Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I hate to brag but......

"Heard Geoff Kabush is riding for 3Rox Racing....actually I haven't heard that but I've heard everything else so I figured I'd throw that one out into the rumour mill.

Andrew Watson, December 8th(should have put money on it)

K enough gloating, solid few days on the training front, Sunday HBCC crew hosted us "barrie crew" in a nice guided tour of the dufferin trails north of the Mainsfield outdoor center. Though for some reason Tammy and myself spent the most amount of time on the front of the ride. Followed the when in doubt just go straight method. Thanks to Pete for the invite and ride organization.

Yesterday, busted out some core and strength work with a warmup on the rollers in the AM. Core is going well, already started to up the anty, with more challenging excercises. Surprising how fast the progression can be from abs of mush to abs of jello.

Last night got out for yet another December Monday night ride. Perfect riding conditions. Ground is frozen solid, and little dusting of snow. Great ride, followed by some Macdonalds.(i go for the ambiance of renovated location)

Today was an always dreaded 20 min power test, to get my zones all set for the next while. Sucked as much as i thought it would, but the number came out have decent. I will say the wireless headphones were a wicked idea, just cranked a playlist off my ipad. Way easier to concentrate without the noise of the headwind fan.

also looks like my cts partner and I are going to have some solid competition for next year.

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