Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATTN CAN olympic MTBers

Dont crash on the big rocks, they dont have much give. Thats gonna be one of my biggest pieces of feedback to the team.

Day on the course yesterday was smooth sailing, got some good laps in, dialed in some sections. Heavy Evy had a nice high speed slideout, but pretty much bounced off the ground and kept riding, earning him the MVP of the day. Overall i felt like i had the course pretty dialed.

Onto today, got to the course a bit earlier, warmed up a bit, then started lap one of a few filming laps. Startloop good, left hand CX turn good, waterfall decent, which is basically a ditch which is built using big stone slabs. not usually a problem if you dont crash. I wanted to take one for the team and see what it was like so i ejected myself off. Yup it hurt, funny how much softer ground can feel than rock. My bicycle proceded to bounce in and out of the course before coming to a rest at the bottom of the section. Hitting big jagged rocks all the way down. Think of throwing your bike down bonesaker or the beatrice. One scratch and thats its and a torn up saddle, have I ever said I love my Bike. HTR FTW.

Course workers were all super helpful getting me down the hill and back on my bike, actually all the volunteers and workers are extrememly friendly and helpful here.m

Kept moving to help from getting stiff, but as I stopped to group back up with the team, shoulder and back were just saying no dice. Headed to first aid, Shoulder, hip and knee are a little tender. Bummend I wasnt able to do more course work with the team.

Ill take to the start tomorrow, but the outcome is a little shady at this point.

Hoping to book some bike riding lessons with Liz when I get home.

"I need my accreditation to get in to get my accreditation?"
Rob Jones

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not training for leadville

Cause it sounds long and tiring and silly really....anyway instead I have arrived with the rest of the small beta testing team to the london olympics venue. Havent gotten to the actual venue yet, but we have gotten two nice road rides in.

After some smooth travel we arrived in Battlesbridge to our cozy accomodations. Headed out for a nice ride towards the ocean, which happened to end up at a BMX track and shortly after that we were riding along a dyke followed up with a tour through a wheat field.

After a solid 12 hour sleep and playing make sure my suitcase and cliff bars and gels stayed closed to prevent the mouse from getting to them. I awoke refreshed and with said mouse sitting on top of me looking at me. Awesome, He doesnt seem interested in the food in the cupboards which is good but he keeps trying to get my bars and cytomax.

Did a nice three hour road ride with the team today, felt sluggish to start but legs came around eventually, I used my Orrin Bowser riding skills to hang at the back until my legs came around.

Now just some max chillage first chance to just relax since travel started on Tuesday. Awake at least.

Course tomorrow Saturday and then race Sunday, home monday night for.....well a good while, relatively speaking.

"Hey Dan does the sun ever come out here?"

"only on the queens birthday"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Multimedia extravaganza

Maybe im just getting tired of here are some vids, first is what the team does when its 45 degrees out second a little ``better know a district`` segment, Featuring my Team issue Phaser.... which im gonna go ride copeland on in 20 minutes.....have to edit it a bit.

LHR tomorrow for the London Olympics........test event. Rockin some hot laps with Evan (kingston Evan not Peachland Evan)

Oh and Pete Glassford is in for a thrashing when I see him next. Three stage throwdown......

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oops I did it again,

After some smooth travel out here, the only real hitch was eating some bad sushi, but after the best nights sleep ive had in weeks, I was ready to rock today. Ive always raced well here, My legs felt good.

Course was slick but i had my secret weapons on, Karmas.

Start was good, I setlled into a nice place and just kept things as smooth as possible. knowing there would be tons of running and it would be a but if a survival race. Had the leaders in sight the entire first lap pretty much. it was just a long train.

On Peters wheel, nearing the end of the lap, made a mistake rode off the trail a bit, got back on again, in my hast trying to make the gap back up, I forgot it was slick out. Got cross rutted and off into a tree\ditch I went.

Rolled around a bit thinking im an idiot. Got up k nothing is broken check. Collected my bike, and jogged out of the section. lower back took a nice hit, but I wasnt feeling hurt really. once I got rolling again, back just kept getting stiffer and stiffer and the running really wasnt helping. Gave myself another lap to see if I could loosen up a bit. With two to go, I pulled the preverbial plug/parachute.(I know what all the AWI members are thinking right now)

Thankful im not being carried around tonight,

Thanks to Ted for the feed and 3rox for help with things here and there.

Big congrats to my Norco Factory Teammate Catherine for winning today as well as the Overall. As well as all the youngsters who crushed it out there.

Home then a fact finding mission to London, then August is really a blank slate at the moment,

Gonna crush the canada cups next year, they wont know what hit them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh baby the weather is nice

Some beauty rides the past few days, fully unzipped just crushing H2O like its going out of style, a little Q this evening post ride, a short vid is on the AWI site.

Also put together a lap of the nationals course which can be found here Nats course 

Copeland ride tomorrow, then more some more pool time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Manmore *updated with quote of the day*

Crushing a flight back to TO, flying westjet forgot how freindly they are, probably because they care.

So got some time to fill you in on the goodness that was nationals sorry canadian championships, we arent supposed to call it Nationals anymore.

