Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ill fight you

A week, sorry, had some busy nights which is when I usually sit down with a bevy and update this thing.

It was nice this week not having to worry or stress about the cx race, I think everyone should get involved and help organize an event when the opportunity comes up, its very educational and makes you realize how much work goes on to put on an event.

Monday and Tuesday are a blur, rode more than I should have Monday trying to play catch up.

(wrote something but figure i should remove it) (it was violent in nature.....)

........Well, I love my Ipad and the 29er ain't half bad. I'm never wearing lululemon though, don't even go there. The Jubei 29er SL, or Team 9 as its called for next year is pretty nice, not sure if ill be racing it or not. But the possibility is a lot higher now that I've been able to put some time in on one.

Wednesday Krista took me to Hamilton for some Mumford and Sons, awesome show, Krista didn't like the vast amounts of College age females sitting in our section but I didn't mind one bit,

Thursday.... cant remember

Friday, MTB ride in sugar bush and copeland, followed by crushing some films with KB, Green Lantern which isnt even worthy of an AWI review and Bad Teacher, which on the other hand is, Mainly cause of Justin Timberlake, man was born to act, not sing.

In Time should be excellent with him in the lead role.

Road ride yesterday, great ride, rain, sun, hail, probably the last ride outside on the CRR before she is banished to riding the rollers.

Last night headed to Matt's (good guy used to ride bikes you may have read his blog) for a Halloween outdoor movie night, Watched Zombieland so that kept me warm on the inside while the fire kept my left side of my body warm.

Today was yet another perfect day for a CX race in the GBA, hardwood hosting, course was similar to the wednesday nights, advantage Bretton and Me, warmed up with Juice then he didnt start...never got the story on that one. Good race, great course. I was told i was boring to watch, but that the battle for third was intense.

**race note, Tammy wins the tough man award for racing with a bunged up wrist,

Pumped for tonights TSN2 showing of the vertical Challenge....but when I looked it has changed to formula 1 from India. Bummer, that was my 16 minutes of fame. Hopefully its still on Tuesday.

Picks for Saturdays races

Senior Men
1. Andrew Watson
2. Cam Jette
3. Craig Richey
4. Aaron Schooler
5. Chris Sheppard(if hes defending or John St Derrick for 5th)

U-23 Men
1. Evan Squared....but I'm leaning towards EM for the W.
2. Evan Squared
3. Kyle Fry, (secret training to the max)

Womens picks to come once i find out if there's a separate U-23 category

Sunday, October 23, 2011

another one in the books

The second year out at the sports complex was awesome. Had 142reg'd (139 starters) which im sure the beauty weather and October date helped with greatly. Had some heavy hitters come out, pretty much everyone but Heavy Evy.

Race was fast, too fast, lap times were perfect in the pouring rain, who new dry conditions would be so much faster. Crash of the day goes to Nathan, thankfully it wasn't in the "B" as i would never live that down.

Couldn't have asked for a better day, we have a great group of people here with the Barrie Cycling Club.


Friday, October 21, 2011

9ers, baseball, cross, baseball movie, stuff

well just got my facebook spammed by Pete talking about the rainy west coast. Figured id send out my own propaganda.

So here it is, come on out to the Barrie Cycling club's Baseball Cross, held again at the sports complex in Midhurst. Nice course laid out this year by Shane, I added s my two cents and tweaked some corners, the "run-up" is again ride able with good legs. When we were leaving, our complex contact Joe was actually pumping out a big puddle of water. Great managers out there, always helpful. Already have about 25 more people pre-regd than raced last year, so thats good.

Nathan threatened me with bodily harm if we put in a we did something better. B thats all im saying B.

Hearing rumours of Evan McNeely coming out, thats right folks national champ in da house. He'll be available for autographs. Also the Provincial Champ will be racing (might need to dig through results to find out who that is)

Speaking of 29ers, got ahold of one to see what all the fuss is about and to finally be able to judge for myself if all my wise cracks were justified.....right now its semi sweet. Just need to dial in the position a little more.

To get in the right mood for the cx race this weekend, KB and I got out to review the latest Brad Pitt(dreamboat) film, Moneyball, just like every other Baseball film out there it was awesome. Tell me is there such a thing as a bad Baseball film.

A bit dry at times, but Pitt, Hill, and Hoffman crush it with some small roles by Spike Jonze and Robin Wright Penn. Great flick, highly recommended.


see you this Sunday.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ugghghgh **updated***

so just sourcing some info, turns out my guess of 78 being the last triple crown winner was correct, and still is.

Weekend started off well, took the win last night under the lights at centennial. Awesome event, full lighting, had a small compact helmet light but didnt even bother using it. Race was pretty straight forward almost get taken out by Zach in the start, sit on zach make him pull me around for a while into the wind, lay the smack down on Zach. Then after two laps of course my left STI shifter came loose, forcing me to ride in the drops for the rest of the race, yeah my back wasnt digging that. Though I was told I looked very aero.

Got home in good time, got my bike washed and ready to go again,

headed to hardwood way to early, race there was great also, a ton of sticks and trees down though on the hardwood side. Radical was pretty much a 15km cross course, about 10 dismounts for fallen tress. Seemed like it was going to take all day to finish that off.

Cranked good, Gnarly..... um yeah so zoned out on the fact that Gnarly turned off with radical early and proceeded to ride all the way out to the posts before realizing it and booking it back. Crushed the rest as I wasn't sure if i was still leading or not, Figure I lost 3:45 to 4:00 minutes but still had a solid course time.

Fun I pretty much completely cracked. I was hoping to go under 2:40, but with my stupid wrong turn and some deadfall it was not to be.

