Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hopefully this video works, The more time that passes the more I realize how much awesomeness
this was,

Other than that,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good day all around

Headed down to Albion for some good livin, now the past few races usually the Norco teams are all mixed up, some inside sales guys, some reps, some wives etc, some beers not super serious teams. I thought it would be the same thing this year. I wasn't sure i'd be able to make the very important awards if i raced the interclub so I opted for the 24hr.

When I arrived I jokingly asked if the team I was on was winning.  Zach Tatem looked me dead in the eye and said yes but not by much.

I got dressed headed up to the exchange area and at around 10:30 headed out for 3 laps. I had the GoPro on my stem for the lap to get some footage, legs were feeling a little angry so I just took it easy trying to get warmed up.

Nearing the end of the lap I rode up to Spak who was riding Tag with Tristan for AWI racing. Had a chat about stuff.....

Second lap I tried to crank it up to 11 but traffic was getting heavy with a lot of teams sending people out for final laps, ended up only a minute faster but with a lot more effort. Fast lap attempt fail.

Third lap, Settled back into a nice tempo to finish off the 2 hours I was out there, Nearing the end I could sense a rider coming up behind me, looked back to see Preston Wagler with a big smile on his face, little punk came by me, I tried to repass but he rode me toward a tree. Accepted my position, and came in behind him. Turns out he and Corey both set new fast laps only 2 seconds apart from each other.

Solid day result wise team I was riding with Won, and the team I own a 51% share in took a big W as well. (MTB is more like Nascar than people want to admit)

 Which set up Operation Icarus perfectly basically a month in planning coming together to see Matt propose to Shannon on stage. With some help from us and t-shirts....hold on ill get a picture. Shannon didn't run away crying so we all assumed that meant yes. It was pretty cool, I was very happy to be part of this very special occasion.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

hurty day

Chillin on the coach after a long day, started off with a nice scenic drive down to Belfountain early to make sure I could pick up my race numbers. Got there a little after 8, signed in met up with Kevin and met the H & R block riders who are part of the Norco family rocking the bikes on the road scene, nice group of guys. Even got some free tax advice.

With a long wait I headed to Orangeville for some interwebing at Starbucks. Got back and got ready for my 1:41 departure. weather seemed to changing by the minute, warmed up on the trainer as it seemed like the thing to do.

Good downpoor just before the third wave which i was in got started making for a nice slick road surface. For some reason I was put in with the heavy hitters, had some serious horsepower behind me, Darko Ficko, Ed Veal, were just minutes behind me, Osmond Bakker was my minute man.  Then all the superstars, Tuft, Zach Bell etc. A few more minutes back.

Got started heard there was a nice climb on the way out and not to kill it the first lap, check, my legs were feeling a little angry anyway. After that I got into a nice groove, probably took the corners a little easier than I should have but really had no idea what they were like dry so I wasn't gonna push it.

Course was very similar to our now old club TT course. Never flat always rolling, so it was good. Most exciting moment of the race was ont he fastest decent on the course I was almost spinning out so probably close to 60kph and gravel truck headed the other way at 80-90, with aero wheels in an already windy stretch yeah I'm very glad I had the whole lane use.

Lapped through feeling good, heading out for the 2nd lap legs really started to come around, Charlie and team Ontario rider caught me, but once I found my legs wasn't able to come by, and and then I realized I still hadn't been caught by anybody, Ed, or Darko, gave me a little motivation to know I wasn't going to get demolished by those guys.

Looking at my watch started to realize I had a fair amount left in the legs, after the last turn I accelerated stuck it in my biggest gear and just tried to spin it as fast as I could to the finish. 1:03:08. 40.8658 kmh on a rolling course with some wind. 6:40 back from Tuft (who won by nearly a minute) 40th out of 61 starters, Ill take that I was secretly hoping for a 61-62 minutes, but ill take that time and result.

As for the race within the race, Kyle Fry took top honors besting me by 21 seconds, with some mechanical issues, so I must give credit where credit is due. Kudos young man.

side notes, the entire Rocky Mountain team wasn't able to start cause their forks were out of the 3:1 rule, Charlie Bryer had to use his road bike with aero parts, so yeah they were tight on the new bike regs, 12 DNS's I think most of those were bike regulation issues.

Here's the altitude graph, my hr monitor went wonky partway but the elevation shows the rolling never flat nature of the course.

