Thursday, November 24, 2011

Putting the give back in xmas

Second attempt at this entry as my laptop got a little wonky. After checking out the deals at the VIP Sale at future shop, mmmm, airs are on sale.

No big purchases but I did pick up a set of cordless headphones for the rollers, apparently blasting battlestar to get over the noise of the krietler fan and flywheel while crushing some tempo isnt cool

Then went to walmart and filled two shopping carts with toys to donate, the family got tired of buying each other gift cards to the same stores. Figured this was a better Way to get into the xmas spirit. Dropped them off at the fire department. Hopefully they make some kids christmas's better.

"My first copies of Treasure Island and Huckleberry Finn still have some blue-spruce needles scattered in the pages. They smell of Christmas still."
~ Charlton Heston (1923- ), American film actor."

(i know there should be a second year there, but i like it better this way)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got a little chilly coming over the pass eh Harry.

And by pass I mean the last 48hrs, the mercury has dropped below 0 overnight. But has warmed up by the afternoon

questionable quoting but Pete is back in the good books with his tales from Sunday.

Hit the road yesterday for 90 minutes on the winter bike, fenders weren't needed but wanted to make sure it was all ready to go. Nice ride, saw a giant cat near the copeland, but it was just a big cat not a cougar. Are people just seeing that cat??

Then got in the usual Monday evening "ride" this week to make it interesting we played the no light game, where the 3 guys ride in front with no lights and only the guy at the back has his light on, its fun.

In the spirit of hitting the bricks, partly cause ive been told im fat which was confirmed with the scale cracking 140lbs. I headed out for a 2.5 hour endurance ride today.

Just crushing miles, partway through got stopped by the new VR to do a roadside interview on rural road speeding from a cyclists perspective, he said he was super lucky to catch me as I was probably the only guy crazy enough to be riding today. I made a crack about their forecast(it was supposed to be sunny today) which he quickly admitted to be sub par.

Tune in at 6 tonight for that.

also spotted Jack out secret training on Roller skis, guess he took a break from sacrificing small children to the snow gods.

Rest of the week thru Saturday is looking saaawwwwweeeeetttt.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

out of towner

Another Sunday another awesome group ride around oro. We got adventurous today and left the confines of the Copeland to link in the sugar bush trails. Only made one slightly wrong turn.

Had the great pleasure of Pete Glassford joining in, which turned into a lesson on how to fix a chain and turn a bike into a two speed after his cable snapped. Props for that "tech tuesday" how to??

Last day of non structured non training, from now on head down, not looking back even if I'm dropping people.

Cooling down but the weather still looks like its favoring the wheels instead of skis for the next couple weeks.

racing news: Sudbury finally gets their o-cup, the cynic in me thinks it will be awesome, right up there with Calabogie and Elliot Lake the two best race courses in Ontario History*. But last two years after low turnouts I'm hopefully wrong. (sorry for being negative)**

*History being since 1996

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New/rebuilt bike day

Nothing better than putting the finishing touches on a new ride, even if that new ride is a bike youve had for years.

Some new bar tape, cable here and there, swapping out some fully worn out parts for 75% worn out parts. And presto a winter bike is ready for another season of salt, sand, ice, and snow.

One hitch is the cranks im running come complete with seized on worn out eggbeaters..... Awesome. Ran a single 42 last season with a MTB cassette, uped it to a 48 for this year. Other changes include a v brake up front, and an ergo bar. #frankenbike

New old bike days are the best,

Friday, November 18, 2011

have to say it, Goodlivin

yeah, really been trying to cut back on sayin it but today was so much of it. A dusting of snow overnight, a sunny beautiful day made for an awesome ride.

Jer says I was riding on the road and dived into the woods to take it, yet clearly was taken at a bridge crossing deep in the secret forest. Something for everyone today even crossed over some ski tracks. Eager beavers those skiers.

Weekend is shaping up nicely, road tomorrow, mtb sunday is the plan.

