Sunday, January 30, 2011

so much for peace and quiet

I remember the days(2 days ago) when I could go into copeland and never see a soul. Not today, I was almost getting in head on collisions on snowshoes, a few close calls. I guess it was a nice day to be outside.

Got out pretty early (for me) and did 2 hours on the classic skis Its an awesome feeling when the snow conditions match up with my lazyman wax-less skis. My technique is getting a hair better and my avg speed is coming up pretty nice. Used to be hard to get much over 5 kph, now i'm doing a hair raising 8. yeah.

Back to the car swapped my gear and headed back out for another 2 hours on the Tubbs. Which are getting pretty haggard, I bought them from Sport Swap Barrie, so they are a few years old. It was getting into the afternoon and people just started coming out of the woodwork.

 Hip flexors were nice and cooked by the end, but it was a great workout probably one of the better days this year.

I'm going to attempt to get some more time in on the bike in the next week, maybe even some of those interval things.

Im trying not to forget I have tickets for Chasing Legends on wednesday night, please remind me if you can, thank you in advance.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Thats Bone"

After accidentally deleting my old template I discovered there are newer more improved ones, and yes those are wild turkey's in that upper right pictures, hopefully they will be replaced soon.

also, its really freaking hard to get a lab to sit still for a photo

9 days whatever

Tristan and I headed down to joyride last night along the way we both agreed blog expectations must go down in the winter, days turn into mirror images of each other.

quote of the day
I know there has been a lack of posts here, sorry, actually no I'm not sorry.
-Andrew Watson

- Jeff Kerton

-Andrew Watson

But all excuses aside, we got to work on the team for this year, jersey design is coming along strongly. It will be simple and ugly, were hoping for fluorescent, sponsors will include Zigs appliance repair(Matt its a tax write off) and Dunder Mifflin . Roster will be finalized soon, a separate blog is going to be set up for the team members to post too.

Once that was taken care of on the drive down we hit the xc loop for a while, did an hour on there, HR was jacked, probably something to do with turning and using more than just my legs.

Loving the new skinny lines, not sure if it means jack but my slow speed balance is improving. While there the 11 year kids who appear to be building the place put up a UCI sanctioned wall ride to be featured in all world cups next year, or so I was told.

Getting pumped for California, its going to be my first more than 2 day training camp, not sure what to expect, probably get my ass handed to me, I rest comfortably knowing I could probably smoke any national team cyclists on skate skis right now. I am further ahead of where I was at this point last year so that's a positive.

pick for the win today Nys, and since I bested him at MTB worlds I would convert that to I could most likely win cross worlds.....its simple logic.

Now I have to get Starbuck out for a snowshoe or else shes going to turn violent and eat one of the cats.

second quote of the day

"How far should I take him?"

"Until he stops"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time is flying

99% now took my first full day off yesterday in while. It was nice. Monday and tuesday weren't strenuous by any means but still felt a little tired.

Good snowshoe monday night after skiing during the day, Tristan had a brilliant idea to race up certain hills. Legs paid the price on that one, and netted me 0 wins.

Tuesday had me back out at Horseshoe doing a multisport or what some would call a tri-sport workout, Snowshoe with Starbuck, classic then a nice skate. An hour each, weather was super mild but the rain held off and made for some nice skiing.

Green Hornet last night it was in 3D, which i'm not a huge fan off, If I had the choice I'd stick to the old fashioned 2D. Hate the 3d glasses actualy gave me a dragons den idea but the idea of being shot down by Kevin O'leary gives me pause.

Tristan and Jacob got me out for a snowshoe in the Copeland today, figured it would be safer with all the wildlife.

Good Stuff

Monday, January 17, 2011

-21 gonna wait a bit

A little on the chilly side so im in no rush to get outside, looks like it will warm up this afternoon and even rain a bit tomorrow.

Good trip to Joyride started off rough with Tristan showing up in a Lululemon hoodie, almost didn't let him in the car. Almost 2 hours to get down there with a very slow moving 400 and an annoying GPS which was apparently set to shortest route, basically the complete opposite to the route i ended up taking.

