Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First huge props....

To the people that drive from Barrie to Toronto everyday, cause that drive sucks. Like I almost called it a day and turned around heading to the coaching course at the OCA offices today.

Course Started at 8:30 I figured over 2 hours to drive 100 highway km's would be fine. Not a chance, left at 6:20am, rolled into the course at 9:00am.....think I could have ridden faster at least from Newmarket or Aurora. Thanks BA and MG for not locking me out...

Great course learned plenty, lots of my Peers in there it was neat to have us all switch from competitors to coaches for the day. Very different from the ski and snowboarding courses I've taken. AWI has entered into the business of Coaching officially. We have plans starting at $5 a month. (Starbucks gift cards accepted)

Last night we rode the 8th it was good, but I can never figure that place out it always seems new to me. Riding Mondays just isn't the same with Spak retiring from riding bikes.

Just finished watching the sufferfest of the Vertical Challenge up Scenic caves road on TSN2, great coverage, not to often you get 15-30 minutes of free national television coverage for yourself and sponsors.

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