 stairs were a great feature and definitely a throwback to the infamous stairs at Sunnidale. Long(long) power sections and some nicely dialed in turns. Still maybe a hair short on time but with the course maxed at 3.6km, the only choice would make some slower turnier sections. As its not like there are any climbs to throw in.

Race was good, I hit it hard off the line, and led into the first set of corners, group of 4 ish of us had a gap. Mitch and I then ended up with our own gap after a lap or two. On the third or 4th lap I started to crack a bit and Mitch went by, and I though eh whatever NBD hes a U-23 im not even racing him really. Managed to keep him in sight and with a few laps to go, we came back together, a bit of Mitch slowing up I think and the carrot effect. With 2.5 ish to go I put down an effort and ecked out a small gap, which I was gradually able extend a bit more in the final laps. At which point I was like Senior/U-23 totally a combined race. At the end of the day nabbed another Elite title.

awesome job Barrie Cycling Club, 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember 1st

Yes, I love this month, get to not shave my mustache and people cant say anything about it. #winning.


Real Deal CX at Horseshoe, awesome race by the real deal crew, I was lucky enough to do the Hell of the North in April, the Georgian 200 in August, and capped it off with their iteration of a cx race. Did not disappoint, course was challenging, but had some really fun unique features you dont get to see everyday in a cx race.

Albion CX race-Angry Johnny and Superfly put on a great event nothing short of what you would expect from them.

Hardwood CX- Im sure it was good but I finally played hooky and went for a ride.

Been ultra low energy the past couple weeks, need fuel, heard on the news tonight it rained 27 days this month, that i can handle but no sun makes Drew go something something. 

Luckily I have some wicked friends who allow me to crush them when we play board games, was introduced to Settlers of Catan, Jacob crushed that one but

Up next: CX provincial championships of the world, down the road in Midhurst, Shaner built some wicked looking stairs, I haven't seen the course yet but im sure its a good one. 

New wheels are built up, Reflex to Dura Ace hubs, no more Ultegra for this guy.

Speaking of hubs, so I was riding/hiding in the copeland today, riding up the beer climb and the horrible noise that was coming from my wheel on my winter bike finally stopped at the same time my freehub let go. Had to hike her out, but I was on high ground so it was mostly downhill. #xtraining

Saturday, October 6, 2012

had to reset my password,

Guess after crank the shield its just been "just livin" actually thats not true at all, been getting into this cross thing the past couple weeks. 6 races so far, 3 midweeks, and 3 weekend races.

Cowbell AKA "Nathans race" was my first race of year, fast flatish course, first time out to this one, it was nice to see everyone again.

Last weekend was the Speedriver Guelph "wellington classic" as always nothing but the best from these guys, fun, hilly course,( its not a speedriver course without at least one wall) Family came out to watch being Guelphites/former guelphites. also marked my first race on the new Di2 Threshold we got built up. Huge thanks to Norco Bicycles and Shimano for easily the nicest CX bike Ive ever ridden or touched or just looked at really.

Today I ventured down to Ancaster AKA windiest place on earth apparently, it was still 10 degrees but the windchill was probably -5? Nice venue indoor heated washrooms, lots of parking, lots of grass, I could see this being a staple on the circuit for sure. Just need to lengthen it a bit, race was good, tons of MTB'ers appeared, all the Waglers, 3 rox brought the A team with C jette and K D, and Emily Batty and Adam Morka, (emily didnt race but i figured it would give this blog street cred to say she was there)

Got the hole shot, made my boy Zach proud he loves that Moto stuff, and continued on with a gap until C Jette rolled up to me. We rode together for a bit, then i rode by myself till the end.   

Thanks Zach for the bike holding and clothes taking today, and thanks to all the organizers so far this season, races have been steller.

Up next Real Deal CX classic at Horseshoe resort Saturday, 

Good line from today

"Way bigger than expected turnout today so were upping everyones prize money by 50%"
                                                                                                                     Kevin Tearle Organizer

Monday, September 17, 2012

woke up this morning and I wasnt hypothermic, made me sad

My third mid September weekend of racing through the Haliburton area on a mtb is over again. After taking a year off from it the Chico racing boys (and many many volunteers) pulled of the best crank yet(out of 08,10, 12).

Day 1: It rained, a lot, the course held up though pretty well and was still nothing like day 1 of previous years. My legs were a little medium when we started, probably the long ride wednesday and nothing on Thursday. Didn't help that my teammate was  riding in the top 5 and I had to catch up to her. After a while my legs started to come around, Haley and I found ourselves in a bit of no mans land for the rest of the stage. Rolling into camp white pine was welcome, neither of us were all that tired, but we just wanted to get the stage done so we could enjoy the last two sunny days. To finish most teams hold hands, not Haley and I, basically an all out TDF France sprint, she got Day 1 after cutting me off. We finished in the top 15 overall and first in the mixed team.

Day 2: Woke up, it was a little chilly, that cold front brought some nice clear chilly weather with it. Massive feast for breaky and then we lined up in a Hyrocut for easily the most enjoyable crank course to date. Started off with some really awesome singletrack, then more singletrack, then some road then more singletrack. With a comfortable lead in our respective categories, Haley and Cayley decided we would all ride together (I didn't get a say in this apparently) The sun eventually warmed things up and the day turned into a perfect race day. Road sections basically had me at the front with the girls gabbing about boys behind me, but whatever I was checking out the beautiful scenery and taking all the blue signs. After 66km of the 80km course? we finished with a sprint once again, Haley once again scored, after I was confused with the distance. Great day on the bike.

Day 3: really freaking cold in the morning, without anything really heated at the summer camp everyone ate fast to get on their bikes for the 15km ride to Sir Sams and their winterized heated chalet. Up front Norco teammate Lespy was having trouble taking on the 4 3rox riders by himself with them utilizing their numbers. So off the start I opted to try and lead Lespy out for a solo stage, plan worked like a charm and by the end of sir sams Lespy had a decent gap. After being scolded by Chico for leaving my teammate I drifted back, by the road to the hydrocut we were back together. The temperature was rising fast and by the time we got back offroad it was another beauty day. Cayley jumped onto another group of riders but I had a feeling they were killing themselves on the pavement. So we just chilled, once we got offroad Haley went to the front and just started weaving through riders like mad. If Haliburton was a strava segment I think we would have crushed it. Finished off super strong through Normac to the finish were I finally took the sprint. (winning) 

We won our cat each day and took the overall, which was great but we also rode in the top 15 overall each day which I think was awesome. Haley was an awesome race partner, my Norco Phaser once again proved to be an amazing crank the shield bike.

Glad I was at the first and final CTS, it evolved a lot over the 4 years it ran, but one thing that always stayed the same was the awesome people. Both riding partners, and new people you meet along the way.

moving on :(

Thursday, September 13, 2012

this ones for you Ben

Got called out for no blog post in a while, and since im not taking my laptop to crank the shield i guess i better punch something out now.

Since the 9 hour/georgian crit weekend i took two weekends off racing to get some good miles in, in prep for a busy fall.

got in some great rides, a few rides up to Awenda, a pretty river tour and a few big chute laps. 

To most peoples surprise i raced provincials last weekend, I'm not exactly sure why folks were surprised, the course is awesome,  even without the fenceline rock garden it does remind me of Mountainview, (sadface) it would be awesome if both Mountainview and Duntroon were on the calender.

Race was good, as i explained to the guys yesterday when we were riding big chute, it turned into a $250 effort to not pull a Kulhavy, if i didnt stop and say hi at the finish line (spak) im sorry I had to go.

Thanks to C-vip for the 3 feeds, we wont talk about the 4th,

Always a treat to race at Duntroon, and two of my athletes I coach had personal bests(and another tied theres) at provincials that was a cool feeling in a living vicariously kind of way.

Monday i went on a Solo mission to the city (not Barrie, like the big city) took the GO train down to the direct energy center to hang out and talk bikes with Norco and Live to play sports. Train was awesome, 20 bucks for not having to deal with traffic or parking and spend the day in TO, worth every penny. Wish it ran more.

Yesterdays ride was good with Jer and Tristan, someone else was there cant remember who. One last hot lap around the chute before this cold front rolls in tonight. Just in time for CTS, also thanks to the chico guys for saying how dry it is up there and jinxing it.

so yeah, CTS tomorrow with Haley, going for my third category win, then cx season, bikes are coming together, at this point i have everything but hubs and spokes, (highly overrated) Hopefully have something together for Nathans races next weekend in St Kitts.

then speedriver  the following weekend mmm Wellington mmmm.

Monday, August 27, 2012

weekly update

Great week of riding, the warm weather is back. I managed to get in up to 4 rides with some of the athletes I coach last week.

Capped off with riding the provincials course yesterday up in Duntroon. Great course, Sudbury is naturally awesome and still my favourite course of the year, but The amount of work that the Duntroon builders put in is impressive and it shows with a great hard course.