Great event, 50km of 98% singletrack is tough. Jumped in the car, which I was sad about missing the awards, and passed along my regrets to the sponsor(specialized) and the organizer. Plus the awards weren't for another 3 hours.

After some traffic signed in at 2:28, cutting that close, rode a few laps, lined up, thought positive thoughts put myself in a position for a triple, but the legs were sapped. It was a journey backwards the entire race, just trying to stay out of the way and enjoy the day.

Good hard weekend of racing bikes.


also forgot to say Ben Johnson sat in the next booth over at moxies last night, guy could probably still crush it on the track. Guy is the definition of quicksand but still mad respect for the one of the fastest men alive.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thats that, registered for the triple crown this weekend, When was the last time the triple crown was won anyway? 78?

CX bike is sick, super stiff and all around an awesome cx bike, nicest ive ever had for sure, Cant wait to race it.

Got my lights all setup for saturday, thanks to Zigs light rental,


Monday, October 10, 2011

B2B loans

Long weekend was great, mainly due to the amazing Gore'esque weather. Got a solid 3 hr mtb ride in yesterday, pretty uneventful.

Today was the longest standing scheduled rac...ride on the right hand side of here. The group downtown just kept growing and growing until we rolled out of town with a huge group.

had some city folk up too, well ok one city folk, Taylor but he was enough city for everyone. Guest riders Pete Glassford, Mitch Bailey, Cayley Brooks also joined in.

Solid ride over to Creemore, spooked a horse and it reared up and I thought it was coming into the group. The Lady did very well staying on the horse, one of the scariest moments on a bike this year. I hate Horses.

Brandon Exploded a pedal, Tristan flatted and Brandon crashed out Alex, great ride.

Baseball course

Saturday, October 8, 2011


good couple days of riding, three stage assault yesterday with t-dog and Brando, got lost, got found again, then got lost again, High fives all around once we made it back to the cars. Met one angry fellow while we were getting ready he was very angry that he had to ride two feet around our car to get into the trail. As vice president of AWI I sincerely apologize to that fellow for ruining his day/ride.

Got out on the roadie for a great metric century, a lot of people were stuck inside today and couldnt join in, they didn't miss anything, by the time i finished the ride i was sunburnt, dehydrated, my eyes hurt from the all the fall colours, I got passed by 20 cars, which is double the usual ten on a long ride. Had to ride fully unzipped the whole time, really a rough ride all around.

Thanksgiving dinner followed, it was excellent,

not exactly sure whats in store for tomorrow, but Monday is going to be an epic sprint fest from barrie to creemore, im pretty sure we'll just be sprinting for the sake of sprinting. mailboxs, dead skunks, really any stationary object.

I was also pointed to this, pretty much the only time Stephen Colbert has come out of character on TV. Even if it was for about 10 seconds.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

so you think I cant hack it,

Just read some interesting news re: the TO cross races. Saturday.... sorry where are my manners.

Good couple days on the bike, yesterday I jumped on the road bike for another midland rail trail adventure. Pretty much makes me want to move to victoria harbour. I also think leash bylaws should be re-written to say retractable leashes are not actually leashes and don't count as leashes. Solid road ride on what was a gorgeous day.

Monday was the usual Monday night ride, but man I have never seen anyone crash as hard as spak did. Fresh off his big win at Tour de King he was intent on showing his power. Until what a appeared to be a sudden burst of gravity hit him and there was no attempt at a tuck and roll. Not sure we'll see him riding a bike anytime soon,

Today after receiving my Threshold and having a limited time to hold it and bike lust it, I headed into town to be a "rabbit" at a xc running race. Kids were crushing it, especially on the climbs, had to dig deep.

Tonight hit up Hardwood Ski and Bike for a Wednesday night cx race. Bretton and I got away after a lap and worked together, I would lead on the fast stuff and since I had forgotten how to turn a cx bike he led through the twisty stuff. Good first real CX ride.

now onto the plan, I call it the "Cause Peter probably thinks I won't be able to do it` weekend

Saturday night under the lights CX race in T.O., Sunday morning hardwood 50km singletrack xc enduro, then hopefully if the senior race starts after 2:30pm T.O. CX day 2.

quote of the day

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs,

Monday, October 3, 2011

My legs hurt and its raining

Good times this weekend, Glassford was the first one to call my "I'm gonna race everything" goal as unsustainable, and it was at least for my head. I was hoping to get through this weekend and then take thanksgiving weekend off but without a weekend off since early August I cracked while dh'ing and opted to be a superfan yesterday at the hillbilly.

Hotdogs and Handlebars was a huge success apparently almost tripling horseshoes attendance record, lift line was crazy. Rode some "big" bikes and by the end of the day couldn't feel my arms. Which probably would have caused a nice "joey" barrier launching

After a hike in the Copeland in the am with Starbuck I headed over to the hillbilly to return the jacket, and heckle. Id say everyone who raced the 1 oclock race deserves a jacket, two years in a row its been around 4 degrees and raining. Nathan proved to be the most hardy to take the jacket. Some good battles out there, Nathan and Hughes were back and forth, Jacob and Mancini were throwing elbows, Peter G was battling himself, his chain and his tires.

I think the only thing better than winning the jacket will be winning it back......

Post race headed to the Barrie sports complex to check out the venue to see what we could do with the Baseball course. Walked around, made some plans, then I put on my runners to get a GPS track. Took me 23 minutes to run 3.41km. is that good? Didnt feel good. So the course is a bit long at the moment especially since I ran straight lines and didnt run the spirals etc. Work in progress.

Features to look forward to "Sunnidale's Revenge" Stair section, "local brewery" barriers (hopefully), "Goodlivin Spiral" etc.