Friday, November 4, 2011

"This hasnt been a blockbuster year for me financially, that and my Blockbuster stock is down."

Good day in my favorite place in the whole world, Toronto.

Got caught up with acquaintances, compared mustaches, McNeely's is horrible, but Guthrie's is killer.

Course isnt half bad, I hate 180's, and its a maze of 180's but that's my own personal feelings which ill have to live with. Race starts at 3:30 should be good times, After riding the course im sensing it could be a really Good DSJ course, we'll see.

Film review "In Time" was excellent, very layered, lots you could glean from the film, or you can just sit back and dream of driving one of the dope challenger "time Keepers" cars. Highly recommended.

Tristan Spurr is back on the blog wagon, check it,

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