Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silly Niagara escarpment

Another successful day at Blue Mtn, crazy day, started with a pre race meeting and some interviews for the TSN show, got a run down of how the race was going to work.

I was seeded in the first heat to go up the hill at 2:00pm, Neutral rollout was good, after the flag waved it was the exact opposite of Nascar,(or any typical race of any sort) pretty sure we were braking going uphill trying to jockey for position with no one really wanting to lead or pick the pace up too early.

On the inside of the right sweeper I used the paved shoulder and a driveway to get unboxed and try to break things up a bit. After a few re-groupings and surges it was Brandon Etzl and myself off the front. With a three chasers behind, only needed to be in the top for to advance so we just made sure to stay ahead of the charging riders sprinting for 4th. Good effort felt better than the day before.

Watched the second heat come up, Adam Jamieson scored a second in that heat, Horseshoe valley represent,

Headed back down and got regrouped for the finals, Start was pretty similar nobody really wanted to lead, by the first right hander on the hill we were basically four wide. Waited a little bit longer but then put down an effort which again had Etzl and myself seperated from the group. Brandon quickly counterattacked me, and put me in the hurt locker, he just kept standing and standing and standing, I just sat and tried to limit my distance lost to him. When I could see the final bend and the crowd I clicked down two gears and stood. I was able to reel Brandon back in, and figured it was now or never attacked with a little momentum got a gap cresting the hill and I was able to not pass out before crossing the line/timing mats.

Awards were cool, we made Sam Roberts wait for us to finish before they started, suckers,

Got my second career big novelty cheque, thanks to Timex for putting up the cash and sweet GPS watches, and to Centurion Canada for thinking up a pretty unique event.

Apparently I said if I won, the AWI year end BBQ was on me so guess i need to get that fire pit done.

Also with a little cash I talked myself into registering for the 100 miler tomorrow, early morning but it will be nice to just get out of the car and ride, with zero stress.

song of the day,has nothing to do with today but I like this Sam Roberts song

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