Saturday, November 5, 2011

4th nats of the year,

Best one yet, results wise at least, my 39th TT was my favorite Nats this year though.

Who had me in 5th, Moote? someone had me down for that, guess what you win a prize*

So another great day for CX, warmish, sunny, nice day all around. The plan to head down yesterday paid off nicely with a nicely timed arrival at the course. Not enough time to get cold.

Warmed up on the road, a little preview of the course and lined up. Ok start better than last year. Still in a bit of traffic heading into the woods.

Chased up to the lead group, twice I had to chase back on when the last person on fell off, used 3 good matches, finally got into the mix, rode past Shep when he ran the steep pitch. and 20 seconds latter I was tucking and rolling into a conveniently placed sign which arrested my decent.

Got back on losing the lead group which I would never see again. Settled into my own groove for the rest of the race which was nice, I was able to just relax where I wanted to relax and crush where I wanted to crush. Moved up a couple spots in the latter part of the race.(fueled by a generous Kit Kat bar no doubt)

Got talked into heading back down tomorrow for the revenge race....even though I don`t believe in revenge.... "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Confucius

Apparently Ziggy`s last race,

Thanks to Brandon and Kevin from Norco for the support, Threshold was the bee knees, I just sat back and let it do the work.

Congrats to all the Champs today.

*Prize being my friendship

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