Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Nice ride last night, I won the "best entrance" competition with a very artistic rendition of "my bike is on fire". Worst part was hiding in the woods in the pitch black worried about being eaten by a cougar or bear. Plan went off without a hitch, pretty sure I should be a stunt man.

The ride was nice, pace was high but I had a smaller gear than a 42-25 so I was happy spinning away up the climbs without my back breaking.

Hopefully have a few more Monday night rides, before strapping on the snowshoes.

Also starting to wonder about cx worlds, now I most definitely wouldn't want to assume anything based only on a top 5 at Nationals. As its only one race, but I wonder what the criteria is? might look that up today.

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Jeff Moote said...

Top 5 = entered in selection pool automatically, and there are 5 spots (one automatically granted to national champ). It's by UCI ranking for spots 2-4 (or committee choice) and committee choice for the 5th spot. Not many guys wanting to go I think, so you probably have a good chance...