Saturday was the XC, like I said before super fun course to ride, but a tough race course. Start was a bit chaotic got swarmed a few times and ended up a little further back than I wanted to going into the first piece of singletrail.

I planned on being patient so no biggy, after a lap and a half and some clearer trail I started to turn it up. Moved up well while the legs lasted but then hit a bit of a preverbial wall, and had to put it into damage control for the last two laps.

Finished off with a nice soak in the river, Canmore is good livin not gonna lie.

Sunday was my first nationals relay always wanted to do it when they used to have it but it never worked out. Catherine, Bretton Mathews(stolen from ontario for the day) J roc and myself were repping the Norco Colours. Lespy sold out and rode with team atlantic/exprezzo.

I was super glad I wasnt starting, it just looked painful. Instead I was the "anchor" everyone was having a good time, it was a really fun event. Hats off to the CCA for pulling off a great support event.

Team finished 5th, Solid finish we rode strong and I was proud of the team effort. I put some time into Lespy who started in front of me but couldnt finish it off. Guess he doesnt want to ride for Norco next year..... Atlantic priorities for sure.

Post relay we headed out with about 90% of the elite and espoir field for a session down Reclaimer an awesome flowy singletrack in Canmore. Cant believe no one bit it. Though I dont think we did a head count so there could be some kids from Squamish still on it.

While the rest of the youngsters hit the quarry for a swim, Havy, Matt, Keith and I decided to do a man ride up highline.

Another great day finishing up with a river dunk.

Sounds like the weather is spectacular at home, so a nice week of full zip road rides and pool time...not to mention MNS/AWI sushi feast tonight.

Huge thanks to my teammates and Kevin for a great trip, also big shout-out to Mark and Bretton Mathews for their help and Bretton killing himself for the team.

Two more weekends of racing/traveling, then august is full of possibilities,

"If your not 1st your 9th"
 Tristan Spur AWI president

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pre nationals stuff

So, about 23 hours out, travel went pretty well highlighted by the guy who got on the plane sat down then decided he didnt like the plane and got off, causing a 45 minute delay to pull his baggage off.

So got into Manmore pretty late after dodging some road kill which i hope was a deer, didnt hear anything on the news about a person being hit.

Course is good, fun to ride hard at race pace, there was a sketchy DH that they took out. Nothing much else to report at this time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rumble in the Bronx

Well its not the bronx but its new york so really its all the same. Trip down was excellent, made really good time. Not to brag but I beat the team here, just sayin. 

Weather has been excellent here, hot and sunny, the course is bone dry except for one mud hole, just to make everyones bikes dirty.

Did some hero cam footage with the new chest cam, turned out preetty good, needs a little more tweaking. 

Fast forward to the start, 83 guys on the line,  Nearish the back, but with that many guys, it doesnt really matter. Got the lucky start i was hoping for, i wasnt behind the crash this time. 

So got a solid start, and on my favourite world cup RACE course, which promotes racing and not losing minutes in a bottleneck it singled out  nicely and we were all just trucking. Pace was high for the first lap, I wanted to back it off but thought everyone was doing the same and sure enough it backed off a bit by the second lap. 

The rest of the race was actually pretty uneventful, got into a nice groove and just kept it there. Nice to be able to finish this one this year, sick thanks to Kevin and the Norco team as always top notch support. 

About to crush to grub. headed home in the AM, ill be sure to post his up in one of the very fine service stations along I-90, Gotta love Emerica. 

"This movie is all about bad timing, thats what im saying"

Zach on Romeo and Juliet

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hanging out at the guebec city airport, have a good amount of time so here is the rundown. travel here was solid smooth like butter. Training on the course was good, it was a little damp out there in spot. Except for the Ontario section which was bone dry and sandy.

Got to watch the kids race at nine thirty which was neat, I dont usually get to watch my teammates race much. They trucked her pretty good out there. Gave me some motivation to be on my A game.

Race day was nice and hot by 2 30, Stayed as cool as possible, rolled up to the line pretty much at the back, no biggy, stated sure enough almost ended up in a pile up right off the gun. Stayed upright, stayed positive. First singletrack was all just hike a bike, got to the beatrice, opted to stay on the bicycle. Probably a bit excited, rode the left hander into it too fast lost the front end and tucked and rolled. I was fine, but my stem was turned at about a 45degree angle.

Luckily im old school enough to still carry a tool with me, I was at the back, 1 st lap, so i opted for a proper fix, took my time to make sure I wouldnt need to stop again, and with the follow moto revving his engine behind me, I got going again.

Didnt take long to catch back up, took me a while to get onto some clear trail, Then I was able to start cranking out some good laps.

Rode up to Cameron, followed him into the beatrice, he crashed right where I did and as it turns out so did about half the field. I didnt have anywhere to go, ended up rolling off my bike again, im pretty sure we were in a full embrace at one point. Now apparently I got back on and yelled as I rode past him, I dont remember that part.

After that nothing to exciting, at the end of 5 I caught Bishop, and started getting my head into last lap mode, when out of nowhere a commisaire jumped out of the woods and stopped the two of us. First world cup pull in a while. bummed but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Got a few UCI points, held it together, had some good laps.

So home, some good livin, then off to New York for more bike racin goodness,

Thanks to my team for a great stay and of course Kevin and Norco for the support.