Monday, October 3, 2011

My legs hurt and its raining

Good times this weekend, Glassford was the first one to call my "I'm gonna race everything" goal as unsustainable, and it was at least for my head. I was hoping to get through this weekend and then take thanksgiving weekend off but without a weekend off since early August I cracked while dh'ing and opted to be a superfan yesterday at the hillbilly.

Hotdogs and Handlebars was a huge success apparently almost tripling horseshoes attendance record, lift line was crazy. Rode some "big" bikes and by the end of the day couldn't feel my arms. Which probably would have caused a nice "joey" barrier launching

After a hike in the Copeland in the am with Starbuck I headed over to the hillbilly to return the jacket, and heckle. Id say everyone who raced the 1 oclock race deserves a jacket, two years in a row its been around 4 degrees and raining. Nathan proved to be the most hardy to take the jacket. Some good battles out there, Nathan and Hughes were back and forth, Jacob and Mancini were throwing elbows, Peter G was battling himself, his chain and his tires.

I think the only thing better than winning the jacket will be winning it back......

Post race headed to the Barrie sports complex to check out the venue to see what we could do with the Baseball course. Walked around, made some plans, then I put on my runners to get a GPS track. Took me 23 minutes to run 3.41km. is that good? Didnt feel good. So the course is a bit long at the moment especially since I ran straight lines and didnt run the spirals etc. Work in progress.

Features to look forward to "Sunnidale's Revenge" Stair section, "local brewery" barriers (hopefully), "Goodlivin Spiral" etc.

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