Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what i would have done today

Tied a GPS to a homing pigeon and it came back with this route, I wouldn't dare do this as a ride without inviting Pete.

Would have been an awesome ride especially considering its the shortest day of the year, I think I probably (would have) rode for almost half the daylight hours today.

Would have also been awesome if Jer, Brando, and Jakob came out for a bit too in the copeland. The ground was more than likely frozen solid which made for some pretty awesome singletrack ripping.

I can say that yesterday I finally got sidetracked off my training plan, partly due to distractions and time management gaffs. Actually entirely because of that, but my ex future sister in law stopped by for tea, which was pleasant. Managed 33% of my planned hours.

Really tired for some reason, need a pre dinner nap, almost like i rode for 5 hours in freezing rain and over 75%(time) in singletrack. But I didn`t.

Seems like the biggest thing to figure out next season is whether to do the centurion, crank the shield or the world 24 hour championships in Canmore. of course there all on the same weekend. Had some (1) feeler regarding the 24 hour worlds, but CTS would be tough to miss.