Sunday, October 16, 2011

ugghghgh **updated***

so just sourcing some info, turns out my guess of 78 being the last triple crown winner was correct, and still is.

Weekend started off well, took the win last night under the lights at centennial. Awesome event, full lighting, had a small compact helmet light but didnt even bother using it. Race was pretty straight forward almost get taken out by Zach in the start, sit on zach make him pull me around for a while into the wind, lay the smack down on Zach. Then after two laps of course my left STI shifter came loose, forcing me to ride in the drops for the rest of the race, yeah my back wasnt digging that. Though I was told I looked very aero.

Got home in good time, got my bike washed and ready to go again,

headed to hardwood way to early, race there was great also, a ton of sticks and trees down though on the hardwood side. Radical was pretty much a 15km cross course, about 10 dismounts for fallen tress. Seemed like it was going to take all day to finish that off.

Cranked good, Gnarly..... um yeah so zoned out on the fact that Gnarly turned off with radical early and proceeded to ride all the way out to the posts before realizing it and booking it back. Crushed the rest as I wasn't sure if i was still leading or not, Figure I lost 3:45 to 4:00 minutes but still had a solid course time.

Fun I pretty much completely cracked. I was hoping to go under 2:40, but with my stupid wrong turn and some deadfall it was not to be.

Great event, 50km of 98% singletrack is tough. Jumped in the car, which I was sad about missing the awards, and passed along my regrets to the sponsor(specialized) and the organizer. Plus the awards weren't for another 3 hours.

After some traffic signed in at 2:28, cutting that close, rode a few laps, lined up, thought positive thoughts put myself in a position for a triple, but the legs were sapped. It was a journey backwards the entire race, just trying to stay out of the way and enjoy the day.

Good hard weekend of racing bikes.


also forgot to say Ben Johnson sat in the next booth over at moxies last night, guy could probably still crush it on the track. Guy is the definition of quicksand but still mad respect for the one of the fastest men alive.

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Tammy said...

there's gotta be some 'man points' for that. Awesome!