I got a few good road rides in as well, hope to get a few more road miles in this week.

Lance Armstrong ....whatever, im more done with it more than he is.

Yeah I know exciting, one thing I am started to get excited about is Crank the Shield, reading the course descriptions were giving me butterflies.

Monday, August 20, 2012

"How many Crits do you do a year?"

A question Scott Bentley asked as we did our F1 style parade lap last night, but Ill back up to another great event the Mountainview 9 hour. AKA the best kept non-secret on the mountainbike calender. Thomas puts on a great event every year (at least the two ive done) 

I never give up a chance to ride mountainview site of my 4th favourite O-cup course of all time behind Calabogie
Elliot Lake

We had a great time up there, ended up 3rd behind the total sports team in second and Bikeland taking the big W. The main battle came down to Bretton and I going for the fastest lap and the big giant cheque that went with it. In the end Bretton got me by 10 seconds, but we were able to stay friends.

Another great event by the Mountainview CC

Getting home late and knowing what lay ahead Sunday night I slept in and opted out of Epping. To be honest the way the interclubs have been going im starting to lose a bit of interest in them. Starting to feel like free for alls instead of an Aussie Pursuit.

Back to the Georgian 200, it started off with a flying 420meter lap, my specialty,  I wowed the fans with my 10th place in that. which I figure is about 50kph, well short of the 56kph the fastest lap did.

The flying lap was our staging spot, where I was lined up beside Scott, he didnt like the answer I gave him. Thinking back the last crit i did was probably in the 90's. But Short tracks are crits kinda right?

The track at Sunset is very unique its tough to call it an actual road crit, with the banked corners it felt more like riding a Velodrome.

We did a lap behind a corvette pace car, Ed called it a F1 formation lap, but really it was more like Nascar as we were lined up two abreast. just details though

Pace car pulled off and we were off, the pace was pretty high right from the gun, of course me being the stupid MTber I got my nose right in the mix right away. Actually setting up the first lapping by Anton and a few others, again me being the dumb Mtber thought it was going to get caught so I let off, only to see the big group ease up and allow the small group to lap the field, Doh.

But a few laps later I hit the gas again a few other joined me and put a lap back into the field. So there were about 10 or so on the lead lap. That was the last time id put any ground on anyone.

Jeff Moote and I tried another lapping, we were actually getting close till Anton said NO!! and just dragged the field back to us. This was close the halfway mark. And marks when I started to lose a little steam. The rest is blur but after two more groups putting laps into the group I was down a lap.

With fading legs I was happy to just still be in the field. I was starting to have trouble catching wheels on accelerations and after the 50 to go mark a gap opened up and two of us were left in the wind. Thats always been my weak point in Road, going from 40kph to 50kph, its whole other kind of acceleration.

**After 100 laps if a rider was 4 laps down we would be asked to retire(from the race not in general). Also we were allowed to mix back into the group, we didnt have to stay separate which was good

I did about 10 or so laps with another rider before the group came back by, it was an effort but I was able to get back into the group. At this point i was just staring at the riders infront of me, as long as the pace was steady it was easy to stay on, lasted till 3 to go, when another acceleration went, but with only a couple laps i was able to just ride it in without losing another lap.

finished up 11th 2 laps down. It was tough, but a ton of fun, really exciting racing, everyone was attacking chasing, working,

In the end Anton the Destroyer won it,

Big thanks to the real deal crew for another unique and awesome event, if your looking for something a little different I definitely recommend this event and their Hell of the North in April.

And the Commisaires for staying up late and scoring what was probably a tough event to keep track of. 

off to guide a MTB ride in the Copeland, hope my legs work

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buckwallow re-cap

After 24 years of racing in the elite category the Buckwallow win remained elusive, now its just Albion. But with sundays race in the books Im able to put that puppy to bed.

The first two laps were pretty exciting, I was lined up a couple rows back, got started immediately riding through a ditch, opting to try and ride it out. Then quickly realized Matt P was right my 34 single ring wasn't going to be enough. In the first couple KM all I could do is spin at 120 and hold onto wheels. But when we did eventually hit singletrack or climbs I was ready to go.

The leaders were long gone, I was in the high teens for the first half lap, but when gaps started forming I was able to start picking off riders. I wasnt sure if i would ever see the lead group again, Buckwallow can be tough to close gaps, and open gaps.

But with the 1st lap at an end I realized I did put some time into them. Lap 2 my 34-12 was acuatlly pretty good, forced me to spin it out on the double track and recover a bit, so I could punch all the short singletrack climbs.  By mid-lap I was on the back of the lead group of 5, passing was another story, again the single didnt really allow a whole lot of "go" so i had to wait for climbs, and even then on some of the double track theres really only one good line.

By West denile I was third wheel, then before the last piece of singletrack I was able to move into the lead. Going into Loam Rider. I remembered pre-riding it was faster to go around the rock over's, and even thinking they should tape them off. The first ride-around being blind, I turned hard into it, got about 5 feet down the trail where the tape started, bam, then noticed two ladies standing on the course(well off the course), they both screamed but I missed them, another piece of tape and I was back on course. So i guess they taped it off after pre-riding...... they should have post pre-riding sessions. (dont worry I let Sean know all this)(then he made fun of me saying ill probably blog about it.....)

Pete protested but I sighted the new rule, and the windham DH and Zandstra Blue mountain off course "no gain"  precedents. He withdrew and we carried on, and thats pretty much all the excitement, I was able to eek out small gains in the singletrail, riding my Phaser probably gave me a slight edge over Pete and Ryan on hardtails. Then spin it to win it on the long pieces of doubletrack where the fully was also awesome on all the roots I was able to sit and pedal.

Lap 3 was fairly open so I was able to push it, lap 4 was neutral as it usually is, then lap 5 I was able to push it again.

Rocked out the Real Deal Podium Protocol, I hear it may be banned next year.

Big thanks to Kevin and Norco for setting the Phaser up for the weekend, prefect buckwallow bike,

Up next 9 hour at Mountainview, Its going to be a blast, Kevin, Sue, Bretton and myself, Brett and I will probably just try to each get the fastest lap and end up killing each other.

Epping sunday, love that course, then possibly maybe, thinking about doing the triple with the Real Deal Georgian 200 at Sunset Speedway,  nighttime crit under the lights on a race track, closest thing to Nascar Ill ever get a chance to do.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

more riding less bloggin

General fitness is coming along, got in three big rides this week 130km on wednesday up and around big chute, 160km yesterday no real destination just rode around alot, from Lake simcoe to Georgian bay and lots in between. Capped the week off with 120km to Creemore and back with some guys(yup got to ride with actual human beings) The guys went easy on me, attempted a Fairgrounds road climb strava cold after a coffee, no dice. Ill need to plan another trip over there. On the way back we got hit hard with rain, thankfully unlike southern california it was very pleasant and warm and had us smiling all the way home. 

Geek out stuff, I think I've hit my aerodynamic limit on my road bike and position, busted out a new cp20 (at least for the past few years) 8% more than a month ago, but my 15km TT time only dropped by about 10 seconds. Same setup, clothes, weather. 42.6kph avg may be where wattage to time goes exponential with my current TT setup (getting in the drops)

 Im hitting the couch for the next 24 hours I think.

....or going to ride buckwallow tomorrow

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"all ready for the quall Hunt"

is that how you spell Quall? anyways, after kicking back thursday I was set to go friday for my first Strava hunt.

I used to plan routes by difficulty, wind, time, you know general training stuff for Friday it was how many segments can I hit. Ended up picking off 8, and getting the KOM's for 5. NBD.

Saturday I left the chasing to others and just rolled out a nice 3 hour endurance ride by the numbers. Headed down to Carthew Bay, havent ridden south of HWY 11 in a while.

oh Before I forget Huge props to Teammate Haley Hunter Smith for her selection to MTB worlds in Austria (or as Leslie Tomlinson would call it Australia) good work Hale`s.

back to GBA cycling, Got in a great ride out in Vasey taking in the Mountainview CC`s interclub up there. Beautiful day so I rode up to save some Dino juice and get some more miles in.

Race was great, put in some solid efforts before getting a nice junior style leg cramp, serious last time I had one like that was 1998. Anyways spun her in grabbed a coke and rode home with Mark H(2011 RAAM 2 man champ, NBD) he decided we should ride the hilly route home, arrggghhhhh.

Good weekend, Good week, id need to do some math but probably my biggest since South Carolina.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rule #17......again

I cant really remember what happened up until Saturday at the GBO (georgian bay open) day got off to a good start when I got a free entry as Last years winner.

Got the low down on the course from some of the people who pre-rode, it sounded like they got rid of the two way singletrack of death(maybe they read my blog from last year......)

