Tuesday, November 15, 2011

waitin for the furnace guy

Just chillen like the title says. Beauty day out, was hoping the furnace repair man would be here by now so I could get out.

Lucky you,

so last night in the spirit of our founding Monday night something principles, where it doesnt' really matter what we do on Mondays as long as we get together and prove we are better than one another at certain things.(run on sentence) the new thing now is to one up our entrances, last night was no exception with an amazing pyrotechnics/stunt driving/burning car display. Well planned, execution was adequate, but after taking into account is was a tag team effort, I believe I can one up it next week.

oh and the ride was good too, not that it matters. Brandons tire exploded so loud my ear is still ringing, before I said I had a tube he was turned around heading home. I was missing Tammy, my new 29er buddy, instead I was outnumbered and heckled to no end.

plans are taking shape for next year, and by taking shape I looked at a calender and said "oh yeah next year"

Exciting news sounds looks like Ned Overend is going to be at the 24 hour summer solstice, (not confirmed just a hunch)

Adam Jamieson has joined team CHCH down in the Hammer, good news there.

Nice day outside,

oh, signed my first coaching client, he may want to remain anonymous for now, gave him his first training schedy, I think it will go well.

McNeely is trying to start twitter fights, challenging T.O. riders to come to Ottawa for cx provincials, I refrained from letting him know about 10(maybe 20) riders came from Ottawa to do them at Kelso last year.

k, starbuck is about to kill me if I dont take her outside.


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Evan McNeely said...

touhe touche... now look at the ratio of Toronto racers to Ottawa racers...