Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slippery when wet

Well another worlds in the books, some of it went well, I had a good start considering I was on the back row, found some holes and moved up a bit without to much effort which is always nice. The climb was HARD, not crazy long but it just keeps getting steeper the further you go. Got a solid lap in, made some nice passes on the decent passing some guys who were running.

On the second full lap, heading into the drop following another rider, kinda brake checked me before going off so I had to check up and hit it with a lot less speed than I wanted, Landed flat on some rocks and my rear tire didnt' like that and said no dice. Hit it with the inflator but it was toast, It was a long run/ride into the pit. Follow moto was on my arse, but I just kept standing on the smooth sections and rode, when i hit rooty or rocky stuff I jumped off and crossed it up, which surprisingly wasn't super slow. 

Scott changed my wheel super fast, but he won't take any credit saying "it either goes in or it doesn't its not a sliding scale" but it was quick. The climb was tough, legs were angry after some good running. Thought I would get pulled on that lap but just barely got through.

K, one more, I can hammer that out, didnt' heed the warning from the swiss army dude to slow down going onto the metal bridge and had a nice one as it was starting to rain. Sounds like Burry crashed out there. Pushed through, almost caught a group of about 5 guys on the decent into the 80% but ran out of real estate.

Gonna file this one under educational and move on.

Huge props to Catherine for bringing home the Womens World Championship title. It was definitely nice taking to the start line knowing that.

So thats that, home, montreal, XC provincials, HC Provincials, then the big show 8 hour with T-dog, gonna be a nice September. 

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