Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ill fight you

A week, sorry, had some busy nights which is when I usually sit down with a bevy and update this thing.

It was nice this week not having to worry or stress about the cx race, I think everyone should get involved and help organize an event when the opportunity comes up, its very educational and makes you realize how much work goes on to put on an event.

Monday and Tuesday are a blur, rode more than I should have Monday trying to play catch up.

(wrote something but figure i should remove it) (it was violent in nature.....)

........Well, I love my Ipad and the 29er ain't half bad. I'm never wearing lululemon though, don't even go there. The Jubei 29er SL, or Team 9 as its called for next year is pretty nice, not sure if ill be racing it or not. But the possibility is a lot higher now that I've been able to put some time in on one.

Wednesday Krista took me to Hamilton for some Mumford and Sons, awesome show, Krista didn't like the vast amounts of College age females sitting in our section but I didn't mind one bit,

Thursday.... cant remember

Friday, MTB ride in sugar bush and copeland, followed by crushing some films with KB, Green Lantern which isnt even worthy of an AWI review and Bad Teacher, which on the other hand is, Mainly cause of Justin Timberlake, man was born to act, not sing.

In Time should be excellent with him in the lead role.

Road ride yesterday, great ride, rain, sun, hail, probably the last ride outside on the CRR before she is banished to riding the rollers.

Last night headed to Matt's (good guy used to ride bikes you may have read his blog) for a Halloween outdoor movie night, Watched Zombieland so that kept me warm on the inside while the fire kept my left side of my body warm.

Today was yet another perfect day for a CX race in the GBA, hardwood hosting, course was similar to the wednesday nights, advantage Bretton and Me, warmed up with Juice then he didnt start...never got the story on that one. Good race, great course. I was told i was boring to watch, but that the battle for third was intense.

**race note, Tammy wins the tough man award for racing with a bunged up wrist,

Pumped for tonights TSN2 showing of the vertical Challenge....but when I looked it has changed to formula 1 from India. Bummer, that was my 16 minutes of fame. Hopefully its still on Tuesday.

Picks for Saturdays races

Senior Men
1. Andrew Watson
2. Cam Jette
3. Craig Richey
4. Aaron Schooler
5. Chris Sheppard(if hes defending or John St Derrick for 5th)

U-23 Men
1. Evan Squared....but I'm leaning towards EM for the W.
2. Evan Squared
3. Kyle Fry, (secret training to the max)

Womens picks to come once i find out if there's a separate U-23 category


Kyle Fry said...

drinkin beer an shootin deer.... perfect training plan

(PS im not U23 anymore)

Peter said...

top 10 will be tough to pick !

cjette returns ?!?!?!?

batty is firing on all cyclinders, mike ganja ?

and glassford might start trying ? tubulars?

jstaff espoir ? teammate ?

Andy said...

Kyle, see you on saturday.

Peter, i always put money on cjette even if hes got a broken elbow.

Batty, and mike are very good choices, and would appear on a real list of contenders.

Glassford, be safe use glue

Jstaff, heard injury rumours