Thursday, December 29, 2011

remember that scene

in Broken Arrow when Christian Slater puts the money under the rock in defeat? tried to find it on youtube but couldnt, anyways thats how I felt waking up yesterday morning to a nice solid amount of snow on the ground. Hardwoods open for skiing and i'm banished from the trails for the immediate future(though it is going to be 6 and raining on Sunday)

Week has been nice, just doing some random hours, some hiking, a ski today, ride monday night. Typical "do anything for 10 hours" rest week.

and a little editing, Tristan and I have started a production company called Spurrt Productions

our first film

have a few more ideas, hopefully we can get a couple more days of riding in.

But I cant lie my ski today was pleasant, knees are a little sore but thats why vitamin N was invented.

"That green blooded bastard, this is payback for all those arguments he lost"
- Bones McCoy

Monday, December 26, 2011

good tired

Wrapped up the first three (continuous) weeks of training that I can remember in a long time. Having white blood cells probably helps with that.

Confirmed its time for an easy week with an impromptu 14.5 hour sleep last night/today.

Past few days were pretty swell though, Saturday headed over to hardwood ski and bike for a little riding with Tristan and since Im a magnet for the new vr they showed up to do some shooting. One more appearance and they'll need to start paying me I think.

Had the GoPro on and got some great winter footage with the car kit as well, but need to get some software to edit it, movie maker is just letting me down. Guess you get what you pay for. Is this why people hate microsoft?

Yesterday while folks were opening their presents I was getting on my trusty EXC for a ride. Tried to explore a Simcoe county forest that Id never been in before turned into a crank the shield hike a bike coming out with burrs and my face cut up, a rear flat, and some trespassing. Noticed a couple fat bikers (fat bikes) have been in the Copeland, just when i get a 29er theres a new fad. And then saw a ninja with two swords in the Copeland as well. Great ride to finish off the week.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas,

oh yeah and give this a listen,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry santa clause day

Well, maybe not yet for some, but since my bro is serving and protecting on Sunday we had our x-mas dinner today.

Had a great ride in the copeland to work up an appetite, Turned into a bit of a fortress of solitude ride, had plans with T-dog for a HH ride but that fell through. Headed out by myself into the hoarfrost covered forest. Wouldn't have been great company anyways. After an early bail I fell into a rythem of gliding through the singletrack on my 29er, I kept finding myself deep in thought then before I knew it I was on the other side of the forest without even remembering how I got there. 90 minutes felt like nothing.

good ride followed by better eats,

in conclusion,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

learn-ed how to embed so this means more routes posted here

Nice road ride today, legs felt great no fatigue from yesterday. HR was low, so i'm probably more tired than I feel but I've only got three more days for this training block so thats to be expected.

followed up the road ride with some specific time on the rollers and some core.

Weather continues to boggle the mind, so much so that I have now seen it all, with Hardwood ski and bike opening back up for mtb'ing, have a ride date with T-dog there for tomorrow.

keep crushing, oh oh, almost forgot keep an eye on the team (awi) site there's some big news about to drop. Prez has been busy recruiting.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what i would have done today

Tied a GPS to a homing pigeon and it came back with this route, I wouldn't dare do this as a ride without inviting Pete.

Would have been an awesome ride especially considering its the shortest day of the year, I think I probably (would have) rode for almost half the daylight hours today.

Would have also been awesome if Jer, Brando, and Jakob came out for a bit too in the copeland. The ground was more than likely frozen solid which made for some pretty awesome singletrack ripping.

I can say that yesterday I finally got sidetracked off my training plan, partly due to distractions and time management gaffs. Actually entirely because of that, but my ex future sister in law stopped by for tea, which was pleasant. Managed 33% of my planned hours.

Really tired for some reason, need a pre dinner nap, almost like i rode for 5 hours in freezing rain and over 75%(time) in singletrack. But I didn`t.

Seems like the biggest thing to figure out next season is whether to do the centurion, crank the shield or the world 24 hour championships in Canmore. of course there all on the same weekend. Had some (1) feeler regarding the 24 hour worlds, but CTS would be tough to miss.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

is your foot wet? Ill tell you in a minute

Great weekend to finish of another solid week back at it. Got in all my hours with only one deviation for meteorological reasons.

Did a tempo set yesterday on the rollers, zones seem to be dialed. Solid workout, lower end of the power zone but higher end of the cadence range. Re-viewed the Adjustment Bureau, Ill be crushing some PG tempo in no time.

Fueled up at Loobies for dinner where the waitress now knows my "usual" greatest eatery ever.

Got in a great MTB ride today, route displayed in picture form below. Headed out early(by AWI standards) then met up with Jer and Spak (wont embarrass the softies for bailing) for a nice jaunt, hitting all the good climbs & dh's even if it was contary to popular opinion.

After dropping the short course riders off at the cars I headed further south to sugar bush and the 7/8th line trails, a fair bit more snow than Copeland. I hit "Glassfords stump" which I thought was going to end my ride but managed a trailside fix to keep going.

5 hours later rolled back into town. Thanks to Jer for my early x-mas gift some super high calorie sugar waffers which I demolished on the ride.

"Well we can go down the berms or the 5th line descent?"
- Ride leader

"I don't know, the 5th might be sketchy today"
- Spak

"5th it is"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Couple good days leading into the weekend, wednesday I got my prescribed 3hour ride in, got rained on at the end of the ride, but it was december 14th so ill accept that.