Not much to really think about at this race with a 750 foot climb off the start there isnt much strategy just giver. DZ rode away on the first climb, Peter "NP" Glassford was on my wheel(i dont think he wants me to say what NP means)  but in the rolling stuff at the top I found myself on my own. Then just kept trucking, took it easy on the decent so I wouldnt blow off the sketchy slick embryo trail like last year. DZ took a wrong turn and lost all his lead, reentered the course nowhere near where he left but with the rule now you could get off course go to starbucks grab a latte re enter on the other side and as long as its not an andvantage its all good.

DZ put down another good grind climb to gain back some lead time and that was about that rode in for 2nd.

It was great to see the event go from the absolute worst cycling event I had ever been too last year, to an awesome event this year kudos to Blue mountain for the turnaround.

Saturday nights entertainment was provided by another late night 911 call for someone swimming in the pool at 1 in the morning. Cops came just in time to meet my neighbour getting out of the pool. Of course I envoked zombieland rules and opted to not be a hero. I had a hunch it was my neighbor but still didnt want to get shot or something by some whacko. OPP response time is a little better than Barrie police I will say that.

Post weekend Ive got some good road rides in, 2 a days even, yeah not the 3 a days that Nino apparently does but I guess thats why i'm spending august 12 at Buckwallow and not in Hadleigh.

Headed out for a long MTB ride today turned into a road ride as my arms and legs got thrashed by the raspberry bushes, Copeland and wilderness was good but 8th and sugarbush was overgrown.

also my review of the Dark Knight rises, not sure yet, I think it was good? parts of it were awesome, the first and last 15 minutes rocked but there were some really tacky scenes in the middle that I think Chris Nolan went on vacation for.

The twist at the end was something only Nolan could pull off with total surprise. Very Prestige like.

The end was good so I guess thats all that matters. (just like this blog)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthy Weekend off, but not away

Sometimes I always think im taking a lot of time off cause im sick, but then think about how rarely I take healthy time off. Vicious circle?

After the Souter beatdown Wednesday around Big Chute and the CDC team crushed me on our c-100 course preview ride. I crawled into bed and called it a week.

Hell in the Horseshoe was definitely out had a 60th surprise B-day lunch for my Mom at Blue Mountain that afternoon, she was a little grumpy that I was skipping what could have been a payday, but when she realized the surprise aspect of it with the whole family awaiting her arrival at the restaurant she understood. Wouldnt have missed it for a chance at $2400.00.......$2500? maybe(just kidding mom your the best). CDC's five riders rode really well with 4 in the top 10. Some guy named Ryan Roth won it?? guess he works out.

Up early Sunday morning, on my bike(baggies t-shirt, not training) rode over to Horseshoe at 6:30 am, to jump into "Tech 1" Velocity ski and bikes Neutral support vehicle with Tristan Spurr driving. I was really looking forward to a new experience. "Tech 1" quickly became the go to tech support vehicle, we started out in the 50km event at 7:30. First issue was on Horseshoe valley road, chain derailed I was out of that car and had it fixed before Tristan had stopped the car. NBD.

We continued on through the C50 fixing flats, swapping wheels, Tristan fixed two broken chains faster than Ive ever seen.

Once we finished a lap of the C50, we blasted up to Moonstone to catch up to the C100, not quite as many issues, but we were still busy till the end.  Did another half lap of the C100 before pulling back into Horseshoe resort.

Loads of fun, a new experience, Tristan giggled like a school girl every time we got to blow through a stop sign with cops waving us through.

Post race, I met back up with the Norco Crew to tear down the expo and we headed into the Copeland for a ride, it was hot, so much so that the water in the swamps were evaporating before our eyes.

 Home for a quick shower and then in the car to head up north to celebrate Jer's B-day, fixie pub ride style. Solid ending to a great weekend off the bike...but still rode for some reason.

quote of the day "Tech 1 here.....yeah we got that....Over"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Naughton O-cup weekend

Great weekend up north in the small town of Naughton for an o-cup. Headed up Saturday morning with teammates Bretton and Haley. Short and easy drive up compared to the rest of our road trips this year. Beautiful country up there.

Pre-rode the course a few times, did a lap with some of the athletes I'm coaching. Loved the course, 3rd favorite o-cup course of all time, next to Elliot lake and Calabogie(year one).

Dinner we drove into Sudbury, for some Kelseys action, followed up by desert at Starbucks and a serious book discussion in chapters, re:50 shades of grey, Bretton is loving that book right now.

Hit the course mid morning, kind of invaded/self adopted ourselves into the two wheel racing pit. Sat down and had a little chat with Marc-Antoine about start etiquette in the senior race. He didnt seem to be listening. 

Lined up second row, since I missed all the previous o-cups this year with my "mysterious Illness" which is only a secret to people who don't read this/dont have internet.

About 10 feet into the race all I feel is guys falling over on-top of me, choose the "run away" tactic dropped my bike and hoofed it into the woods. Looked back to see the bike i was racing, under two guys and their bikes, luckily the only thing wrong was a twisted stem and derailed chain. With the stop to fix the stem, I was again well off he back in last. (never lining up on the left hand side ever again) (also later learned it was Marc Antoine missing his pedal/junior starting that started the pile up........) (Swatty was probably saying "I told you soo" but whatever it was cool to see marc in there with us) (k last bracket i swear)

Took a while to catch anyone, didn't see anyone till the first time through the feedzone. Then started to roll past some guys on the climb. Managed to catch and pass Davis Ross(AWI racing) on his singlespeed just as I was starting to run out of steam. Held him off for a bit, but he just kept chasing me down. Turned into the most intense battle ive had this year. In the end he crushed the final climb and decent, and we rolled through in 4th and 5th. Behind winner Mitch B, Steve N in 2nd, Jacob M(AWI racing) in 3rd.

Tyson flatted out of contention in the final lap and ended up in 6th. If he was an American im sure the 5 of us would all be called out as cheap racers, and that we should feel bad and hang our heads in shame for not giving him the win........ oh wait we're bike racers and flats happen, (sorry just hate the American cycling medias uber biased unreasonable commentary on windham)

Big giant thanks to Robin Waller, Spoke o motion, Gershom Morris, and Mike G, for getting me in the race.

The chico crew and the walden cycling club for a great race, it will be interesting as a Canada cup,

Great trip with Haley and Bretton as well with some good #teambonding as usual.

Unsure about this weekend, ribs still feel like crap, except when riding, its sleeping and odd movements that seem to still cause pain. Racing doesnt hurt but maybe its not allowing them to heal up?

But Road Provincials in my hometown is tempting.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer livin

Not sure I have ever mentioned I love hot summer weather, and this week I have been in Heaven. Tuesday just got settled and unpacked and got caught up with some CDC team stuff. With a short ride thrown in for good measure.

Wednesday after not having done a 3hour+ ride in a couple months I decided a 4.5 hour ride would be no problem. Just had to keep an eye on the powermeter but I finished it off strongly. Rode up to Awenda, jersey fully unzipped start to finish. Actually I'm lying I zipped up when I went into the park store to refuel. Didnt want to creep out the cute girl working there. 6 big bottles of fluid in 4 hours and I was dry for the last 30 minutes. #goodlivin.

Hit Copeland today for a short easy ride on the phaser, trying a new suspension setup before the weekend. Wanted to have a base comparison before hitting Sudbury. Ill spare you the naked guy story. It was disturbing, thats all I will say.

Tonight I headed out to the bi-weekly club TT, duel purpose was to see where I was at cp20 wise. As expected it was lower than pre-season, but not as bad as it could have been. I think I still did my best Ingram road TT time at least. Gave up on aerodynamics halfway through and opened the jersey right up. again #goodlivin

Packing tomorrow, Lively Saturday with Bretton and Haley for the Lively O-cup. Should be a good weekend, my main concern is finding a good swimming hole after the race, or on the way home.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

There’s a town called Windham and a river runs through it & Happy Canada Day

Have I used that one before? Lespy loves to call me out for all my film references, but he sleepwalks and stuff so Ill let it go.

Good week leading into the race, hung out in Burke Vermont for a couple days and rode Kingdom trails, weather wasn’t awesome, started raining as we left st anne and never really stopped until we left Burke. Luckily the trails are super sandy like back home in Oro so the riding was actually pretty good.

But as soon as we arrived in Windham it was hot and beautiful all week. Course was the standard course with one new piece of singletrack and some “fluff” knocked off the end of the lap. But dry, like riding Sunpeaks in August big dust holes everywhere.

Decided on the Phaser this course was made for the ART suspension with all the square edge rocks everywhere  and open climbs to just lock her out, the bike was a rocket on this course. 

One really big change from last year was that we started in the town of Windham itself and then rode up to the course. A little Hoffalize’esque. Start was hard and I really didn’t have much speed in the legs, just held onto my position, first lap was tough, basically climbed for 10-12 minutes from town to the top of the course.

