Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shoxs, pegs, lucky

Two posts in a day, maybe your the lucky ones.

Legs being as thrashed as they are, taking the day off the bike.

Gave my Threshold some TLC, and thought I should share some of my thoughts, an "inside the Pro's bike" if you will. Or an inside the "4th runner up at CX Nats bike"

Its my first season on a carbon cx bike and its pretty much what I expected, refined would be the best way to describe it. Rides smooth but yet very stiff in the BB area for some great power transfer. Which is the major benefit of going carbon, not only is it lighter but the engineering that can go into is immense. Thinking if I should just use this as a road bike next season seems to have the right ride qualities.

The front end is also very crisp, with its oversize fork, turns are precise and braking is no problem with no brake chatter whatsoever. Confidence inspiring.

Another awesome feature with this frame is the singlespeed ready nature of the dropouts, swap out the stock ones for horizontals and you can even set it up with a belt drive as the frame opens up.

Used a very simple tried and true setup, 9 gears, 42 up front,with FSA carbon guards, and a 12-25 on the rear. Still have yet to spin it out, however a 27 on the cassette may have come in handy Sunday. Ultegra all around except for a 7800 dura ace crank. Using my trusty ultegra hubs to Mavic Reflex tubular s with Rhino's. And Empella Frogleg brakes, or "slowers"

Pretty awesome bike and starting at 2350 for a Threshold 2, that's a better price tag than just a carbon frameset from some other manufactures.

Its been a pleasure to ride it this season, actually just looking at it was a pleasure.


Peter said...

Classic shot ,.. we are overdue for ride and pros with 30lb bikes starting up ... you got one ?

Also you are high miler on blog traffic this week ... must be the feud I am trying to restart

matt p said...

Does he have a 30lb bike? Bro...