Technology: figured out how to get a tv show off my PVR onto a DVD, google can solve anything if asked.

Reading: Article about Leadville written by some joker in Canadian Cycling magazine(which also has a small photo and blurb about the hill climb shenanigans)

TV - Dexter is rocking this season with Mos Def, Eddy Olmos, and Colin Hanks as quest stars.

Film - looking forward to viewing the new HP, and yes also the new twilight, AWI endorses team Jacob. Even after my favourite author said recently "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend"

procrastinating: getting my snow tires on, getting my winter bike ready, waxing my skis, buying my ski pass(&deciding where to ski this winter) really anything winter related.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well as I expected that snow was a little bit uneventful. That said the day was filled without exercising, headed to Newmarket to visit some family.

Reading: Sean Ruppel wrote a little article about the trails in and around Durham. Makes me miss racing in the area there were some great races held around there, Icebreaker, the Dagmar derailleur destroyer, Skyloft oh how I miss Skyloft.

Learning: Got educated on ``Spooky action at a distance``, stuff is crazy, Quantum mechanics is nuts.

more later


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feuding left and right

New feud brewing with McNeely, see his blog to get the details.

For the record I think the hammer and anvil races this weekend will be awesome. Im not attending but to be honest if provincials were held in Craighurst on Saturday I wouldnt race them. I was looking forward to heading to Ottawa for the race but its just not in the cards this year.

Instead I`m just doing some nice rides followed by lots of stretching and icing the knee. Followed by an nice application of tiger balm. AWI physio.

Cant not ride when the weather and trails are in such good shape right now,

Managed to squeeze a ride in yesterday, got lost on a new doubltrack that I found and then had to book it back at race pace to meet KB for a sushi sesh, mmmm good. Followed by a mall sesh where I was pleased to find an awesome new candy store.

Today, guess where I rode, you`ll never guess, Great ride,

a little snow for tomorrow, but looks like a few more weeks of riding still.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

waitin for the furnace guy

Just chillen like the title says. Beauty day out, was hoping the furnace repair man would be here by now so I could get out.

Lucky you,

so last night in the spirit of our founding Monday night something principles, where it doesnt' really matter what we do on Mondays as long as we get together and prove we are better than one another at certain things.(run on sentence) the new thing now is to one up our entrances, last night was no exception with an amazing pyrotechnics/stunt driving/burning car display. Well planned, execution was adequate, but after taking into account is was a tag team effort, I believe I can one up it next week.

oh and the ride was good too, not that it matters. Brandons tire exploded so loud my ear is still ringing, before I said I had a tube he was turned around heading home. I was missing Tammy, my new 29er buddy, instead I was outnumbered and heckled to no end.

plans are taking shape for next year, and by taking shape I looked at a calender and said "oh yeah next year"

Exciting news sounds looks like Ned Overend is going to be at the 24 hour summer solstice, (not confirmed just a hunch)

Adam Jamieson has joined team CHCH down in the Hammer, good news there.

Nice day outside,

oh, signed my first coaching client, he may want to remain anonymous for now, gave him his first training schedy, I think it will go well.

McNeely is trying to start twitter fights, challenging T.O. riders to come to Ottawa for cx provincials, I refrained from letting him know about 10(maybe 20) riders came from Ottawa to do them at Kelso last year.

k, starbuck is about to kill me if I dont take her outside.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13th still Crushin sweet singletrack

A little under the weather yesterday, so when i awoke this morning feeling a lot better I was keen to get riding.

Tdog, tammy and jer made it out, while others slept in and missed it. Cough parker cough

Solid figure 8, hit the best trails with a minimum of climbing, thought we were done when Tammy said nope had to do more, another few km of singletrack and we were back at the cars. Her coach would be proud, though we did lose her and had to rescue her.