Started to roll up a bit into the riders ahead on the 2nd and 3rd laps, had Pete G in my sights looks like we were both have solid(above tempo) races,  sure enough a random boulder sized rock appeared on course,  bam front wheel hit hard figured I was on a Small Block NBD….but yeah it starting spraying stans. Stopped lined it up on the bottom to try and get it to seal which it eventually did but I was down to 10-15 PSI, so the descent was interesting. But I survived, and Havy did a quick change in the pit and got me going again. Lost a good amount of time and a few places, with medium legs I wasn’t able to make up much of that time. Heading onto my 5th lap I had a good idea that it was going to be my last judging by where the leaders were.

Pushed hard on the climb one last time and tried to enjoy the last descent. But sure enough bang, rear tire goes down. I was lower on the descent this time and only had a few fast open sections and Kabush falls to negotiate. Rolled/ran it off into the 80% cutoff.

Not even sure exactly where I finished off, seemed like a standard Windham for me, 3 for 3 with Mechanicals/Flats here. Still love it though, the town is awesome for what they can pull off here, the course is great.

Haley crushed her race, 9th place beating her result at st anne. And Lespy was 40something not the result he was looking for but I’m proud of him for sticking it out. 

oh also, if you have two pairs of shoes, its a good idea to bring them both,

Downhill today and heading home tomorrow.(monday)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mt St Anne

I don't usually have a good race at St Anne, its either great and it feels that way or I'm struggling to finish off however many laps I can do. Maybe thats just the nature of the course, its hard anyway you shake it, hard steep climbing, techy singletrack, not much faking it out there. There's quicksand all over that course, and once your in it, its tough to get out.

With tons of support from Norco Bicycles, I was ready and set for my first of two world cups this season, chose to ride the Team 9 Hardtail, due to the amount of steep climbing and slow speed technical riding. And left the double crankset on,

With the olympic year the field was downsized with some of the euros opting to stay home, cause 1 trip over the Atlantic is way too much travel.  So I lined up in the last row of 71 starters, with 6 laps on the course and threatening weather I knew it would be a solid 1:50-2:00 effort. So I was patient through the start loop and first lap.

I felt good on the course, the hardtail 9er was great out there, didnt really try to crush any one section, just focused on my lines and counted the laps down. Ended up 35th, about 11:30 ish back, which I think is one of my better world cups in the past couple years....Offenburg may have been about the same % wise.

I was happy to feel good on the bike out there, sea otter was good but since then I really haven't felt like myself so it was nice to know I still have some juice in the tank.

pic from CC/Rob Jones

The team all had great races as well, Haley Hunter Smith came in 10th in her first u-23 world cup and Lespy was 26th in U-23. 

Huge thanks to Norco Bicycles and all the factory team sponsors for their support all year,

Off to Vermont for a couple days of riding, then Windham New York,

Friday, June 22, 2012


St Anne so far has been great, we had a guest rider for a few days, Mandy Dreyer. Within 72 hours we were Facebook friends had cooked some meals together, she fixed my ribs that felt broken, by the end it was decided she was always welcome to hang out with the team. Thanks for the great week Mandy.

Ive got the course down, a few changes over previous years to spice things up again. Watched the course video with the kids(Lespy & Haley Hunter Smith) last night and tried to share some lines.

Also did some video shooting yesterday which is always fun, no pressure coming down Beatrice with a video camera rolling.

all right, cant think of anything else, 

Monday, June 18, 2012


So we started the trip with 5 people in a 300sq foot trailer, 3 guys in a room the size of a bathroom basically( and had a great time) now we are in basically a palace of gigantic proportions in St Anne. Being a cyclist on the road i guess you just need to roll with it.

Had a great time in St Felicien, probably the best yet out of the three years. Usually I cant wait to make like a tree and leave. 

Race was an uphill battle from the start. Guess I was due to go down in a start crash, hasn't happened since eerrrrr ever.. Short story shorter, lined up on the left hand side to get onto the harder soil instead of loose gravel on the start climb. Started and quickly got squeezed over into the feedzone tents, heading for a tent pole option A: be a nice guy and scrifice myself and hit the pole/spectators B: Avoid pole but risk crashing myself and others out. Went for B, didnt work out and myself and a few others went down. Got up grabbed my bike...which turned out to be a garbage can, threw garbage can away(sorry for the spillage that the volunteers had to clean up:)  Picked up my Phaser, had to do some adjustments. But didnt quite get my bars straight after the start loop with my bars sideways, I opted to not race the entire race like that and stopped with the allen key twice to get it right. k that was long.

As you would guess I was in last out of the smallish field of 24, NBD, just put the head down and kept the power cranked to 11, Passing wasn't an issue, everyone was super cool, with please's and thanks, Lambo even dived off the course to let me by.

So when the lead trio of U-23 rode up to me, I payed it forward and almost got ridden into the bush by Dre Dre. Jumped onto the back of their train, which was insane, basically a road race on dirt, attacking sitting up, I had another lap to do so I just kind sat on the back #goodlivin

Finished up 9th, a little blood on my elbow and knee(Karma for making fun of Pete all those times)(Pete BTW had a sick race)

Team relay Sunday was like last year, AWESOME, we were able to field a nice team, Didnt have to bribe any juniors with skinsuits this year.

stoked so sitting down to a feast prepared by @halesmith and @a_leperance (yup lots of twitter talk on here)

Post race interview here, some KHS cross-promotion going on, thanks to Colt for coming up to St felicien again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Going on 9 weeks battling this illness of unknown origin.(alien virus?) Hit up the doc yesterday, who wasn`t as busy as usual and actually took the time to try and figure out what the frack is going on.

Thinks it could be an immune response to environmental conditions or contaminants...or something like that. So kinda like an allergy but its actually making me sick. Pretty broad though could be  Mold, Pollen, chemicals, pets...Un-hygenic teammates....29ers.Who knows.

So got some new pills and a few other things to try. So off to Nationals and two world cups I go, Not much else to do other than put my head down and lay it all out there. Bummer though had an awesome winter of training, felt strong yet rested and ready for the condensed 2012 season.

But at least I still love riding my bike, had a great ride last night in Midhurst, took the guys on a new trail I found which Jacob described as `totally unsustainable` as we were sliding down with rear wheels locked up with our asses buzzing the tire. Well its there now so we might as well enjoy it.

Looking forward to three weeks with my Norco Teammates, hashtag positive

Monday, June 4, 2012

and this concludes the broadcast day

What is traditionally one of the busiest weeks of the year has now ended, I curled up into bed last night, drew the curtains so the hot sun wouldn't wake me up. Only thing I forgot was to turn off the old phone.

6:30am, "hey wanna got to France for a world Cup"? bahhh. Newfies have cell service?? Ill try tomorrow for a sleep in. But it has been a productive morning so far. Though my Team 9.1 is still in need of a nice overhaul.

Yesterday was a solid day on the bike, felt like I'm clawing back a little fitness, not enough to close a 10 second gap to Kris Sneddon over 90minutes. The rain made for some interesting conditions, at least it wasn't dusty.

Off to the garage for some bike lovin,

stay excellent

Thursday, May 31, 2012

my bad

Been a busy week, post eastern canada spring series race #2 usually is pretty busy. Right after BSP we jetted towards Petawawa. Stopping in Berthierville for the night.

The race itself left a little to be desired, similar to Tremblant some good steady power but not setting off any fireworks. But I've only been back to a structured plan for 10 days now so can't expect to be Ryder Hesjedal overnight. Another short race, could have been another lap. Actually I really think the UCI should go to the CX model for timing races as they can never get it right with a calculation.

 Just have the race go for 1:20 plus a lap or something.  With the sub 20minute laps nowadays it could easily work and pretty much guarantee the race winner would be between 1:30-1:45.

So off to Petawawa for a nother great Norco Bicycles Demo with Gearheads, awesome shop, people, trails, its always a highlight of this trip. Demo Monday, did a group ride on the sick trails tuesday morning, took out a Norco Sight didn't know a XC bike ride could be so fun on a "bigger" trail bike.

Shot back to C-hurst said our team goodbyes. Shed some tears and hit the sack tuesday evening at home.

B-day yesterday but I did manage to get out for a road ride, beautiful day for it, followed by dinner and drinks with family and KBolts.

 my interview with trailburn ran you can find it here

... pre-ride with Hale and Lespy today at Hardwood, CDC training tonight,

Thursday, May 24, 2012


This basically how we roll here on the team, last night it was my turn to create an athlete sized feast. Went with the old pork tenderloin, with a nice paprika dry up, seared on the stovetop(best way to do it IMHO) then onto the grill to finish. Also found some fiddleheads so crushed those with asparagus and corn on the cob mini's and some roasted veggies of course. Haley made up a nice quinoa lemon salad which was unreal.

