Saturday, February 26, 2011

just needed some sleep

And by some the amount I've been sleeping would make Raph super jealous. Guess I just needed to play some catch up. Other than the skate ski Tuesday and a solid ride Wednesday with t-dog I've been lacking energy big time.

Took the time to get caught up on other things, and yesterdays Spak marriage announcement had me to excited to train. Turns out you can't believe everything you read on Facebook and really it was a poorly worded blog entry that got the rumour started. I was wondering if i would be invited to the wedding, but then I remembered Matt saying his girlfriend was unsure of me and thought I was "gangsta" I've been called a lot of things before but that was a first.

Woke up today without 8 alarms set and spread around my room in places I couldn't reach very easily to hit snooze. Looked out to sunny skies and felt rested and ready to make myself tired all over again. Began the winter dressing procedure, which I think should count as training time. Headed out for a big loop around Oro not Oro-medonte, just Oro. Solid 200 pointer. Rode past the pancake house, shes looking good I can almost taste those pancakes and coffee out of a styrofoam cup.

Tomorrow I'm going to go for a loop around the hillier Medonte. With a possible stop at hardwood hills to register for the 20km Loppet on Saturday.

As you can see the snowshoe race has been replaced by doing breakfast television Sunday night/Monday morning at Joyride. I think I talked Tristan into the 4:30 am trip down. I won't blame or judge him if he decides to sleep instead.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my reading skills would be off too if i went to SoCal and it rained every day

you know who you are.

 Made it home Sunday night via a shuttle sat beside a nice guy from Halifax, pleasant conversation regarding highway construction, trees, and the weather made the midnight ride much better.

Yesterday had my brother over for what seemed like a family day of sorts, not sure if that was a coincidence or not. Managed to get my road bike built and am ready to say yeah, round trip to LA, two bikes one bag, zero bike fee's, successful mission. Go Nighthawks.

Today I was still running a bit slower, I think the 36 hours in ten days is catching up with me. But I managed to get out the skis and head over to the shoe for a ski aka, ski for a while then almost have to walk through the sections of pine needles on the ground. Almost ended a few times when the skis stopped moving.

Made some plans with Tristan for a ride tomorrow sunny high of two no rain or hail in the forecast sounds like good livin.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

being positive

Since my day has been going pretty well and Im typing this in the elite lounge at LAX, I guess I can forgive Matt and Pete for yesterdays typhoon.

After some MTB start training in Ventura and a coffee we switched to our skinny tires for one last 120km road ride around the county and finishing through Thousand oaks. Had some decent clothing packed just in case, we skirted most of the rain but with about 90 minutes to go(we were never supposed to be more than 80 minutes away) the skies opened up and the temp dropped nicely.

I was dressed better than a lot of people and I was freezing so when a few people were showing signs of being a little more than uncomfortable, Dan called it, 4 kept riding they didn't want to talk about it but I think they took shelter in a cave for a few minutes. The rest of us Cabbed it back, first time I've ever finished a ride like that. Unless the AWI team minivan counts after a few flats?

All I could think about was seeing Matt P, and demand my foot rub, but we settled on him being my CTS partner next time around.(its on the blog its truth)

This morning was a nice drive down the PCH to LA with Geoff and Jared, stopping to experience the art of coffee at Intelligentsia, while waiting we saw a paparazzi taking some shots and following someone, didn't catch who it was.

Probably the best cappuccino I have ever had,

did some picture cramming on the way down, ill run through them and see if any are half decent.

Andy Dufresne: You know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific?
Red: No.
Andy Dufresne: They say it has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. A warm place with no memory.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I see where this is going

First off, I'm having an amazing trip down here, I really enjoyed the technical nature of the rainy ride the other day all I was saying was Matt and Pete  were a little misleading in their climate description of the general Area.

Wednesday night we had a nice team dinner in Ventura, good table, good conversations, Pete had a Scotch, which I'm not sure is Paleo???

Now to back up a bit, we got out for our last long dedicated road ride yesterday, trying to do the bulk of a tour of California stage...but we got a bit turned around and ended up in Malibu. I'm sure there are worse places you could end up getting lost like Phelpston or Dundalk. We then proceeded to book it up the PCH in a national team issue paceline. good times. Another Squirrel tried to commit suicide by running into our group heard a Tristan Spurr scream come from a certain rider who will remain nameless.

Recovery day today, spun to Starbucks for a pike and did a little AWI interview which wasn't great, not going to lie felt off today. All that media training has my mind going in circles.