Hit up a sushi feast and some twillight action with k bolts, sushi was amazing, twillight....not so much. Actually the theater erupted in laughter more times than i think the director/writer intended with some of the cheese being spread around in that film.

Yesterday(thursday) had the day off to give my legs a break. Got board and invited out for a I went. Kept it chill and set my hr alarm. I couldnt pass up the 15-20 degree warmer than it should be temperatures.

Coach was angry but we changed my schedy around and took today off,

On to more important seasonal matters golden globes noms came out, stoked to see Ryan Gosling nominated for two awards unstoked to see that his role in Drive wasnt one of them boooooo.

A couple long rides on deck for saturday and Sunday,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I hate to brag but......

"Heard Geoff Kabush is riding for 3Rox Racing....actually I haven't heard that but I've heard everything else so I figured I'd throw that one out into the rumour mill.

Andrew Watson, December 8th(should have put money on it)

K enough gloating, solid few days on the training front, Sunday HBCC crew hosted us "barrie crew" in a nice guided tour of the dufferin trails north of the Mainsfield outdoor center. Though for some reason Tammy and myself spent the most amount of time on the front of the ride. Followed the when in doubt just go straight method. Thanks to Pete for the invite and ride organization.

Yesterday, busted out some core and strength work with a warmup on the rollers in the AM. Core is going well, already started to up the anty, with more challenging excercises. Surprising how fast the progression can be from abs of mush to abs of jello.

Last night got out for yet another December Monday night ride. Perfect riding conditions. Ground is frozen solid, and little dusting of snow. Great ride, followed by some Macdonalds.(i go for the ambiance of renovated location)

Today was an always dreaded 20 min power test, to get my zones all set for the next while. Sucked as much as i thought it would, but the number came out have decent. I will say the wireless headphones were a wicked idea, just cranked a playlist off my ipad. Way easier to concentrate without the noise of the headwind fan.

also looks like my cts partner and I are going to have some solid competition for next year.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The first week of 2012 is coming to a close, happy to have it go well. Shouldnt talk to soon, but I think tomorrow should be quite pleasent. Got an invite to go explore the dufferin forest trails with Pete, hopefully he gets his bike tuned up tonight......

Yesterday was an easy inside day working out on the ball, and rollers for a bit.

Got in a solid mixed ride today, some road, doubletrack, and singletrack. Passed some people hiking with poles, they gave me that "your having more fun than me so im giving you a dirty look" look.

Need to hash out some new goals for next week now. To get a test on the books is one ill be aiming for. Gringe.

Also may have signed up my second coaching client.

Food saturdays, homemade butternut squash soup mmmmm. Id share the recipe but its a secret.

Stay excellent

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steady as she goes

Back at it, goals for this week are
- To exercise everyday, body break style
- Follow my plan,
- Go easy on my knee

Need to keep reminding myself its December and I'm already better off having not ridden myself into the ground through November.

So far so good, riding is going well, and incorporating some x-training into the plan as well.

Got out this week on Monday after missing the previous week, I was on a real streak there having not missed one since August.

Highlight so far was the ride today, 29'er pure mtb no road, added to the magical loop I've put together in the Copeland, 2 climbs yet 3 awesome descents. A little bit of snow on the ground made for some nice cushy riding.

Tuesday was the BCC AGM, I passed the torch to Ben Ricetto who will be doing the clubs communications, So look forward to him spamming you, not me(if your a member)

Weather looks nice for some more riding into next week with highs in the +'s and temps barely dipping below zero overnight.

Saw Hugo last night, Horrible, almost left, hints of greatness but never delivered.

Heard Geoff Kabush is riding for 3Rox Racing....actually I haven't heard that but I've heard everything else so I figured I'd throw that one out into the rumour mill.

Music Thursday's

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gold jacket, green jacket who gives a..

Global warming, climate change, or just mild weather, I dont care what its called Im gonna enjoy it. Singletrack ride in copeland today was decidedly pleasent today.

Met up with Tristan, my knee popped on my first pedal stroke but then felt 100% just like when you crack your neck or back and its such a relief.

Tristan and Jacob got the idea to try and run a marathon without any running training to see if it was possible, turns out it is. Tristan was a little sore today so the pace was moderate.

Going hunting tomorrow for a xmas tree, hopefully gonna bag a nice one.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well i had to step away for a bit in an effort to keep this thing positive. But im back now, im sure you missed me.

Still icing the knee, popping naproxen like candy, and crushing some glucosamine and condroiten. but it has gotten a fair bit better with the time off the bike.

I did cheat a little and rode last Friday afternoon. But Karma caught up with me with a jammed chain, and a minivan rescue from Pine ridge. After my riding buddies, Tristan, Jeremy and Brandon just looked at my jammed chain and said "that sucks" and kept riding. Jerks.

Long hike in the snow today with starbuck, not snowshoe depth yet, followed by a spin on the rollers, finishing "The Sandlot" great flick for the rollers.

"Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him. He was lucky she hadn't beat the *crap* out of him. We wouldn't have blamed her. What he'd done was sneaky, rotten, and low... and cool. Not another one among us would have ever in a million years even for a million dollars have the guts to put the move on the lifeguard. He did. He had kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good. We got banned from the pool forever that day. But every time we walked by after that, the lifeguard looked down from her tower, right over at Squints, and smiled. "

Last night I headed down to Guelph to meet with my fellow members of the OCA events committee. Good meeting, got a lot accomplished, obviously cant say anything as its not set in stone or public yet so don't ask unless your bearing beer.