Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feuding left and right

New feud brewing with McNeely, see his blog to get the details.

For the record I think the hammer and anvil races this weekend will be awesome. Im not attending but to be honest if provincials were held in Craighurst on Saturday I wouldnt race them. I was looking forward to heading to Ottawa for the race but its just not in the cards this year.

Instead I`m just doing some nice rides followed by lots of stretching and icing the knee. Followed by an nice application of tiger balm. AWI physio.

Cant not ride when the weather and trails are in such good shape right now,

Managed to squeeze a ride in yesterday, got lost on a new doubltrack that I found and then had to book it back at race pace to meet KB for a sushi sesh, mmmm good. Followed by a mall sesh where I was pleased to find an awesome new candy store.

Today, guess where I rode, you`ll never guess, Great ride,

a little snow for tomorrow, but looks like a few more weeks of riding still.

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