One more ride tomorrow which sounds like it could be slightly epic and then home to start getting tuned up for the fast approaching race season. Look for some new additions to the calender soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"It doesn't rain in California"

So my two good friends Pete and Matt have been trying to get me down here for a couple years now. Their biggest selling point being it doesn't rain. Well not only did it rain it hailed today up in Santa Barbara. Which is fine but I really just like to remind them their word is no longer as credible as it used to be.

We were back on our MTB's today on a trail that I can't remember. Again double track climb up awesome decent down, pretty technical in spots, very quebec style in the rain. Did a couple loop variations and ended up doing the rocky descent three times. Great ride as always, Got to do some nice AWI pace up the fireroad for an hour.

Yesterday was another awesome road ride, longest yet at 160km, with three solid climbs. Highlighted with a 30+ minute downhill rolling paceline, I think I had a smile on my face the entire way. Its pretty rare to get in a nice group like that, where everyone wants to make it work.

Just got in from heading out into the Pacific for the first time, had to play lifeguard for Frank who wanted to bust out the boogie board. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't good livin down here. Team dinner out tonight should be nice another road ride, rest day friday and "group choice" ride Saturday. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

view from the top

After getting some interesting insights into the readership of this blog and how it has almost caused great deate. I've picked up a few things to try and make it even better. maybe a new poll coming.

Headed out for another MTB ride with the team today, led by locals Matt and Pete, two long 60+ minute gravel road climbs. First one was solid legs are feeling good, tried my best to drop Matt he was having none of it, saying he was in his element with the 29'er. I think that reinforces my latest decision ...

Quick pit stop in a town for a double shot espresso can beverage and back headed up, and up... and up. I don't think I have climbed that long since the last time I was in this state, back when v-brakes were still the norm. Awesome climb from the store to the top of the ridge was 1:20 of middle/big ring gravel goodness(very Pete Glassford esque) As we crested the top I was right on the verge of cracking, which I put it out of my head cause the last thing I would want to do is prove my haters right.

Started to head down one of the sketchier singletrack descents I've ever been down, like the kind you don't want to make a mistake on or you go off a cliff. About 9 flat tires later the group made it back to the vans. Close to 6 hours out on the bike about 4:15 actual riding time but still a long day on the MTB.

rest day tomorrow, beach, mini golf, coffee, the possibilities are endless down here.  

Max to party host
"Hey you guys having a party over there?"

Party Host
"No man, we're just livin"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

one way or the other

Well after day one I knew that I would either feel much better after a few more rides or would fall off a cliff. The x-training hours seem to be transferring into cycling form quite nicely. So Tristan sorry but I haven't blown up yet.

Yesterday headed out for a MTB ride led by Matt and Pete, nice(yes nice) ride through some awesome trails. Turns out some of which are off limits to MTB's Scott Kelly took one for the team and had a nice chat with the federal park rangers.

Partway through that 3 and a bit hour ride the legs really started to come around nicely and by the end I started to feel like a bike rider again.

Today another road ride north up the coast and then inland towards O.J. Got my first flat in a long time, Scott was there lickidy split with a spare wheel and with some good pace line action we were back on the group in no time. Got to lay down some attacks on Shawn Marshall, good times. And got to see a(weird) four cop cars in pursuit of one Volkswagen beetle on the highway.

Another 4 hours in the saddle, stoked,  weather looks iffy next Wednesday and if it rains I believe Matt P owes me a foot massage.

MTB tomorrow,  good times

Friday, February 11, 2011

First 4 hour ride outside since....I can't remember when. Legs didn't know what the hell was going on. I wasn't tired at the end but the legs were a bit confused I think.

We headed out and did a 104?km loop, but my powertap says 110...either way nice day on the bike. Roads are awesome many have nice wide paved shoulders, and the climb we did was super quiet I think we saw three cars in 10 km of climbing. First and last 30 mins were pretty much like riding through the Holland Marsh.

MTB ride tomorrow, I think we're pretty much alternating every day.

Saw Matt P today he is 100% Californian, not sure if he will come back to Canada.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

who knew Matt and Pete would be right

Jet lagged up at 7 am after a long travel day, I think ill maybe fill in a little later post ride just wanted to throw up a couple pics, no elephants or mountain lions as they are named here but you may see a directional offshore drilling rig.

7 am, Ill take it,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

blowing the pop stand

Yesterday was a lot of running around town doing some last minute shopping/banking/coffee drinking. Interrupted by having to push a dodge caravan 100meters through the snow. Back is a little sore after that.

I then settled into the process of packing two bikes up, have you seen Apollo 13 when Gary Sinise is in the simulator figuring out the sequencing for the power up. That was pretty much my night.