Anywho, im tired.

good times, I'd love to do more TT's in the future it has that certain mystique, just you and a bike, no BS unless you make up the BS. 

Huge thanks to Sue Haviland for the bike,  Brandon Parker for the sick wheels, and  Havy for the help today,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

no title today *updated*

Cant believe how fast the past three days have gone, Monday was super chill followed by a super chill monday nighter in Midhurst, followed by a super chill mcdonalds mcflurry session, really what im saying is monday was chill.

Tuesday, helped my brother move the rest of his stuff out of the old house in Barrie, which makes it the longest move in history, then headed up to Sunnidale for the longest evening of the year. Great ride, hit some nice climbs took the group up the 8th line south to horseshoe, my goal was to make someone need to get off their bike, didn't happen. Solid outing. 

Got out for a workout today on the TT bike making sure its all dialed in, turns out I headed out during the one hour it was raining. But hey looks wet tomorrow might as well get used to it.

So thats it, hay is in the barn,

oh oh, and I totally gaped on the AWI review of Super 8, in a word awesome, combo of the goonies, monster squad, and stand by me. Great summer flick, under-hyped but over delivered.

start list for tomorrow


no comment.......

Sunday, June 19, 2011

bike people should know

Stole that title and subject to start off what is probably the only slightly negative part of this weekend. Sure enough the closest call i had the past three days which wasn't crazy close but definitely not 3 foot law compliant. Was a Subaru with two cervelos on the roof, probably cause I wasn't riding a cervelo, with a "I drive a Subaru" jersey on and don't belong in their little club. 

Other than that what a solid three days on the road bike, can't remember getting in so many awesome miles. I think I had the full zip undone for about 90% of it, basically if I didn't need to stuff my pockets full of stuff I wouldn't have worn a jersey.

Yesterday was a big loop basically circling oro-medonte with a jaunt into the middle to get the required 5 hrs in. Crazy nice, had to stop for some fluids partway through like yesteryear maybe just maybe we are getting summer this year, still to early to call.

Today I jumped in the car and headed over to grey county for the first annual AWI grand fondo, basically just a test of the route for the future. Its a good one, I would love to see a legit road race on this route. Parked in pretty river and rode up Pretty river road to start, 6 categorized (according to map my ride(grain of salt)) climbs. Solid 6 hours just shy of a century ride, will need to modify the route for next year. 6700 feet of climbing(cause you know Ontario is flat)

Ill spare you my power data as I'm told its not cool to discuss such matters on a blog......buy me a cup of coffee if your interested.

and as I type this I realize I need to apologize to Pete for the non invite, Peter we'll do this route again this August-Oct.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Ipad post

So it will be brief as my wrists can only handle so much on this thing.

Last i left you i was heading into the middle of the week, wednesday I jumped on the TT bike for a ride around the flats in flos, seeing how much wind i could find. Getting comfy on it, had to do some tweaking, but to the best of my knowledge its fully legal now. Until the UCI changes the rules in another week. Getting pretty excited for the TT, not sure why, something a little different to focus on I guess.

Yesterday, I was definetly in need of a full day off, that plan started out well. But I could not in good conscience not ride when the weather is like this. Shortish ride in the copeland.

The easy day paid off today with some good feeling legs, I headed out for 4 hours trying to climb as much as posible without riding in circles. Ended up doing a big figure 8 up to midland and then back south into Oro. Full zip undone the entire ride, just a beauty day. Had to peel myself off the bike, but the entire weekend looks great for some more long rides, im sure ill be thankful come sunday.

Wishing Alexa Haviland a very happy 2nd birthday this weekend,(who im sure reads this blog) and also a big good luck to Mark Herbst and his Riding partner who are starting RAAM this weekend. If they win AWI just might be interested. Maybe.

If i get up early enough in the morning think i might bust over to collingwood for my ride tomorrow....which means bed time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer may finally be here, today was a nice taste of what will hopefully come to be. Almost jumped in the pool, with the newly installed nat gas pool heater she should be nice and warm in no time. Tired of waiting for global warming to heat the pool. I pushed for a coal powered heater but apparently they don't exist.

After an American/British century Sunday which was the first since California I think, i was moving not super fast yesterday eased into my day, getting some work done on the bikes, a little more fiddling with the TT bike. Secured a disc wheel, so really I have no excuse to not win/destroy a certain garneau rider.