Solid mid week meal after a little travel day Tuesday from Tremblant. Sunday and Monday were very relaxed, actually found time to just relax and go for rides.

I did my usual road loop, which is apparently also a big chunk of the Ironman Tremblant route.

Yesterday we headed out for some laps of the course here in BSP, basically everything I remember going down know we are going up. Lespy and Bretton crushed the course taking a bunch of tubes and my beloved mini pump with them.

The weather on this trip has been nothing short of fantastic, knock wood. 

In case you didnt see it CDC is rockin it 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Quick recap, trip down was great, stopped for a demo in Riguad, gathered Lespy up and headed to Tremblant for some good times.

I was stoked to be back on a start line of a race, the race itself went by in a blur, 4 laps on a short course, with not a whole lotta get up and go. Rode the Phaser, it was awesome out there.

Team did great, Lespy was 8th, and Haley was 7th in her first elite Womens Canada cup.

Nick Geddes is rocking the DH today,

Also wishing the Centurion Development Team luck today in Niagara 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Not much to tell lately, saddened by the loss of Cross racer and super nice guy Kevin Watson, I'll miss the parking lot chats with him especially. Found this pic I took of him racing in 2009.

Also one of my amazing neighbors in Craighurst passed away, towns a little smaller today. Dave was one of the first people to welcome me here.

But I have been keeping things in perspective and having a great time coaching, and trying to impart some wisdom on the younger riders i'm working with.

The big bike was a success big thanks to all who donated, took a day or two afterwards but I did reach my last minute goal of $100.00. THANK YOU. We ended up losing the race to the tri club but together raised more than $3000.00

Finally after my cold flared up again I headed to see a doc and got the standard try these antibiotics, we'll see if they work.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little help

Hello folks, I'm putting my hat in my hand and asking for my loyal followers to kick in a buck or two to help me reach my goal of $100.00. Money going to the heart and stroke foundation,

Tomorrow night(thursday) ill be jumping on board the Big Bike, holds 30 people and racing head to head against the Barrie tri club on the georgian downs racetrack. (could be some side betting going on too)

I do feel this is a bit of a personal cause as my father passed away at 57  from heart disease in 2008.

A couple bucks from each of my 150+ daily readers could easily surpass my goal of $100.00

Please follow the link above to my page to donate. Its quick and easy and you get a tax receipt.

thanks for reading and if you choose to toss a couple bucks in Thank you again.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunny Days

hows that for a #positive title.

Pete and I are apparently feuding again? not sure exactly why this time. Maybe its some pre-woodnewton intimidation?

Had a good weekend of imparting wisdom and learning. Saturday was the Cadet Camp...which was opened up to Juniors and u-15s as well. Hardwood played host and we had a great day, riding, honing some skills, eating, riding some more, Amanda Sin, Mitch Bailey and myself gave some talks about "life on the road" and how to balance school(Mitch) and racing.  What to pack, where to pack it, what to do in case a volcano erupts in Iceland. Then we ate some more, almost like Mike G wanted to keep our energy up or something. Then we rode some more on the Canada Cup course. Then we ate some more.

Great day I think the athletes learned a lot.

Sunday a Beautiful day for the first interclub race of the world of 2012. Great turnout, lots of eager people. Group 5 was gigantic, when I was a kid it was 5 guys. Now its 15. Had some Norco team stuff going with Bretton Matthews rolling down from the the M-dot. Had some AWI representation with Tristan, Spak was there but I guess he quit the team cause he wasn't reppin the kit.

And also 8 of 9 of the Centurion Development Canada athletes were there. They rode like champs a little too much work maybe but really they were still right there at the finish.

There was no doubt that group5 would catch the other groups, but that didnt stop the first lap from being a hammer fest. Thats with Tristan never going to the front, of course we shed some riders which is a shame as the pace slowed considerably after the first lap.

rest of the race is a haze, Tried to get away a couple times once we caught group 3, that wasn't happening, turned into a cat 3 race, chase anything that moved and then soft pedal.
Caught up with Rob Mann who reminded me after the group caught me that I once asked him to sign my helmet as a kid, good to see him again after 6 years.

In the end Elliot and Martin were in good position to take the W, but tactics and smarts out did youth and Rob Mann took it.

All the CDC athletes rode well, I was glad to see them being assertive in the race, and learning some valuable lessons.

 link of the day 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Morning post

Forgot to give a shout out to our friends from the Sault for coming out Monday night for a ride and some ice cream after. #GL.

Tuesday I headed out on the road bike up to the rail trail through Victoria Harbour then back south. Even managing to end up on a gravel road feeling lost and pulling out the iphone to see where I was. The weather man promised 16 and sun, never got above 10 and cloudy the entire time, which was still way better than snow, but still I was grumpy or according to some normal. Not as grumpy as the equestrian lady who almost got launched the second her horse saw me. As a cyclist it was my fault for riding my bicycle on a public road, over a blind hill and not considering the 1 in 10000 chance there would be a horse on the other side.... and to further the story the lady admitted her horse was very uncontrollable and unpredictable....but it was still my fault for not vanishing into thin air or stopping on a dime on rough pavement down a steep hill at 50kpk.

Yesterday in the AM, I jumped on the 9er and rode Copeland, found even more new singletrack, mixed feelings about that, not sure nows the right time to be building illegal trail when MTBers are in danger of being ousted from there. But it is fun new stuff to ride.

Last night I headed down to the promise land, Bradford. Forget Edmonton its the new Champion city, actually Bradford will probably win the Stanley cup before Toronto does. I gush a lot about Coulson hill, and really theres nothing special about the place, but the people and atmosphere of that race cant be beat(King city comes close) Catching up with people who were racing there 15 years ago was great. Myles does a great job with the series and everyone who took out a Norco loved it, the Revolvers went like hot cakes.

Also picked up the new Phaser, similar to last years, but with a thru axle front fork, and trail crankset(yup you know what that means)(well maybe you do) and came quipped with the new Kenda 24seven tires

 stay excellent

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

gettin real

Sent out my first training plans on Sunday evening to some athletes. Its really not that hard to make a training plan. I just gave them 6 hour rides everyday, and if they survive they will be a world champ. But still its interesting to feel a responsibility for another athletes training and performance.

Saturday I had the opportunity to help out with the learn to race clinic at Mansfield on the O-cup course. Highlights were hearing Pete say "sweet potato" 18 times in 4 minutes and helping people out in their quest into MTB racing.

Sunday morning had me spinning down to the big city for a ride with Chris, Jamie and Orrin. Just what the doctor ordered a few hours saddle time on some smooth roads in a group atmosphere. Time just flew by.

On the calender for this week, Wednesday night Norco Demo at Coulson Hill, looking forward to riding there. Running alongside Spokeomotions wednesday night series

Thursday evening if there aren't tornado's I get to take the Centurion Development team out for our first road ride(on the road)

Saturday Cadet camp at Hardwood ski and bike with the OCA,

Sunday Interclub and another Norco demo at Hardwood ski and Bike.

 Countdown is on till the Canada Cup trip to Tremblant and Baie St Paul. Its going to be awesome.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Found a pic from the shoot with Margus 
Now that that link is out of the way and Pete can get some sleep before his Scotch 50 race.
Did another photo shoot last night on bass lake sideroad for RTO7, or tourism region 7, got a little chilly, but I think the shots were good, the photographer was impressed with the location I picked. As we shot we were passed by countless cyclists and they realized they were shooting in the right place to capture cycling in Simcoe county. We all got a couple bucks for doing the shoot which was nice.

Speaking of pics I love this one of Taylor Near Hope to have some good times on Saturday at Mansfield for the OCA/Chico racing/Norco Factory team/3 rox/Trek intergalactic/ Learn to Race clinic of awesomeness. If you haven't signed up(and still can) sign up, you'll learn a ton and get to ride with some great people.

Still crushing tons of meds and orange juice so I have completely fallen onto the other side of the fence of racing this weekend and even on top of that I was on the fence over tour of Bronte and the MTB O-cup. This thing has been kicking my ass since easter, need to get it kicked before the season really starts up in May(and is over 6 weeks later pretty much) #positive

Keep an eye on my boy's blog just google "andrew lesperance blog" some pretty cool stuff.

