Friday, October 21, 2011

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well just got my facebook spammed by Pete talking about the rainy west coast. Figured id send out my own propaganda.

So here it is, come on out to the Barrie Cycling club's Baseball Cross, held again at the sports complex in Midhurst. Nice course laid out this year by Shane, I added s my two cents and tweaked some corners, the "run-up" is again ride able with good legs. When we were leaving, our complex contact Joe was actually pumping out a big puddle of water. Great managers out there, always helpful. Already have about 25 more people pre-regd than raced last year, so thats good.

Nathan threatened me with bodily harm if we put in a we did something better. B thats all im saying B.

Hearing rumours of Evan McNeely coming out, thats right folks national champ in da house. He'll be available for autographs. Also the Provincial Champ will be racing (might need to dig through results to find out who that is)

Speaking of 29ers, got ahold of one to see what all the fuss is about and to finally be able to judge for myself if all my wise cracks were justified.....right now its semi sweet. Just need to dial in the position a little more.

To get in the right mood for the cx race this weekend, KB and I got out to review the latest Brad Pitt(dreamboat) film, Moneyball, just like every other Baseball film out there it was awesome. Tell me is there such a thing as a bad Baseball film.

A bit dry at times, but Pitt, Hill, and Hoffman crush it with some small roles by Spike Jonze and Robin Wright Penn. Great flick, highly recommended.


see you this Sunday.

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Evan McNeely said...

did you start this rumor? It would take a good amount of start money, host housing and a food alowene to get me to go to Toronto for the weekend.