Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got a little chilly coming over the pass eh Harry.

And by pass I mean the last 48hrs, the mercury has dropped below 0 overnight. But has warmed up by the afternoon

questionable quoting but Pete is back in the good books with his tales from Sunday.

Hit the road yesterday for 90 minutes on the winter bike, fenders weren't needed but wanted to make sure it was all ready to go. Nice ride, saw a giant cat near the copeland, but it was just a big cat not a cougar. Are people just seeing that cat??

Then got in the usual Monday evening "ride" this week to make it interesting we played the no light game, where the 3 guys ride in front with no lights and only the guy at the back has his light on, its fun.

In the spirit of hitting the bricks, partly cause ive been told im fat which was confirmed with the scale cracking 140lbs. I headed out for a 2.5 hour endurance ride today.

Just crushing miles, partway through got stopped by the new VR to do a roadside interview on rural road speeding from a cyclists perspective, he said he was super lucky to catch me as I was probably the only guy crazy enough to be riding today. I made a crack about their forecast(it was supposed to be sunny today) which he quickly admitted to be sub par.

Tune in at 6 tonight for that.

also spotted Jack out secret training on Roller skis, guess he took a break from sacrificing small children to the snow gods.

Rest of the week thru Saturday is looking saaawwwwweeeeetttt.

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