Thursday, December 29, 2011

remember that scene

in Broken Arrow when Christian Slater puts the money under the rock in defeat? tried to find it on youtube but couldnt, anyways thats how I felt waking up yesterday morning to a nice solid amount of snow on the ground. Hardwoods open for skiing and i'm banished from the trails for the immediate future(though it is going to be 6 and raining on Sunday)

Week has been nice, just doing some random hours, some hiking, a ski today, ride monday night. Typical "do anything for 10 hours" rest week.

and a little editing, Tristan and I have started a production company called Spurrt Productions

our first film

have a few more ideas, hopefully we can get a couple more days of riding in.

But I cant lie my ski today was pleasant, knees are a little sore but thats why vitamin N was invented.

"That green blooded bastard, this is payback for all those arguments he lost"
- Bones McCoy

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Peter Glassford said...

banished ? what did you do ?