Monday, December 26, 2011

good tired

Wrapped up the first three (continuous) weeks of training that I can remember in a long time. Having white blood cells probably helps with that.

Confirmed its time for an easy week with an impromptu 14.5 hour sleep last night/today.

Past few days were pretty swell though, Saturday headed over to hardwood ski and bike for a little riding with Tristan and since Im a magnet for the new vr they showed up to do some shooting. One more appearance and they'll need to start paying me I think.

Had the GoPro on and got some great winter footage with the car kit as well, but need to get some software to edit it, movie maker is just letting me down. Guess you get what you pay for. Is this why people hate microsoft?

Yesterday while folks were opening their presents I was getting on my trusty EXC for a ride. Tried to explore a Simcoe county forest that Id never been in before turned into a crank the shield hike a bike coming out with burrs and my face cut up, a rear flat, and some trespassing. Noticed a couple fat bikers (fat bikes) have been in the Copeland, just when i get a 29er theres a new fad. And then saw a ninja with two swords in the Copeland as well. Great ride to finish off the week.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas,

oh yeah and give this a listen,

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