"Until next time take care of yourselves and each other" Jerry Springer

Monday, April 23, 2012

sea otter

The weekend was great, the team did great with Team-mates Hayley and Andrew crushing some great races in both the STXC and the epic XC. I was content with my rides, finished each race stronger than I started but, knew I was missing a couple gears. Figuratively speaking, the Norco Team 9 was steller down there, I will say that the new XTR Shadow plus rear derailleur is #AMAZING. Rode the Kenda Kozmik Lite II's there were nice on fast hard packed course. But Sea Otter is more than just a bike race, its an industry event, basically a trade show with companies showing off their new products and bikes. The Norco compound was bustling with excitement with the Prototype 650B bike kicking around.
Also had the pleasure of meeting a Vice president of Norco, Skip Swain. As well as head of Marketing Pete Stace-Smith nice to finally meet and thank these people in person for all their support over the past three seasons. Results wise, I pulled out an 18th in the Short Track, An improvement from my 75th in the last sea otter STXC I did. And a 17th in the XC. Both races went well, both were quite warm which was a nice change from racing in Europe/quebec all the time. But of
course the most enjoyable rides are those post race coffee shop rides,
Great weekend, made even better with a great Team,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ok, Glassford one more chance

I'm packing for California, and the eternal words of Pete are still ringing in my ears "it never rains in California" as I pack full rain and foul weather clothing.

We'll see,

Back to the beautiful weather around here, it has warmed up nicely and is almost a bit humid. The forest is springing to life with a nice carpet of green on the forest floors now.

Still not feeling 100% but close enough, watching that world cup in Belgium was pretty cool, and brought back some memories

CDC Roster is announced check it out.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

staying low, keepin positive

Had an inkling on Saturday afternoon that I was catching something, I have, but it hasn't knocked me flat on my ass, just letting my new and improved immune system fight this one. Its doing a pretty good job,

Been getting things finalized for the CDC team, or Centurion Development Canada, you can follow the team on twitter @TeamCDC. I'll be working with the Barrie Cycling Club and Centurion Cycling(folks who do the blue mountain and Horseshoe fondo's) to Manage a team of 9 young riders who will be competing on the road. Should be an interesting new adventure,

Gots the new Team 9, shes sweet, any bike that comes with a 670mm flat bar and a derailleur that has an "on" switch has got to be good.

Hopefully have this little sniffle knocked down by the weekend.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Hell of the North(or how I came to love the bike)

what a day, the Real Deal racing crew knows how to make you hurt on a bike. Picture Paris to Ancaster, but over twice as long, 6 times more climbing and a rail trail of doom that makes the crank the shield trail look tame....then do it on a cross bike with the narrowest tires you have.... with full road teams.

The atmosphere was relaxed yet you could still tell it was going to be a hard day. Pretty much right from the gun there were attacks....I should say Anton attacked. The first 60% was broken up with off road sections, which were short enough and flat enough to not really break things up too much.

The big break up happened on the rail trail of doom, well actually the vehicle control barriers, which required a dismount and threading your bike through these gates which I'm pretty sure were stolen from a supermax prison.

After two sets of these gates and not being in the first 10 guys to go through them, that was about it. Jet Fuel and Cervelo/octto both had two riders in there and a few individuals. Actually Cam was in there too but flatted. Shame cause he was the most Pro of anyone in the race for sure.

Came out of the rail trail solo(ish) had a guy on my wheel doing a few pulls, but he opted to wait for the group. Smart, but I'm too stubborn for that. Had a little over 45km of road left, 30 seconds behind a group of 8 or 9, NBD.

The group was putting seconds into me not minutes so I kept trucking, saw Tim C come off the group, rode up to him. We switched off a bit, caught Joe G on some gravel, he said he was done and to keep going if I wanted, I was like no worries just finishing it up. By this time the leaders were out of sight,

With about 8km to go I completely cracked, and told Joe to keep going if he wanted. He dragged me to the finish. If he hadn't I would have stopped with about 3km to go and had a nap.

Think I was around 10th ish.

Great day on the bike, some hard efforts, with some great people.

This is not an event to be missed, the Heck of the North would have been a lot of fun as well I'm sure.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Diary

Hit up three stage today, I have no real idea if I rode all three stages or not, Basically headed into the woods, and every chance I got I turned right. Inspired by my friends advice that if I were to ever be lost in a Labyrinth(it could happen) to put my right hand on the wall and follow it and eventually you'd come out. Which makes sense, but I think it could work with your left hand as well for all you odd south paws out there.

Back to riding, conditions in there were great, as promised by Amanda, first time in with the 9er. But I think my 100mm 26 inch bike would still be my weapon of choice in there. Some super tight stuff in there, and some added BB clearance would help too.

Ran into the mayor of Singhampton as I was leaving who said he was getting ready to hit up Pete's place in California, I honestly didn't say one thing about the weather.

Hell of the North Sunday, I have a feeling it could be epic, along the lines of Mountainview-Horseshoe-mountainview but longer. pretty sure there are still spots available if your interested there's also a shorter Heck of the North.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

and then

Got the motivation up on Tuesday to get that 20 min power test out of the way, went well, not my highest cp20 but highest for April at least. So the new zones have been updated and put into my database well taped to a piece of paper next to my computer who am I kidding I dont have a database.

Hit the road for a standard long Wednesday ride, nothing really super exciting a little over 3 hours around here,

Heading to Toronto to pick up one of my new race rigs tomorrow in the AM, Not sure what colour it is, but i'm hoping for high vis.

Keep hearing grumblings and seeing "spy" shots on the Norco FB page regarding some 650B bikes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

MTB ride and I fixed my powertap

And by fix I mean it got some mist on it and I had to let it dry out for a few days. So that's working again I can't put off a cp20 anymore, looking forward to doing it outside.

AWI racked up its first win of 2012 yesterday at the Homage, typical there wont be any results released for months so there probably isn't anyway to prove it. Congrats to team member Jacob on that big W.

I led a team training ride into the Copeland which was attended by me. A little misty, a little snow on the ground, but I still had a pleasant few hours rolling around, legs felt surprisingly well after the long ride the day before.

Good dead for the day was picking up a lost Iphone and making sure it got back to its owner, who told me he lost it while driving a group of lost hikers back to Horseshoe resort after they ended up on Ingram road. Lots of good karma going around.

Monday nighter tonight,

and you should all follow @TeamCDC on twitter (and @swabag if you haven't already)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

good leadville training

This bicycle ride was way to enjoyable to be considered training, but I do know why it is recommended to take three days to actually do this "circuit". Shes a toughy, but the scenic views, and encounters with friendly folks made it well worth the tired legs.

Started out towards Anten Mills, where I jumped on the first rail trail section which I followed to the historic Fort Willow. Hike a bike up some stairs and I was in the middle of the fort with a british flag flying overhead and lots of plaques and monuments about stuff. I just kept trucking though, followed the nine mile portage trail from the fort to Sunnidale road, which is a really nice trail that I have never seen another soul on before. Not sure if anyone knows it exists.

Followed Sunnidale right downtown where I jumped into sport swap to place an order and to make sure someone could confirm my whereabouts at that time before I headed to Orillia.

This was the least enjoyable leg of the journey, slighly uphill, soft limestone, very reminiscent of the rail trail of doom at Crank the shield. 90 minutes later I was in the heart of Orillia, picked my way through, thought about making another check in at the bike stop but figured Tristan would forget when I was there anyway.

The Uhltoff trail(or whatever its called) was really nice, about 18k long to coldwater but always changing, the surface was a mixture of grass, soil, limestone, rock and the trees varied from Pines and other softwoods to hardwoods. Even got to see some Canadian Shield.

Came upon three young people with a bow and arrow I assumed there was 4 at one point and they were playing "hunger games" or something so I got out of there pronto.

Coldwater to the waub the trail was sketch, ended up hiking through some bogs and across a ditch to get back onto hwy 12. Came into the waub and noticed they have a traffic light now, moving up in the world. Got a hello from a Spak who of course just happened to be driving by.

Waubishene to Midland is a hidden gem of a multi use trail, paved for 20 ish km right to downtown midland. Passing St Marie among the hurons, again lots of plaques and stuff to look at. I just kept trucking, to be honest I was a little worried about daylight.

Got to Penetangue at about the 5 hour mark, and found the 13 bridges trail which was a blast to ride, another hidden secret gem of a multi use trail, probably going to be shot for talking about it here.

From there it was a straightish shot south to wyevale, elmvale, phelpston and then home on Rainbow valley road.

180km, 7:40 ish ride time, probably use a 29er mtb next time the cx bike was a little harsh for that long. and bring a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers for the half way point.

On every trail I came upon folks bundled up in their winter dh ski gear riding beat to hell department store bikes with the biggest smiles on their faces. Stark contrast to the roadies you see on $10,000 bikes in full Assos clothing, looking pissed off at the entire world.

If you have a full day to kill on a bike, or a few days to meander while staying in B and B's this route is pretty awesome.

more food,

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bought some strawberries today, grown in Oxnard CA....surprised they grow in such a cold wet place

And it appears Pete g and I are feuding again. Be sure to check his blog for the latest.

