Monday, October 10, 2011

B2B loans

Long weekend was great, mainly due to the amazing Gore'esque weather. Got a solid 3 hr mtb ride in yesterday, pretty uneventful.

Today was the longest standing scheduled rac...ride on the right hand side of here. The group downtown just kept growing and growing until we rolled out of town with a huge group.

had some city folk up too, well ok one city folk, Taylor but he was enough city for everyone. Guest riders Pete Glassford, Mitch Bailey, Cayley Brooks also joined in.

Solid ride over to Creemore, spooked a horse and it reared up and I thought it was coming into the group. The Lady did very well staying on the horse, one of the scariest moments on a bike this year. I hate Horses.

Brandon Exploded a pedal, Tristan flatted and Brandon crashed out Alex, great ride.

Baseball course

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