Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steady as she goes

Back at it, goals for this week are
- To exercise everyday, body break style
- Follow my plan,
- Go easy on my knee

Need to keep reminding myself its December and I'm already better off having not ridden myself into the ground through November.

So far so good, riding is going well, and incorporating some x-training into the plan as well.

Got out this week on Monday after missing the previous week, I was on a real streak there having not missed one since August.

Highlight so far was the ride today, 29'er pure mtb no road, added to the magical loop I've put together in the Copeland, 2 climbs yet 3 awesome descents. A little bit of snow on the ground made for some nice cushy riding.

Tuesday was the BCC AGM, I passed the torch to Ben Ricetto who will be doing the clubs communications, So look forward to him spamming you, not me(if your a member)

Weather looks nice for some more riding into next week with highs in the +'s and temps barely dipping below zero overnight.

Saw Hugo last night, Horrible, almost left, hints of greatness but never delivered.

Heard Geoff Kabush is riding for 3Rox Racing....actually I haven't heard that but I've heard everything else so I figured I'd throw that one out into the rumour mill.

Music Thursday's

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