Place just keeps getting better, some new skinny lines which were perfect. Insane amount of kids in there, I don't mean tight jeans kids, but little kids on 16 inch wheels.

Alright time to get dressed

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nothing has changed since my last post

But in case your still interested, hours are picking up on there own without much trouble, left hamstring is a bit tight when I get on the rollers I think that's from the classic skiing which I'm getting pretty good at. And my hip flexors were officially toast when I finished another classic ski today.

Got a 3 hour skate in on....thursday? Arms didn't turn to jello until about 2:45 in, so all in all I don't think im in too bad a shape. Going into the flu I think I was a little fitter so maybe that helped this year.

A couple classic skis in like i said, started from the 5th today, headed down to the "groomed" trail to find it was really just skier trackset and 4 inches of powder. Would not have been a nice day for skate skiing, other than being soft when you fell on your face. Skied the berms but somebody had beat me to it, I was grumpy after that.

Been watching the Tudors on the rollers, about to change it up cause nothing really happens, every episode is just this king being angry at everything.

I was able to wrangle up a joyride partner for tomorrow, really just want the company for the drive down.

After this fresh snow hopefully the skiing will be prime next week.

KB and I have crushed some harry potter, I think we've seen 8 of them which leaves about 13 to go, freaking thing never ends.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Good week last week, not a huge amount of hours but got out(or stayed in) everyday and got some good workouts in. After a 2 hour classic ski on Sunday legs had really "come up" a lot by yesterday morning.

It was a good feeling to be pretty tuckered again from training.

Had some timing issues Saturday I was supposed to meet up with Spaker for a snowshoe with the dogs but a crappy cell signal and poor planning(not on my end) had us chasing each other around Copeland.

Big group out last night for a snowshoe around wilderness, concerns were raised and the buddy system was adopted to make sure we all made it out. Legs were tired but I tried to hide my weakness as much as I could.

Skate ski today at the shoe, trail report said everything was open didn't take long to see that wasn't accurate. It was nice to see some new trail routings there, new climb on the west side. And a new return trail from the south side which puts you straight down a nice hill, pretty sure I hit a new max speed on the skinny skis.

Again feeling pretty doneso,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Im man enough to admit when I'm wrong

Hey T-dog see this new post ........ point proven.

Those little dustings I thought would be the extent of the snowfall turned out to be more significant than I thought they would be. Almost brought out the snowblower but opted to work the pipes a bit and manually displace the snow.

Getting into a bit of a rhythm again days blend together but did some PGPD Tempo on the rollers which was good times, then did an old cardiac drift workout which I'm told is the stupidest workout on earth but I like and find it useful for getting in some quality time in.

Capped the week off so far with a 120 min skate ski this afternoon, conditions were the best they could have been with the still small amount of snow but still pretty decent. Did all that was open twice which was basically the north and west trails minus the big hills. shame cause I would have killed those climbs.

Big news, signed on with the Norco Factory team for 2011, no place I'd rather be, other than team AWI of course but I kinda have some issues with the CFO.

And they have cool videos like these made

Had the family Christmas dinner last night with my Bro and new girl, Amber, Stephanie, I can`t remember. Shes a hockey fan and almost cried last night, thankfully I`m more a fan of XC sking and had lots to celebrate with Devon Kershaw`s world cup win yesterday.

new years resolutions

1. Change the header on here to say something to reflect the full winter status
2. To win a bloody mtb race this year. I love setting records for most amount of 2nds and 3rds in a season but........
3.........ill think of something else

Sunday, January 2, 2011

gettin there

The lungs are slowly clearing up the warm weather has helped with that I think. Legs feel rested, which they bloody should so hopefully start picking up the hours again.

Glad I didn't buy my ski pass yet with Horseshoe being closed(xc trails) with all the snow we lost the past couple days. And with what appears to be only dustings the next while I'm not sure what the outlook looks like for the ski season.

Just got back from a hike with Starbuck in Copeland singletrack is almost ride able actually most parts would be just be a little inconsistent. Basically what I'm saying is Al Gore has scored some more points this winter.