Sunday, December 18, 2011

is your foot wet? Ill tell you in a minute

Great weekend to finish of another solid week back at it. Got in all my hours with only one deviation for meteorological reasons.

Did a tempo set yesterday on the rollers, zones seem to be dialed. Solid workout, lower end of the power zone but higher end of the cadence range. Re-viewed the Adjustment Bureau, Ill be crushing some PG tempo in no time.

Fueled up at Loobies for dinner where the waitress now knows my "usual" greatest eatery ever.

Got in a great MTB ride today, route displayed in picture form below. Headed out early(by AWI standards) then met up with Jer and Spak (wont embarrass the softies for bailing) for a nice jaunt, hitting all the good climbs & dh's even if it was contary to popular opinion.

After dropping the short course riders off at the cars I headed further south to sugar bush and the 7/8th line trails, a fair bit more snow than Copeland. I hit "Glassfords stump" which I thought was going to end my ride but managed a trailside fix to keep going.

5 hours later rolled back into town. Thanks to Jer for my early x-mas gift some super high calorie sugar waffers which I demolished on the ride.

"Well we can go down the berms or the 5th line descent?"
- Ride leader

"I don't know, the 5th might be sketchy today"
- Spak

"5th it is"


Matt Spak said...

I like the berms more, now that we can find them easily.

Matt Spak said...

I like the berms more, now that we can find them easily.

Peter Glassford said...

FUk I missed an awesome day ... you didn't say you were doing a glassford sim day !!!

keep me posted on future groups or solo missions ex=ceo