Just crushed a massive feast, curry chicken, rice, naan bread with oven roasted garlic butter spread and a butternut sqaush lentil soup.mmmmm

My epic got pushed back another day as the puppy couldnt be left alone for that long, but tommorrow come hell or high water, flood, nuclear war, chemical war, germ war.....tornado, typhoon, second coming of baby jesus..rapture I dont care Im doing the simcoe circuit as Ive found out its called.

Craighurst-anten mills-fort willow- barrie-orillia- coldwater-the waub-midland-elmvale-phelston-craighurst mostly rail trail a bit of road and "other" Surface.

Made due with a copeland mtb ride today with a little exploring which may have found me in trespassing in a Kj Beamish gravel pit, its cool hes an old neighbour of mine Im sure he wont care.

Also looking forward to helping out at the 3rd annual learn to race clinic at mainsfield the day before the o-cup, come on out and ride with myself and some other greater instructors/racers.

Also got word my bike is coming closer to being in existence, cant wait to get on the new team 9.

Stay excellent,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Full chill day yesterday, still feeling the camps hours in the ol legs. Got the CCX SL ready for the hell of the north, Planning a 165-180km ride on it thursday, pavement, railtrail, gravel, hiking trail.....lake crossing, moon landing. A bit of everything, could be considered a Rapha ride if I was into that kinda thing, but im not one for cults.

KBolts and I went to see the Hunger Games, solid film but I think reading the book will make it much better, Woody Harrelsons performance is worth the price of admission on its own. Is it worthy of the hype? I dont think so but hey there hasnt been a big hollywood film for a while so expectations are pretty low at the moment I think.

Back on the 9 er today after getting a replacement front wheel, came complete with a sick reflector. Only downside is it rattles a bit going over rock piles, but hey safety first. Did the magic loop in the copeland,

CP20 tomorrow if my power meter is working, if not some intervals then an epic pre hotn ride thursday.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"yeah I know exatcly where that is"

Well if they get it right today may have been the last day of summer(in spring) for a while. Dropping back down to below zero tonight. But T-dog and I got out to enjoy the nice weather today.

Of course our rendezvous was slightly modified after he missed a right hander. But we met up and crushed big chute, his (Jacobs) cx bike with cx tires was a good call. White falls road was a little sandy and by a little, it was a beach....I felt like i was in Baywatch...... nothing yeah Tristan didnt laugh either when I said it.

Once the sun broke out it was a beautiful day and a great way to finish up the ride. Still feel like I'm cheating by starting out here, not the same as the 180km ride from Barrie......and the subsequent pillaging of the trek store for food on the way home.

Hope we get some rain soon, to keep the dust down the trails and to wash the roads off a bit.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Self motivation

Got really used to knowing that I had a place and a time to be at for a group ride. Slept in till 9 this morning then jetted out of bed thinking I was missing the pre-ride meeting with Mal and Mike G.

But no just me, back to reality logging miles solo. Today and yesterday I got in some off road stuff, some specific hill repeats today and a cruise through Midhurst yesterday. Trails are so mint, like July after a day of rain.

Managed to rope in one ride partner(if hes not too hungover) for tomorrows ride to big chute, been itching to do it all "winter" but not brave enough to venture that far on my winter bike.

stay excellent

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Settled back in here in the GBA, yesterday was spent shuttling Starbuck to the Vet and back, Vet wanted to keep her for a few hours to remove a lump on her neck, figured it was just a big chunk of fat.

Still when they called and left a message and said it was "Lipoma" sounded a hell of a lot like Lymphoma. Thankfully it was the former and just a fatty deposit, not uncommon in labs but uncommon where she had it.

Shes back home now with a giant incision down her throat. When I was picking up some meds today for her I noticed there was another dogs meds, with the name Boomer on them. Another awesome dog name.

After all that, I got on the 9er to see for myself the rumours of some dry trails in the copeland. Dry? try dusty and sandy, went in thinking it would be ok, came out covered in dust and hacking up a lung. Considering I was skiing on the trails less than 14 days ago, Id say somethings going on, call it global warming, climate change whatever, thats just odd. Nice for riding, but doesn't bode well for agriculture or wild fires.

Got some race stuff done, registered and booked some flights to Sea Otter, and signed up for the 125km Hell of the North on April 8th, I've always missed this one so I'm looking forward to it. Just need to get a bike together for it.

Found a pic or two from the camp.

stolen from the facebooks,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That awkward moment when you try to log onto the Internet...but you don’t have internet

After crushing some miles to get down here, well actually I was lucky enough to ride shotgun for a change, we got settled into Rocky Bottom. Right now we have gentlemen fixing the fridge, where’s a Spak when you need one?
Great Camp so far we have finished up day 3, a grinding climb day, longest 112km ride I have ever done, we averaged an astonishing 23.8 kph. And we were not dogging it. First two days we rode some rolling loops, second day I was called into action to do a roadside repair, which involved a Shimano crank removal without the end cap tool. Pretty much just asked myself what Scott Kelly would do? Got it fixed up and had a great ride.

Then ended up riding up to Bretton whose rear derailleur exploded taking everything with it. Think it must have had some C4 imbedded in the pulley wheels or something.
All the athletes are great, don’t ask me all of their names, and I’m learning a ton by being on the coaches side of the equation.
......(Spak), we need Freon (sp?) is that bad?

Sounds like Ceasers head tomorrow; it will be my first time up,


Ceasers head was great, had a rest day/Olympics/recovery spin on Tuesday and crushed the climb Wednesday, the athletes just destroyed it, I headed up on a half tempo, half sprinting, half drafting, repeat doing some camera bike work. Then for the race run I went mid pack and just watched the athletes bringing out their “inner bastard” as I filtered back.

Today (Thursday) was the epic day with the majority of riders doing minimum 125km and some into the 190’s. Awesome day today. Rode some of my old stomping grounds the 130 up to whitewater.

Friday.....ummm, sprint day/+ride for those who missed out on some of the epic miles the previous day. Knowing I could destroy everyone in the sprints I sat it out and helped hold the athletes as they did their 15 ish second timed runs. Riders were throwing down some watts, and even got to see some wheelies of the start line. Then I took a few riders out on a loop on the rolling stuff south of Rocky Bottom.

Note: by Friday Afternoon I knew all 37 athletes names.

Saturday was the short hard hilly ride day, up “sassy” which has some nice steep kickers to it, then Becky mountain which also has some nice kickers, and best described by Mal to be like rattlesnake but longer. Then back, 3 hrs but with a lot of climbing. Did two 8 ish minutes efforts, felt good to do some race paceish stuff.

Sunday was Blue Ridge day, which I equate to attempting a mt everest climb, with some rain in the am, which meant it could be snowing at the top Head coach pushed the ride back a notch. I got my group of riders together and Mike gave me a deadline of when I needed to get to the top before turning around.
Ride up went well and most of the athletes managed to get to the top and were able to ride the absolutely stunning, beautiful, epic, ride along the parkway. And back down to Brevard.

This is when things got awesome, a few wrong turns and we found ourselves doing another long climb attempting to get back to the camp. When the rain started to come down and knowing the climbing and descending we still needed to do I called for a rescue, the athletes were fine but I was about to have a breakdown and hide in a ditch.

So I’m hitting two for two at getting rescued off a rainy road on the last day of a training camp, at least it wasn’t as cold as California last year.
Drive home was solid, I got behind the wheel of the creepiest van in Cross for a few hours while Mike G cracked.

Border crossing was assisted by the fact I raced the Border Agent when we were 14 years old, and he knew the jist of what a training camp was and why we had 47 bikes and people.

Awesome camp, cant say enough about the eagerness and ability of the young athletes, and the amazing coaches and staff I had the pleasure to work with.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your not a hockey player your a Goon

Great flick last night with k bolts, after a 4.5 hour jaunt through Oro in the 13 degree sunny weather, and a mad Sushi feast to fuel up for the training camp next week.

Whats with that anyway? A 23 degree temperature change in 36 hours, hey as long as its up ill call that good livin.

As the title suggests we took in the contoversial new hockey film Goon. The graphic violence didnt offend or bother me but I do think it overshadowed the actually well written, well acted film. Liev Schreiber nailed his part, and Sean William Scott was able to leave Stifler behind for his role. Definetly AWI highly recommended.

Spent the day packing up for the first trip of the year, Starbuck giving me the usual dirty looks and Molly sitting on my pillow meowing like crazy while im packing. I think i remembered everything, but probably not.

Also, looking like ill be taking in the Hell of the North in April, Im usually away for this one but Im finally getting the chance to race it, 125km mixed surface race should be a good starting point for my 2012 (cycling) race season.

I also hear there isnt a whole lot of internetting down in Rocky Bottom so I may need to fill you all in on the flipside.

Stay excellent

P.s. watch for some AWI racers at the pole pedal and pound, With all the snow gone not sure how there going to do the ski or snowshoe part?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"have you seen the long range forecast"

Turning over a new leaf, im trying to be more positive about things. So im not going to comment on the long range forecast for here and the forecast for where im going for March break.