Headed into Midhurst to meet T-dog and some others for a nice spin around Midhurst,

This morning I headed out for ride #1, mission was to do a complete out and back on the TT course, used my powertap and GPS both have the course a little longer than 15km,

ride #2, ride into town for the Tuesday night good livin ride, out to Mt St Louis, finished with 4 hours for the day, super solid.

Stars are aligning for a three stage ride soon I think, and some more time on the TT bike, hopefully some intensity soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just got home from Krista's Soccer game, sat down to write up a little post about the ride today but I'm just going to link you to Tammys blog  

keep your head up out there, 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

501 st post, if have read every post you win a prize

Since im still a 138lb booger factory I'm making the executive decision to bail on Albion and also officially regretting racing Hardwood. Gonna cut out any form of intensity for the next week, hopefully really kick this thing in the ass.

Trying to get some hours in which is alright, 3 hours on the TT bike yesterday, headed into the bike stop, finished on the new TT course, i think everyone's time will probably be 10% faster. 

Headed into the copeland for a fortress of solitude ride today, though running into riders left right and center kinda took away from the solitude part.

road ride tomorrow, sick,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuft who?

Yeah i just said it, the next two weeks is dedicated to my goal of winning TT nationals(or at least beat Kyle Fry). Managed to acquire a sweet bike (thanks Sue), hopefully have some wheels for the day (t-dog don't let me down, there is a 6 pack in it for you).

Quick trip to woodbridge which was uneventful except for the fact it was 23 degrees there and 14 here, strange weather.

Home to get the bike setup and out to the 7th line for the final TT on the 15/16 course, there were zero tears shed. If they ever repave the road maybe it would be nice to alternate or something but Ingram road is just a lot more inviting.

TT was solid, had my HR alarm set.....may have cheated a little bit near the end, but at least I eased into the effort. Bike is so nice, way nicer to ride than my last alloy TT setup. Needs a little tweaking here and there but I think it will do nicely.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fail x 3

After a chill morning and afternoon, I got ready to head into town for the tuesday nighter. I havent ridden my road bike since last tuesday so i figured if it was fine then it should be fine now. Step one tire pressure check, pump pump bang, thought I blew a tire, then realized it was the hose on my 10 year old blackburn floorpump. No big deal, ill steal some air at the trek store.

Next step wipe and lube chain, pedal backwards, see my DA rear derailleur just hanging like, not going to say, but it wasnt looking good. It was a good 50000 km while it lasted. Time was getting tight but I was able to put on the stock 105 rear d. And get into town for the ride.

Ride was good, went south, just north of baxter was another fail with Graydon and myself both flatting on a set of rail road tracks.

Then coming into town Mark Winfield blows a spoke, still a great ride, luckily it was a beauty night.

Another awesome day out there, finally getting summer on Procee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Vacay

In truth when I got sick last week, I was pretty depressed and really didn't feel like typing anything out cause as Ben Dawson would say im a negative pessimistic sob, and he was right.

But I did pull it together long enough Sunday to get a solid race in, after felling like a hollow easter bunny for the first 2 laps, I found the hardwood grove and made my way up to 11th. Four things saved the day, one the awesome support from Kevin/Norco team, two my Phaser, three Glenn deciding sustained climbs are so 1990's, and 15 years experience racing at hardwood and knowing when to chill and when to go hard.

oh and id like to point out I was correct and Cam was second.

Onward, last night hit up Midhurst for a giant actually split monday night ride, yes its that popular that we can now have two distinct groups. Solid ride I think my legs felt better than the previous day. Followed by ice cream at Macdonalds as Baskin Robbins was closed? and people wonder why businesses go out of business in Barrie? I promise that the cougars den will have solid hours.

*****Film geek content******Skip if desired*****

Also hit up a Matinee of X-men with Kbolts, awesomeness, my favorite xmen yet,  as it was really about there relationships to one another, and it used some amazing character actors, leaving behind the typical fill the cast with lead actors. Kevin Bacon put in a solid bad guy performance. All around solid film

I really feel  like Hollywood is going back to good old fashioned character development and story telling and leaving behind the gadgets and special effects. Starting with Casino Royale a few years back and carrying through even the ever popular Fast and Furious franchise. Maybe heading into the teens of this new century the industry is finally getting the fact that special effects should complement and enhance a film not be the film.

****end film review*****

Friday, June 3, 2011

THE list

Andrew Watson
Cameron Jette
Derek Zandstra
Evan McNeely

That is all