Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13th still Crushin sweet singletrack

A little under the weather yesterday, so when i awoke this morning feeling a lot better I was keen to get riding.

Tdog, tammy and jer made it out, while others slept in and missed it. Cough parker cough

Solid figure 8, hit the best trails with a minimum of climbing, thought we were done when Tammy said nope had to do more, another few km of singletrack and we were back at the cars. Her coach would be proud, though we did lose her and had to rescue her.

Hoping this weather holds out some more, skis are perfectly happy in the crawlspace, actually come to think of it im not sure where they are.


Peter said...

awesome ... i tried to text for ride details but your number is changed or you ignore Nemesis texts. toss me a text or email me your number so we can make good on pro looking people on thirty pound bike rides very soon

Andy said...

Got the text, thats why i sent you the facebook ridevite.

I blame facebook,

My heaviest bike right now is around 26 hope that cuts it.