Took a break in the middle to Met up with the crew last night for a snowshoe in the forest.The crew was Lizard, Jacob, Tristan (still trying to put as much time in before training camp,he's going to blow up for sure) and myself.Snow was deep and the conversation was pleasant. The only thing missing was Spak,Tammy and Jer.Come to think of it I can't remember the last to I saw he still around??has he eloped??Where would a Spak elope to?I'd probably say Victoria Harbour Or Coldwater....Gotta stay within 15 minutes of the motherland.

Jer and Tammy...I like your blogging skillZ (Please note the upper case "Z").What I dont like is you not showing up for my last snowshoe before I departs to the United States of America.How would you feel if his plane crashed and he lands in the ocean but because he is a cyclist his legs weigh more than his upper body, acts like a cement block and he sinks to the bottom of said ocean?I'll tell you how you'd feel, really offal. Or what if while riding his cross country mountain bicycle he came across a poisonous snake which was suddenly stumped by a mountain lion while on route to finish the job started by it's Canadian brother the Cougar. How would you feel then?I'll tell you how I feel.I feel like my mind has been bottled.

Got home finished up the bike packing, got my duffel packed this morning, spun the legs out on the fixie on the rollers and now im just max chillin as Ricky would say.

Looked at the weather in Oxnard, worried about heat stroke, 15 sounds bloody hot right now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Is what i was saying while lying in a snowbank in Midhurst today after 4.5 hours today, 6 yesterday and 5 on Friday. Can't remember the order of things but lots of skiing snowshoeing and riding the rollers.

After the first two days I was going a bit nuts spending so much time solo, begged and pleaded and ended up Bribing some people to get out for a snowshoe today. Tristan bailed but he had some fish to fry so I can understand that. Tammy and Jer made it, Took them on a loop of some of the new trails I have found in Copeland. Including a nice romantic lookout looking over a swamp.

I said yeah just keep following the tracks which headed down onto the wetland, Tammy asked if the ice was good, I said yeah I was on it the other day. The important thing is we all made it out ok and only Tammy had wet feet.

After that I was on my own to finish off some more hours on the skis, about 90 mins into that my arms were toast and my skis weren't working well even by my standards. Called it a day in Copeland. Picked up Starbuck and headed to Midhurst for another snowshoe.

Solid three days, very old school type stuff and probably does nothing physically but helps the confidence heading into some hard stuff.

Pack tomorrow, chill out Tuesday maybe a skate, Beach house on the Pacific Wednesday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Game face on

With Tristan killing it on the blog front its time to pick up the slack a bit. Starting to get stuff ready for Oxnard. Biggest pain is going to be trying to get two bikes down there, Personally we all should just bring 29'ers with a set of no I did not just say that, two bikes will be fine.

Wednesday was productive oil change, did some clothes shopping, while doing this KB bailed on the movie that night, still pissed I'm pretty sure she just didn't want to meet a bunch of spandex wearing cyclists. The search was on for another date. We'll leave that there. Theater was full and I heard they were turning some not to happy people away. Film was good, very well done, very in depth minus one big part of professional cycling, I was told to keep my mouth shut and not be so jaded.

Yesterday I drove all the way to Woodbridge to see Patrick, turns out he wasn't even working. Got some stuff squared away with Kev instead. Picked up a new 3/4 length freeride jersey with my name on the back, sometimes it slips my mind how awesome a team I ride for. Pretty much like playing for the Yankee's, 2011 gear is starting to trickle in.

Then continued east to Joyride for a while. Managed 90 mins on the xc loop didn't bonk this time, did hit the wall a few times but bounced off with no problems.

Home watched "Takers" not bad, Not great really just trying to be a "cool" Heist movie, but heist movies are pretty dope without young pretty boy actors in suits.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I welcome all constructive comments

You asked and I delivered a freaking bear in the header and the cougar well that is my addition, while searching for these pics I realized that Cougars are much bigger than I had previously thought. There like 200lbs my confidence in being able to take one down if needed is a lot lower right now.

Solid day yesterday Tempo workout on the rollers, quick change and out on the skate skis, Benefit of being four minutes from horseshoe. Tempo was good better than expected and the skiing was awesome the conditions are finally getting good with the big groomer out now. Almost feels like I'm in a bit of a breakthrough phase right now, still a long way to go but feeling better.

Capped it off with a snowshoe last night from Jacob and Elizabeth's place, Explored some of the southern terrain I tried to lead for a while but the girls were having none of it and quickly put me in my place.

Active recovery today, got out for a snowshoe with Starbuck did some deer watching, Starbuck wanted to play with them but they just ran away. 

The upcoming events section is starting to be populated, non cycling events at the moment cause well, race season still feels like its years away. I'm going to take a stab at a skate ski race or "loppet" whatever that is. Sore thumb comes to mind.

Getting this posted up before the giant storm of the century of death comes from the USA. Or as Canadians sometimes call it WINTER.