Friday, December 16, 2011

Couple good days leading into the weekend, wednesday I got my prescribed 3hour ride in, got rained on at the end of the ride, but it was december 14th so ill accept that.

Hit up a sushi feast and some twillight action with k bolts, sushi was amazing, twillight....not so much. Actually the theater erupted in laughter more times than i think the director/writer intended with some of the cheese being spread around in that film.

Yesterday(thursday) had the day off to give my legs a break. Got board and invited out for a I went. Kept it chill and set my hr alarm. I couldnt pass up the 15-20 degree warmer than it should be temperatures.

Coach was angry but we changed my schedy around and took today off,

On to more important seasonal matters golden globes noms came out, stoked to see Ryan Gosling nominated for two awards unstoked to see that his role in Drive wasnt one of them boooooo.

A couple long rides on deck for saturday and Sunday,

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