Monday, September 26, 2011


And thus concludes the September bike race extravaganza, squeezed in all the events I could but still missed a bunch of wicked races.

Saturday was the big day my first tag team race, and my first pulse racing 8 hour, I hired Tristan who is Ontario's finest tag team specialist, I started things off and we went straight into doubles, Which I liked my second laps always felt better and were faster(minus traffic) Tyson lead off the gun like it was a Ontario cup, I followed for a bit before sitting up and waiting for my teammate Hansel(zach) who was also going straight into a double. Started to real Tyson back in before my chain dropped, and then zach hit a tree... and then hit another tree. Super tight singletrack and wet greasy roots dont give you much room for error.

I will say I put a narrower bar on and it was good livin,

Tristan and I settled into our rhythms, we battled all day with the lapdogs, in the end they beat us with the old single lap strategy.

In conclusion I hate tag teams, I always knew i would, Solo is 10 times easier. You just ride your bike and get off after 8 hours.

Tristan was a great partner, even though he doesn't read this blog anymore.

First aid had a very busy day and unfortunately a man did have an apparent heart attack on course and passed away, despite the staffs best efforts. Thoughts are with his family and friends.

Yesterday was the final interclub, which I was planning on racing but opted for helping out with instead, did some sweeping on the corners, and scored the finish with Robb. Beauty day, safe race, nice way to end the Interclub season.

Coming events, Hotdogs and Handlebars Horseshoe Norco demo, Hillbilly hustle,