Saturday, October 8, 2011


good couple days of riding, three stage assault yesterday with t-dog and Brando, got lost, got found again, then got lost again, High fives all around once we made it back to the cars. Met one angry fellow while we were getting ready he was very angry that he had to ride two feet around our car to get into the trail. As vice president of AWI I sincerely apologize to that fellow for ruining his day/ride.

Got out on the roadie for a great metric century, a lot of people were stuck inside today and couldnt join in, they didn't miss anything, by the time i finished the ride i was sunburnt, dehydrated, my eyes hurt from the all the fall colours, I got passed by 20 cars, which is double the usual ten on a long ride. Had to ride fully unzipped the whole time, really a rough ride all around.

Thanksgiving dinner followed, it was excellent,

not exactly sure whats in store for tomorrow, but Monday is going to be an epic sprint fest from barrie to creemore, im pretty sure we'll just be sprinting for the sake of sprinting. mailboxs, dead skunks, really any stationary object.

I was also pointed to this, pretty much the only time Stephen Colbert has come out of character on TV. Even if it was for about 10 seconds.

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