Hoping this weather holds out some more, skis are perfectly happy in the crawlspace, actually come to think of it im not sure where they are.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thats the image that popped in my head while trying to remember why my knee hurts. I had a little tumble on wednesday, which i blame on my 29er, as i thought it would be impossible to crash it. never thought much of it but now the knee seems angry.

Should i take it as a sign? Maybe,

Woke up to more snow than I thought would be on the ground and doesnt seem to be melting at all. Starbuck was stoked to get out there so we went for a hike over at the sports complex to minimize chances of being shot,

Looks like a nice weekend so the snow shouldnt stick around to long. Planning round two of a copeland ride this sunday, had to make some heavty promises that i would show up. Might lose my 8/9 hour partner if I dont.

saw a deer on the tracks today, interstingly enough i didnt have an urge to pull out my gun and shoot it. But to each his own dont want to anger any cyclists/hunters who may read this. Dont want to lose 35% of my readership.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still blasted

Nice ride yesterday in the copeland, found a bunch of trails had been raked, post ride headed to Silks for a copeland forest mtb user group meeting of the world. Awesome group of vastly different people who all share a love for the forest. Not sure exactly where it will lead but cant see anything but positive things from it.

I also promise ill never try to sell you my used shorts and skinsuits, even if its simply to prove a point.

Tristan is full on training again, and on the blog bandwagon again, sounds like there was a reason behind the madness of monday evening.

Pete G and I are feuding,

I know im forgetting something,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shoxs, pegs, lucky

Two posts in a day, maybe your the lucky ones.

Legs being as thrashed as they are, taking the day off the bike.

Gave my Threshold some TLC, and thought I should share some of my thoughts, an "inside the Pro's bike" if you will. Or an inside the "4th runner up at CX Nats bike"

Its my first season on a carbon cx bike and its pretty much what I expected, refined would be the best way to describe it. Rides smooth but yet very stiff in the BB area for some great power transfer. Which is the major benefit of going carbon, not only is it lighter but the engineering that can go into is immense. Thinking if I should just use this as a road bike next season seems to have the right ride qualities.

The front end is also very crisp, with its oversize fork, turns are precise and braking is no problem with no brake chatter whatsoever. Confidence inspiring.

Another awesome feature with this frame is the singlespeed ready nature of the dropouts, swap out the stock ones for horizontals and you can even set it up with a belt drive as the frame opens up.

Used a very simple tried and true setup, 9 gears, 42 up front,with FSA carbon guards, and a 12-25 on the rear. Still have yet to spin it out, however a 27 on the cassette may have come in handy Sunday. Ultegra all around except for a 7800 dura ace crank. Using my trusty ultegra hubs to Mavic Reflex tubular s with Rhino's. And Empella Frogleg brakes, or "slowers"

Pretty awesome bike and starting at 2350 for a Threshold 2, that's a better price tag than just a carbon frameset from some other manufactures.

Its been a pleasure to ride it this season, actually just looking at it was a pleasure.


Nice ride last night, I won the "best entrance" competition with a very artistic rendition of "my bike is on fire". Worst part was hiding in the woods in the pitch black worried about being eaten by a cougar or bear. Plan went off without a hitch, pretty sure I should be a stunt man.

The ride was nice, pace was high but I had a smaller gear than a 42-25 so I was happy spinning away up the climbs without my back breaking.

Hopefully have a few more Monday night rides, before strapping on the snowshoes.

Also starting to wonder about cx worlds, now I most definitely wouldn't want to assume anything based only on a top 5 at Nationals. As its only one race, but I wonder what the criteria is? might look that up today.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Got schooled today by the Evans, or as they apparently like to be called the bash brothers.

I'm using the excuse that they only raced 50 minutes yesterday. My race was decent for the first couple laps but that hill finally conquered me and my back, my 42-25 crushed me. The venue was pretty quiet, as soon as we started Ziggy started taking down the course.

