Friday, November 11, 2011

Thats the image that popped in my head while trying to remember why my knee hurts. I had a little tumble on wednesday, which i blame on my 29er, as i thought it would be impossible to crash it. never thought much of it but now the knee seems angry.

Should i take it as a sign? Maybe,

Woke up to more snow than I thought would be on the ground and doesnt seem to be melting at all. Starbuck was stoked to get out there so we went for a hike over at the sports complex to minimize chances of being shot,

Looks like a nice weekend so the snow shouldnt stick around to long. Planning round two of a copeland ride this sunday, had to make some heavty promises that i would show up. Might lose my 8/9 hour partner if I dont.

saw a deer on the tracks today, interstingly enough i didnt have an urge to pull out my gun and shoot it. But to each his own dont want to anger any cyclists/hunters who may read this. Dont want to lose 35% of my readership.

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