Hopefully have done my last roller ride of the year, and last ski, even though skiing is the bees knees, I need to give the guns a break and drop the weight I put on in the upper body over the winter.

Full bike miles for the past few days, It was a bit chilly yesterday but it made for great mtbing conditons in the copeland, hit the doubletrack, and the heavily used snowshoe trails with the 9er and widest tires I have.

Just got in from an exciting meeting, if all goes well, might have an exciting new project on the go. Dont want to jinx it though.

Might need to sell my stake in Spurrt Productions.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year

February is going out in style, with another blast of chilly weather today. is telling me to rest so thats what im doing. To be honest anything more than 30minutes a day would be considered overtraining using their "training load" number.

hit Midhurst again yesterday rode over did some hill repeats in there and headed back.

Super exciting I know.

Weekend is looking half decent for some miles, but we'll see.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Legs good, arms not so much ****updated

After saturday my upper body is still a bit on the soft side, Starbuck and I got out for a long snowshoe Sunday in the fresh pow. I probably looked like a sasquatch with my hands hanging down to my shins as I meandered through the forest.

hit the road today for a Tempo workout into Flos, a bit breezy but a mild day made for a nice ride.

Home, pizzas, Daytona start, got to see the first lap crash, I love Nascar, when you can practically hear Jimmie Johnsons ribs breaking when he gets hit, thats awesome coverage.

Then headed out to Midhurst for another Monday nighter back on the bikes. Best non winter, winter ever.

Back owatching the end of the 500, pick for the win Mark Martin.

****like I said awesome, where else can you see a columbian F1 driver, crash into a jet helicopter engine, causing a massive fireball,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Race Report #1 2012

The first race of the year always hurts the most. Today was no exception, with winter suddenly appearing overnight and dumping a ton(by todays standards) of snow. The course was covered in a nice thick blanket of soft snow.

I was hoping with some good conditions id be able to do the 40km in a bit over 2 hours, not today. I knew it would be a slog, for everyone, not saying it was hard just for me.

lined up beside Glenn, he pointed out the fast guys, I was like whatever they dont look so fast.

Started, held my own for a bit on the climbs and flats but when it turned downhill, the leaders just coasted away from me, Reminded me of Chevy Chase and the sled scene in xmas vacation. no excuses they were gonna kill me anyway but me thinks there skis were a touch faster. probably waxed them and stuff.

Settled into a nice groove for a bit, blew up, Davis Ross(one of three new AWI members) came by me. And I was pretty much left to my own devices for the last 25km. Started to get a second wind going, and managed to pass a couple guys in the last 3 km.

turns out Glenn failed to point himself out as a contender and took the W, im not going to say how much he crushed me by. I finished 11th out of 24 overall in the 40.

Conclusion ski racing is stupid hard, and ive already checked to see if there is another race next weekend.

Also nice to see some familiar names like Tim Oliver and Alan Reain in the results.

oh oh, and yes I did start in the wrong wave, i thought it was funny when everyone started to classic ski around me. luckily before breaking into a nice skate stride I pulled off to the side and headed back to the Skate start. Such a NOOB.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its thursday

Two more sleeps until the ultimate throwdown. Weather has been way to nice to be preparing on skis though, So ive been crosstraining by riding my bicycle. Its a pretty good workout.

Starting to see some other cyclists out on the roads, always nice giving a wave. Saw Brien Ross the other day, dude is lookin fit I am not looking forward to racing him this year.

Today I was able to force myslef off the bike, to give the legs a rest, I did get out to hardwood for a nighttime skate tonight, just staying loose.

Short post from the ipad, I hate typing on this thing.

Stay excellent.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That perfect catch, that perfect throw.

perfection, is the word i would use to describe our monday nighter last night, perfectly packed snow, not icy, not soft, just right. We showed up skeptical of Tristans trail report but were quickly amazed. A nice easy cruise through midhurst it just felt right.

We obviously made fun the guy with odd wheel size, there so tiny like on a kids bike. Silly 26ers. Jer might as well put training wheels on that thing.

Earlier in the day I rode up to Awenda to check it out, I wasnt even sure id be able to ride in, with its canopied road, but it was all clear. Beauty day for a long ride, no wind, sunny, top that off with the mtb ride later, id say it could have been considered, BTGL.

practised my skiing today, especially the finish line collapse, its tricky you dont want to break a pole.

Heard a rumour Roger Hammond is racing paris to ancaster this year, frack.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I think i was almost sick

But luckily for me, I know have an immune system, take that cold and flu viruses. But I did take it easy for a few days. Super low energy levels so I didn't push it. Made due with the crazy weather and just tried to stay active.

Some roller rides, some skate skis and some Classic skiing.

Oh I did manage to I got the computer up and running again, proving that all you need to fix a PC is to have a second PC that works and Google. Works every time.

Today was the first solid day since earlier in the week, Headed back across the highway to the SFC for some more exploring. It was nice, cause the Copeland forest was packed to the gills with people.

Tomorrow morning should be prime for a skate ski, I'd be lyin if I said I wasn't nervous about the race coming up.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Admit it you missed me.

well I didnt go far, well actually my computer time the past few days has been spent trying to figure out what the f my computer is up to. Shortly after finishing the latest spurrt Production she went all bluey on me. Busted out my old toshiba, it was the perfect front wheel lift for my trainer.

In case you missed it here is the latest

enjoy it cause there wont be any more Spurrt Productions until Tristan springs for a new computer for editing purposes. Or I attempt a fix on my current one.

Saturday with the mega death winter storm in full force my interval workout on the rollers couldn't have come at a better time. Good workout the three fans I have setup came in handy. V for Vendetta and Eight legged freaks made do for the entertainment.

Yesterday I knocked an item of my too do list, skied from one of the lowest points in the Horseshoe valley to what I think is one of the highest points around. Need to bust out a topo map to be sure. Ive ridden a lot of these trails before but ive never skied on this side of the Horseshoe valley highway. Got to the top yelled im the king of the world ate a cliff bar and made my way back. ...tick tock, just waiting for a driver to downloaded to upload my what have you been up too?


ahh there we go

Perfect conditions, nice soft fluffy fresh snow over a hard base.

Way to nice a day to not get out for a ski today. Opted for the groomed sweetness of the ski and bike, short and sweet, found my token ski buddy for the day, whats half wheeling called in skiing? half poleing? "hey stop half poleing me" just doesn't have the same ring to it.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 years

Thats how long sports equipment lasts, no less, no more, 10 years.

I love using stuff till the bitter end, remember my Zebratas? id still be wearing them if they didn't break.

This winter has seen some equipment failures, first my ski pole straps (10 years old) start breaking and the velcro losses its adhesive quality. Luckily I was able to find some replacements even though the pole manufacturing no longer exists.

Then Monday my right skate boot(purchased same year as the poles) zipper explodes, eh no biggy doesn't seem to affect my skiing (its just as hack as before) still got one good boot, sure enough Tuesday my left zipper detonates, thats when I busted out the old WTF. Have a plan to fix those puppies up, it involves gorilla glue and possibly duct tape.

Then sadly today, my trusty winter steed, with its simple 1x9 setup turned itself into a 1x1, when my (10 year old) Dura Ace 7700 9 speed shifter gave up and said no more. I was able to get the rear d halfway down my stack, and singlespeed it home. Making sure to keep the rpm between 95-100 even when pedaling against nothing. Figuring if Steve Neal drove by he couldn't yell at me for slacking off and coasting downhill. Still a great ride, time was bang on but I was hoping for a few more km out towards Phelpston.

Gots my studs on for a ride in the copeland tomorrow morning before the mega death snow storm comes, supposed to be getting 3cm of snow this weekend. Yeah I plan on huddling by the new remote controlled fireplace and waiting it out.

..... or Ill just go out and ski. either or.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lets just say I have a number and I havent quite hit it yet

Have I used that title yet? I think I have but its still valid, speaking of my total ski km goal and Ive been feeling some pressure lately to get to it before summer, since its basically spring now. The skiing was great today and made the longest ski of the year easy peasy

Felt like I was going downhill the whole time. Did have my first bail of the year, caught a rut with one ski and ate it good. Its cool, no one saw it or filmed it.

Reading: Norco is experimenting with 650b wheels a bit, having not ridden them or even being in the same room as one, I'm wondering if it could be the primo size for a 100mm dual suspension xc bike?

Restless nights: Last night while trying to sleep there was a strange yellow glow coming from my closet, being afraid of all things in the dark I hid under the covers till I awoke the next morning.....turns out it was just my new awesome "flash Yellow" Helium from Lazer helmets the helmet has to be seen in person, its looks awful in pictures.

2012 gear is starting to trickle it,

anywho, stay excellent,