Stuck with it and tried to enjoy the fun sections as much as possible,

Highlight of my day was actually pulling of a jedi mind trick for a free tall Pike from Starbucks after sitting in park engine off at the drivethru window for 15 minutes. When the nice young lady came with my black coffee I said "Im not paying for that" She said OK here you go sorry about that. Gotta try that more often.

Really looking forward to not driving to Toronto again tomorrow.

Just crushing some MTB miles

"these aren't the droids your looking for"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

4th nats of the year,

Best one yet, results wise at least, my 39th TT was my favorite Nats this year though.

Who had me in 5th, Moote? someone had me down for that, guess what you win a prize*

So another great day for CX, warmish, sunny, nice day all around. The plan to head down yesterday paid off nicely with a nicely timed arrival at the course. Not enough time to get cold.

Warmed up on the road, a little preview of the course and lined up. Ok start better than last year. Still in a bit of traffic heading into the woods.

Chased up to the lead group, twice I had to chase back on when the last person on fell off, used 3 good matches, finally got into the mix, rode past Shep when he ran the steep pitch. and 20 seconds latter I was tucking and rolling into a conveniently placed sign which arrested my decent.

Got back on losing the lead group which I would never see again. Settled into my own groove for the rest of the race which was nice, I was able to just relax where I wanted to relax and crush where I wanted to crush. Moved up a couple spots in the latter part of the race.(fueled by a generous Kit Kat bar no doubt)

Got talked into heading back down tomorrow for the revenge race....even though I don`t believe in revenge.... "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Confucius

Apparently Ziggy`s last race,

Thanks to Brandon and Kevin from Norco for the support, Threshold was the bee knees, I just sat back and let it do the work.

Congrats to all the Champs today.

*Prize being my friendship

Friday, November 4, 2011

"This hasnt been a blockbuster year for me financially, that and my Blockbuster stock is down."

Good day in my favorite place in the whole world, Toronto.

Got caught up with acquaintances, compared mustaches, McNeely's is horrible, but Guthrie's is killer.

Course isnt half bad, I hate 180's, and its a maze of 180's but that's my own personal feelings which ill have to live with. Race starts at 3:30 should be good times, After riding the course im sensing it could be a really Good DSJ course, we'll see.

Film review "In Time" was excellent, very layered, lots you could glean from the film, or you can just sit back and dream of driving one of the dope challenger "time Keepers" cars. Highly recommended.

Tristan Spurr is back on the blog wagon, check it,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Days

Shorts and jersey on November 2nd? Still in disbelieve that I was able to blast around big chute in that, well ok i was wearing a long sleeve jersey but knee warmers came off in a hurry.

Not having done a 4+ hour ride in a while I opted for a remote start in the Waub, just parked in a random driveway, sick ride and by sick I mean very pleasent, the new pavement partway along is super nice. I think while on upper big chute road I was passed by two cars and 10 motorcycles.

Dont think the 18 degree and sunny weather is going to last long, but the weekend looks nice for some good riding, Saturday will be a short one, but Sunday is looking prime for a nice long MTB ride.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First huge props....

To the people that drive from Barrie to Toronto everyday, cause that drive sucks. Like I almost called it a day and turned around heading to the coaching course at the OCA offices today.

Course Started at 8:30 I figured over 2 hours to drive 100 highway km's would be fine. Not a chance, left at 6:20am, rolled into the course at 9:00am.....think I could have ridden faster at least from Newmarket or Aurora. Thanks BA and MG for not locking me out...

Great course learned plenty, lots of my Peers in there it was neat to have us all switch from competitors to coaches for the day. Very different from the ski and snowboarding courses I've taken. AWI has entered into the business of Coaching officially. We have plans starting at $5 a month. (Starbucks gift cards accepted)

Last night we rode the 8th it was good, but I can never figure that place out it always seems new to me. Riding Mondays just isn't the same with Spak retiring from riding bikes.

Just finished watching the sufferfest of the Vertical Challenge up Scenic caves road on TSN2, great coverage, not to often you get 15-30 minutes of free national television coverage for yourself and sponsors.